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Arsenal chance: Watch

Aston Villa offside goal: Watch

Mertesacker great tackle: Watch

Koscielny great chance: Watch

Cazorla chance: Watch

Ox run, Ramsey chance: Watch

Chance for Ramsey, nice header flick from Giroud: Watch

Villa chance: Watch

Ramsey comes close: Watch

Great save by Szczesny: Watch

  • walcott oxlade peter

    Who noticed aston villa played like the real arsenal today.

    I am really dissapointed, we need to find a better way. Today match shows how arsenal played in the beginning of the season where the new signings were trying to click together.

    Its so bad that the best opportunity goes to koscielny in the first half. We really need to thank the goalkeeper for his great save or we would have lost the match today. The good thing is that we have a more reliable goalkeeper to make sure we grind results out even if we are not good enough.

    And please nobody should cmplain about arsene wenger resting jack wilshere cos that’s the right decision to do!

    Fuck fuck fuck, Arsenal why????? I am so disgusted right now

    Who said we don’t ned walcott?? walcott and arshavin arethe two guys who can make things happen when arsenal is fucked. We need another players to make things happen such as thierry henry, bregkamp and the cunt persie

    Now, my bad weekend just start! shit

  • walcott oxlade peter

    I like mannone but i don’t think he can make the save wojciech szcesny made today. He made that save the time when arsenal always fucked up. I mean when they are frustrated and the score is at 0-0. I like competition between the two goalkeeper

  • mofaz

    Guess arsenal was UNLUCKY right?..

  • mofaz

    Arsenal played like a mid table team .

  • Gnostradamus

    Arsenal IS a mid-table team. A third of the season gone, 6 points behind WBA. Thanks to financial prudence (or something like that)!

  • Gnostradamus

    BTW, did anyone read up on the new shirt deal? 20 million less per year than United. That’s a lot of high-priced tickets they have to sell.

    Not to mention any shortfalls should 4th place prove beyond reach. How often can you count on other teams dropping 10-point advantages?

  • jellykid

    hmmm that was actually a good game from both sides, scores something of a dissapointment but again IF YOU ACTUALLY SAW THE WHOLE GAME, then you would know we were really close but eh, we got a draw. Villa played really well against us. I think the forward line has different types of personality going forward, Everyone by now knows we don’t really play like the old arsenal anymore.

    @ Gnostradamus

    Um its not just a new shirt deal actually, Its stadium rights deal which will give them 30 mil. plus anually, and with the emirates name being on the stadium, they’re getting 20+ mil from adidas apparel line up by choosing them anually. Obviously not all of that money will be spent but SERIOUSLY Arsenal are going to be a REALLY REALLY RICH CLUB!

    btw 20mil less than united LOL, did you know UNITED always had an enhanced offer because they didn’t have to build a stadium and pay for it! so thats why over the years they increased their contract value with their kit companies. its not a comparison.

  • Arschloch

    Arsenal is going to be a very rich club and the supporters are going to be very wretched ones.

  • Arschloch

    This game has justified every argument for Nasri, Cliche, Fabrigas ( not only because homesick), v. Persie with Wallcot and Sagna to follow. Lack of ambition was quite evident and a sickness of “to bottle it whenver it is within grasp” is still existent. Something we suffer from and I think we got that nasty bug the day we lost to Middelbrough 1:0.
    I don´t think Wenger must go but change has to come.
    We will sign Guntellaar ?”don´t know how to write the name”.
    Not a bad one but much better is Lewondowski to be the main stricker, Giroud not very convincing.
    Hope to keep Wallcot and get rid of Squillachi, Chamakh, Arshavin, Djourou and sorry to say Diaby and Rosiscky so that Wenger won´t say everytime “We don´t have to sign a new player because some are coming back from injurie”. Let the loanees stay away. A few of actions which needed.

  • Gnostradamus

    jellykid, sponsors don’t pay less for deals because the club’s using it for, horrors, stadiums. They decide how much to pay based on the expected return from the fan base. Getting 40% less than your rival matters not only in terms of money available, or bragging rights, but is an indictment that the product itself is not as wanted.

    Oh, and United’s owners took money out of the club to pay for themselves and their financiers. The burden was at least as much as the stadium for Arsenal. But they were not afraid to break the bank to stay on top of the league, and for that they are now earning two-thirds more than Arsenal (I’m doing the math for you, kid).

    Keep toeing the company line. The rest of the league yawns.

    If this keeps going, we will drop out of the Champions League in a season or two.

  • Dizzan

    Absolute wretched touch by Koscielny in front of goal, accompanied by Ramsey’s usual quota of 2 or three missed chances. Love the Arsenal, not too sure about this team. 4th at best, CC final if we’re lucky, and FA Cup semi’s if it is written in the stars for us. Champions League? We accomplished our last 16 goal. Everything else is gravy from here.

  • jellykid

    LOL, so since you like doing the math KID! you would know UNITED GAMBLED its ass and are still paying! United was in debt for more than 300+ mil before the owners took money from the team. Have u seen forbes list on clubbase yearly spendage. Manu spend soo much of their redline money its stupid…why?? because they’re gambling. If you wanted Arsenal to gamble what they just earned, then sure why not but if they lose all those years of hardwork and failure just to be in the positive revenue span would go to failure. United are finally trying to get back with a sponsor deal with chevorlet this year.

    If you read right for the deal EMIRATES IS PAYING ARSENAL FOR THEIR NAME ON THE STADIUM!! including a huge partnership with the club!! Arsenal have chosen Adidas as their sponsorship for kits because adidas came to them with the highest deal knowing they wouldn’t get higher than that. Arsenal’s kits were nikee with a extremely low ammount for sponsor. so regardless of being 40%?? false numbers of yours less than united arsenal are still going big on positives!! u don’t know shit about business! KID!

    what makes this deal really big is the long term run with emirates which will the stadium value ( i bet you didn’t know shit about this) and club worth even higher. Why Gazidas said this deal is second to uniteds chevorlet deal compared to liverpools and chelseas because of not the shirt value but the stadium value and immediate cash revenue response anually!

  • jellykid

    the link above explains why this deal is actually a really good deal on the long run! and is actually quiet a big deal compared to what people actually think! explains it in DETAILS KID!!!

  • Gnostradamus

    United’s debt and Arsenal’s are the same thing in terms of financial impact. It’s irrelevant what it’s used for. And what’s so great about selling stadium rights as part of the deal when others don’t? You keep quoting company officials and gloss over the same things they do.

    That Walcott hasn’t even been offered a deal and Wilshere is publicly urged to sign one, well, you believe what you want. Seriously, grow up first. I think you’ll start to see the world differently.

  • jellykid

    it isn’t stadium rights, its name rights and over the time the money will extend, I honeslty believe this deal looks very optimizing for our transfer funds.

    I don’t know where u have been….. walcott has been offer a new contract several times this year, he keeps rejecting it. you can’t do anything about that… and wilshere’s contract talks way different story than walcotts because he actually wants a contract extension, they made it public so fans can know he’s staying for a while!

    But honestly i wasn’t really trying to argue, i kinda see what your talking about with the corporate greed part, but to fair this deal makes sense.

  • mofaz

    Arsenal’s only realistic hope of winning the league is that the financial fair play rule kicks in..or the Arab owner of Man City gets overthrown by new wave of Arab Spring and hope that the Russian owner of Chelsea gets whack by the Russian Mafia and Man United owner jailed for some Ponzi scheme ..

  • Ofebs

    @ Gnostradamus – you are a skeptic and your posting shows you have a negative bias against Arsenal as you try to twist things to paint the club in the most negative light possible.

    @ jellykid – your faith in the club is commendable, don’t lose it.

    I don’t support the extreme penny pinching behavior of the club’s administrators and Wenger. However, I am not impressed by the ManU. ManC, or Chelsea formula to success either.

    I daresay I believe that once the debt is cleared which will take another 2 seasons, the club will be in a place to open up the purse strings a little more – I am ready to wait.

  • vik

    .gifs please !!!

  • Sufian

    @Ofebs, I think Gnostradamus is more of a realist there. Certainly, signing much needed players is a type of investment, and given the quality of manager the board will surely make a lot of profit. It’s a situation of if’s and but’s and board is being a hurdle.

    Btw, is that correct? I think I read it’s about 5 or 6 seasons more from now (to clear the debt).