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Walcott 1-0: Watch

Fellaini 1-1: Watch

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  • Jamaican Gooner

    Come on you gunners lets do it in the 2nd half

  • walcott oxlade peter

    I tell you guys. This arsenal team is fourth position at best and I am not sure of that if it keeps going like this.

    I agree that the pattern of our forward players now is different. Give cross, score and if they don’t score, they lose possession and no someone like song to get the ball back. Artete only holds the ball when he get opportunity to have the ball.

    Every team now knows arsenal way now, hard tackle etc These guys can’t recover the ball when the lose it.

    My hope now is carling cup because we got nothing

    Teams like Everton, Totenham, Liverpool are fighting for fourth place. I am really tired and disgusted

  • mofaz

    The irony is its the guy who is going to leave Arsenal who’s scoring the goals ..dejavu ? Walcott doing a Van Persie.

  • sam

    knew we wouldnt win after scoring so early. not suprised at all

  • mofaz

    Ramsey was completely useless on the wing ..and assisted the everton’s goal..

  • Arschloch

    HA,HA,HA,HA,HA,HA,HA,HA,HA, that guy,who shoots his chin is the top scorer of the french league. Welcome to Arsenal another flop!

  • IcjGunner

    yeah, this is depressing to say the least.

    Mofaz, I agree with you completely on both posts. Walcott is leaving because even after his beautiful goal, the rest of the team just isn’t up for the full 90 mins. It’s getting harder and harder to defend ramsey as well.

    Not to blame wenger, but why sub so late? Crazy in my opinion.

    heads up fellow gunners, atleast we got a point out of this one, and perhaps the team will start to gel more in the future.

  • Arschloch

    chin up,

  • Gnostradamus

    I really don’t see 4th place this year. Goodbye Champions League. Wonder how to balance the books after that. Cut spending even more?

  • gooner

    come on you gunners!!
    keep the faith guys!!!

    we are not losing and that’s what matters.

  • mofaz

    Arsene must be a very frustrated manager, his idea of bring in young potential players, train them, give them experience at CL level, nurture them when injured, give them confidence to play in big matches alas his ideal world comes crumbling down when these players become stars or think themselves as stars and refused to sign new contracts because they want higher wages..every time RVP scores a goal for MU the skill and technical ability to score the goals are produced or at least perfected at Arsenal ..what irony if RVP goals help MU to win the League..

  • Gnostradamus

    If you were to become a star at Arsenal, would you want to stay with the team? I wouldn’t. I’d want to win trophies. You know what? RvP has a shot at that at United. Clichy et al. have done that at City. Even those who went to the likes of Birmingham have done that. I don’t blame any of them for jumping ship. What would they expect if they’d stayed? As the club is proud to tell everyone, their goal is to get 4th place in the league, and get to knockout rounds in Champions League. That’s the BEST they can expect.

    So Walcott will leave this year, Wilshere the next or year after, and so on as the revolving door continues.

  • a.k.a gunner


    You wouldn’t want to work for the same salary that you were paid for your first job… would you?

    These are “professional” players and they too have performance appraisals. If I am a good performer and I don’t get the kind of reward for my contribution, I’ll search for a better company and move on. Same applies to professional football players.

    Regarding managers sticking with injured players… every player is insured and in a top club like Arsenal, for each player the club gets a compensation from the insurance company for injury. So it’s not a big deal to stick with your injured guys because you are not losing a great deal of money.

    Plus you get to sell them for a profit. Nurturing young talent was always about selling them for a good profit. With the kind of wage cap, it is inevitable.

  • a.k.a gunner
  • Clinton Dawkins

    Is there any evidence that insurance pays much of injured players’ wages? FIFA has enough trouble with insurance so I don’t see how affordable it can be.

  • mofaz

    @a.k.a gunner point exactly..Arsenal long time strategy is to maintain top 4 and wait for the other top clubs go bankrupt due to over spending , then Arsenal will dominate the league. Good example of a league waiting to implode is the La Liga, with high unemployment and the country at the brink of economic collapse how can the La Liga afford to pay the high wages whilst the fans are slowly going under, is it worth to pay and watch Messi or Ronaldo when other urgent needs require money like food, home etc..

  • Sufian

    People do like to jump to conclusions too soon, don’t they? Last season people were posting “RVP we don’t deserve you. please go” and things like that. And now, we all know there are people who take his name to insult and curse him.
    I read (maybe at this site or some other) that Walcott is not being offered a contract even. If that’s the case then why come you want to accuse the kid? If he takes things public, you’re going to curse him anyway (example: RVP case). Grow up or leave this thread. It’s only making you sound like idiots!

  • KeepTheFaith

    thought I’ll just drop a message. What a dissapointing season so far, I promised myself that I will not waste my time watching Arsenal this season, once RvP left. I was right, its not worth watching. I also told everyone (bunch of man u panzies) that we will not even finish 4th this season. Sad but it seems to be true.

  • a.k.a gunner
  • Simon

    I am a Man U fan now, how arsenal is playing is just ROFL, what is our professor doing ? I dont know, going for the point ? LOL Look at how man u is playing going for every ball like its for their life, i think wenger is nowhere near fergusons knees, therir defence is not so good but they kill it off with team work, confidence, belief till last minute etc. FK ARSENAL and FK ALL THIS GREEDY OLD MEN



  • mofaz

    Once Ramsey hits form he will not sign a new contract and say bye-bye Wenger ..

  • tomac

    I think everybody has missed the point that Wenger was just lucky with the invincibles, otherwise how can he go from 15 very good to brilliant players,to keeping rubbish players like Ramsey who has NEVER been able to pass a ball or shoot straight surely you can see how many good passes/shots/dribbles he does against bad ones.Yes Wenger is a good accountant but he sells all our good players, but seriously he has won NOTHING in seven years,most other teams in the top half have won a trophy or somthing in that time and the team is getting worse!!! I am 61 now how many years do I have to wait for success, how many years do I have Left! He buys more bad players than good, it shows that good years were a fluke,he is still living on the woder years of TH14, Bergcamp etc, he has had the money to spend for a while,but if he thinks we have a good enough team to win anything worthwhile I will send him and you a great big apology he thinks we have a good team,but we need to be honest with ourselves.
    He has sold Van Persie, Fabregaz Nasri, Song etc, these players alone made it worth watching Arsenal over the years which player really excited you yesterday… had to think didn’t you.?,I give up.


    Dont ever call yourself a fan of any team if you can’t be there when things goes to shit! People can have their opinions, but changing teams and shouting shit to people is pretty low-life. Go do something else!

  • enough now!

    understablly it is not wise to stick to a community, that refuses to be successful. Anyway I would rather support my beloved team passively. I kept supporting Arsenal since 20 years. I ´ve been now then there on the stands, not so often as some travelling supports, bought every year a kit and my passion for Arsenal inspired some people to have positive thought about this team. Now I won´t do anything that will contribute to the wealth of the board. I will wait and see. Enough now!!

  • jellykid

    this is getting really weird here…lol, I am dissapointed with the game performance but its just a draw….. and its still before december, we got another half of the season to go and with transfers happening soon, not just with arsenal, everton will drop who are in the top 4 btw.. and so will other teams.

    Top 4 is still believable, even though being optimistic doesn’t help sometimes but we haven’t lost so far to be fair. I am literally waiting on this team to catch its balance of stride. I believe we haven’t seen the balance of stride yet. We have too many different type of styles upfront. Bashing Arsenal ATM is kinda dumb seriously we haven’t lost anything and yes we aren’t doing great but the transfer window isn’t next week lol, just stick with the team.

  • enough now!

    Iam so sorry that now we have reached this point: to be content with one point from games against teams like Sunderland, Stocke, Aston Villa and last Everton. That is not the pride I used to have whenver the name Arsenal come through my thoughts or feellings. Really Sad and gutted. OK, MANU lost there but still it was not our ambition even to finish second. There is now much money to spend but nothing of that kind will happen in Jan. Really there is a fine line between self-delusion and positive thinking. This current Arsenal team wont win CL or PL. We can win FA or/and League Cup but with much luck.

  • enough now!

    It is also no satisfaction to finish above spurs
    “yeh respect has to be paid where its due and iam terribly sorry to honor their current passionate way”.
    I think we wont even be able to finish above them.

  • dubbledubs71

    very disappointing performances recently, the fluent awesome to watch passing team is dead. there is no belief whatsoever in the team. maybe the wrong message is coming from the top, 4th is ok, how will that inspire a team to achieve. we need a viera type leader in the team & have done for while now. i really dont think the FFP rules will make any difference, there are ways rounds round it and you can bet your last rouple red roman & the oil baron will find every loophole there is. i only hope the team start playing better soon cuz its painful, i now watch thru my fingers waiting for the next disaster.

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