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Gervinho chance: Watch

Arteta penalty + foul: Watch

Mertesacker handball – got lucky: Watch

Remember when this used to be converted to a chance? Watch

Arteta penalty 2-0: Watch

MOTD Highlights: Watch

Wenger Interview :: Clarke Interview

  • K.i.

    Gervinho cant shoot

    Giroud cant Pass

    Cazorla cant bend

    Sagna cant Cross

    …Looks like they are Kids Playing Football

  • arsenalfan

    when arsenal got a penalty undeserved, commentators keep bashing about us.

    when man utd got a penalty undeserved, they kept their mouth shut and move on with the game.

    only the blind and deaf still don’t get the pattern.

  • Tieneich

    Arteta is always my captain.

    Let’s hope beating a higher-position team can give us a little more confidence and drive. Don’t care if the pentalties were undeserved or not. We needed them to win. I will take them both.

  • Tieneich

    Efficiency needs significant improvement. Then again, one step at a time…

  • Rav

    Looks like West Brom got shafted this game. We played better however, and on balance probably deserved a win, just not like this though.

  • enough now!

    still Iam not convinced. There is much work to do. Is AW going to rely on this performance or is he going to look for improvement and fine tuning. I f not he deseves to go, because that is a sign of tierdness or better described as jaded pleasures. Usually a winning mentality won´t get distracted by a win on the way the main goal. I hope Iam going to eat the words I said before.

  • goutham

    we played a lot better and jack is back at his best….giroud can pass, cazorla is already too near to the ground and sagna had an off day….u r only right gervinho…..we had such flair i thought we r gonna hit them for a six….too bad we had to win on penalties
    still its a start as the next few games are easiest we can wish for….

  • Vic from Russia

    not football, no team … theatre… casorla – best actor.


  • Alex Gun

    Ill be honest, I havent seen arsenal play well in midfield for a while, but wilshere looked like an invinsible tonight.

    We have to get rid of arteta soon, becasue, like it or not, he is a good player, but he cant tackle… and he plays defensive midfield. He gives away more fouls than anyone else in stupid situations.

    Gervinho needs to either realize he is crap and start passing more often instead of running and shooting, or train harder and understand how the team plays.

    Giroud … no comment, he is too lazy, he needs a slap to start getting involved… arsene better get a giant glove (to punch him into action) or he will set camp on the bench with chammack once we get a real striker

  • enough now!

    Wenger insists that he will not splash the cash. Here we go. Just one qustionable victory and he imagine himself to be a new Messia with a new message to the ignornat world of football. Get rid of this stupid old man. The game has changed and still he can not check out. This stubborne guy thinks no end of himself.

  • Sufian

    @Vic from Russia, please watch Man United, Barca and Serie A matches and you will have classy top class professionals (actors) to watch. Btw I hope Wenger doesn’t discourage Cazorla and follows the method adopted by Ferguson by producing one of the finest, divers, in football, Rooney, CR, Hernandez to name a few.

  • dubbledubs71

    good win given the recent form arsenal have been in & as someone said they were the better team over 90 mins, even if the 1st penalty was dodgy & winning games when your not at your best is important. i hope santi doesnt get into trouble with the FA over his theatrics, but then why should he when twinkle toes bale gets away with it week in week out. i hope the stories doing the rounds about sagna leaving are not true he is one of my favourite players & id be gutted if he left, solid defender and can attck the flanks & deliver a cross & while the young defender who would take his place have potential the team would be even weaker. i also feel that theo is leaving which would be a disaster if both left in the summer. here’s an idea mr wenger offload the crap & use the money you have been paying these terminal donkeys to pay good players good wages, just a thought

  • gooner

    i don’t know why the skysport post match keeps saying “THAT’S A DISGRACE TO FOOTBALL. PLAYERS WHO DIVE SHOULD BE BANNED.” i didn’t hear them say that when rooney dived. all i heard was “it’s football. sometimes things go agaist you and you will have to accept it. without diving, fans wouldn’t be entertained.

    wtf is wrong them? just for fyi, man u has missed more penalty than arsenal having penalty. just look at the number.


  • Vic from Russia

    1-st goal – actor casorla, 2-nd blind or bought ref.

    shame on arsenal, wenger – old stupid man,

    Arshavin must run out from such shit team…

    run, Andrey, run…

  • Gabriel for Norway

    Yes please, Andrey. Listen to Vic.
    Go home to Russia. You are not worth the £90000 a week at all!

  • mofaz

    Nothing wrong with what Carzola did, because other team players will exactly the same in that situation ..bale, rooney, asley young etc even Rosberg tried but then he didnt play in the La Liga so not so convincing …

  • mofaz

    The old Arsenal style of play only surfaced after 2 goals up, before that Arsenal put in early crosses into the box just wonder if Arsene going for that tactic why not use Chamakh because he’s good in the air?

  • mofaz

    Gervinho may be frustrating but he was lively and a constant treat, only wish he improves on his shooting ability and learn how to go down more convincingly in the box from Carzola.

  • mofaz

    At the moment dont care how Arsenal play and how Arsenal get the goals, just as long as we get 3 points..beautiful football or moral ethics? Humbug !!

  • Disappointed

    Winning with external help is what we need these days… Pitiful
    But still, a win is a win…
    I will still take it as we need it,
    just like a jobless man in need of an income, wherever the money source is from.
    Good luck for next game.

  • mofaz

    Remember that home game against Liverpool when Eboue gave away the penalty in the last minute of extra time ..the Liverpool player felt a slight push and went down .

  • yappie02

    Vic from Russia. U r not a arsenal fan. F off and leave this blog.

    Problem: nobody wants to buy arshavin… even if he was free doubt anyone wants to pay his wages.

    Arteta: two penalties bothu shot at the centre of goal. Cheeky but brilliant.

  • Vic from Russia

    2 Gabriel
    Arshavin does not get the £90000 a week at all, but only 45000 because of 50% GB tax.
    In Russia such tax – 13%

    run, Andrey, run…

    old arsenal died, new arsenal is show business and theatre with bad actors (but casorla).

  • Vic from Russia

    2 yappie02


    arsenal has no money for Arshavin?

    sell more shares of Arsenal to Alisher Usmanov – one the richest man in Russia…

    Aim of Arsenal management – is not wins and cups, but only MONEY from team. Such odinary Capitalism-Imperialism.

  • Vic from Russia

    2 Disappointed

    the only question after match:

    ref was stupid blined fool or got money before match from ars?

  • mofaz

    Me think Vic from Russia is actually Alis from Russia ..relax Mr Usmanov, if you really wants to control Arsenal just put in an offer to buy the shares that Kronke cant refuse ..i.e use your Russia Mob connections lol ..

  • Vic from Russia

    2 mofaz

    me think such “victories” as over WBA make Arsenal only weaker…

    Arshavin had victory goal over Barca last year 2-1, fucken RVP got red card in 2-nd leg… such simply…

    do run, Andrey, run…from this team stupid players…

    Only way to victory for Ars now – to buy refs in every match…

  • Gunner

    @ Vic from Russia, you stupid clown. The team needs a win. Carzola dived yes, but how many times does united players dive. how many times does we have been dined a penalty?
    just this year 2 pk, vs stoke and sunderland we weren’t given.
    and in open play we deserved a win, we played in top gear, we could have scored 5 goals, with out the pk.
    Arshavin was a good player, but not now, not plast year. he was great in 2009 and 2010. after that he has been poor and never contributed a lot. he is 31 soon 32, and the best thing is to start a new life with out our little russian magician.
    we love Arshavin but it is best for us and him to go forward and he will be remember like a true hero and legend.

  • Gunner

    @ Vic from Russia england is not russia. only in Russia the privet rich people own their own oil industry and take the land oil to them self. only in russia all is corapted, from football to the goverment.
    osmanov is not russian, he is from uzbekistan.
    your facts are so blind and shit.
    Osmanov russian ? hahhahaha

  • Vic from Russia

    2 Gunner

    Any team can lose all – points, place, players… but TEAM SPIRIT!

    When TEAM SPIRIT is NOT available – team is DEAD.

    Yes, Casorla got 3 pts for Arsenal, but kicked TEAM SPIRIT!

    I ask… can Arsenal win honesty?

  • gooner india

    hey Vic if it bothers you so much why dont you move somewhere else. I give a rat’s ass for your morals. I’m taking the three points.

  • gooner

    i’m not ashamed of arsenal getting goals from diving. other teams do it and how do you think man u wins title? most of their goals are from dive penalty. arsenal dives once and people start bashing about us.

    just so you guys know, if you guys remember when in 2004, arsenal was in a streak of 49 unbeaten game, and who do you think broke that?
    man u and arsenal were tied and at 90 min, rooney dived and got the penalty. and that broke the 49 unbeaten game.

  • gooner

    i love arshavin whatever what people say about him. he is honest and helped us get 3 late goals this season if you guys remember.
    and the game agaist barcelona where we won, he scored that amazing goal

  • mofaz

    Why all these sudden sentimental feelings for the Russian Hobbit ? He already packing his bags and his McDonald coupons to go back to the Motherland.. so put your finger to your lips and shhh..

  • http://arsenalist samuel

    arsenal have so many chance and can get the cup. but why wenger isnot used this chance?

  • Sufian

    @Mofaz, if players leave you say they left the sinking ship (didn’t have any love for the club) and when they don’t leave and fight for their place, you accuse them of being there only for the wages. Seriously kid, what are you up to? Are you seriously an Arsenal fan or you just post here so you can troll?

  • MrBojangles

    I think we have a decent squad, we just sorely need a DECENT striker. With Jack back the midfield looks more promising. The only problem is that there is none to score the goals. If only Van Persie stayed this season, we would build on last season´s tactics with an improved squad. Giroud and Gervinho are not Arsenal class… We need a proven BIG NAME striker. Giroud is way better than Chamakh, but he is not a goal getter. Gervinho, I don´t know what to say. Premier League obviously is not the same as Ligue 1. What annoys me about Wenger is that he doesn´t do anything to change this. Why always go for cheap unproven players? All of the top 4 teams in the league have at least 2 decent strikers to choose between. We have zero. I say, keep Giroud and buy a proven striker to partner him, then we are dangerous in the opposite box. And get rid of Gervinho, Squillaci, Chamakh and other deadwood.

  • enough now!

    spot on, Holt is a decent striker and will fit easily in the slot. The other deadwood: Arshavin, Santos, Djpurou, and ever injured Daby and Rosiscky.

  • enough now!

    By the way, an english manager also needed if Wenger keeps on collecting the garbage from France.

  • Sufian

    @Mofaz/enogh now! (as they’re the same person), some claim Walcott hasn’t proved his worth yet. An English garbage perhaps?

  • enough now!

    you are wrong. I guess Mofas is british. Me not.

  • Sufian

    Hey “enough now!”, read the comments on this news article and realise you are just one of the few blacksheeps.

  • enough now!

    OK, Sufian so what. Iam stumped now. We spent 12 M. and no one is wiling to pay more than 3 M. I can´t see any additional expense if he were going to stay. This is a very poor journalism, no new facts.

  • Sufian

    Who would want to pay more than that while they know Wenger is going to sell him anyway? That thing in your head, is surely not mature enough.