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Extended Highlight Pack: Watch

Highlight Pack: Watch

Wilshere 1-0: GIF – video got taken down

Podolski 2-0: GIF – video got taken down

  • Snatch

    Way to go gunners! Not so good first half but kept the ball going and in the second the team just made the job done in a mature and strong way. Go Gunners!!!

  • Ken Marshall

    Yeah fucking great goals the pair of em Go Arsenal!!

  • made

    Finally, a clean sheet win. Happy for Wilshere, too.

  • gooner

    di mateo got sacked? see the reason why chelsea is not sucessful?

    great play from arsenal. good job

  • alejandro alvarez

    i love your site!!!!

    you should make the goals gifs more often
    they load u faster and are better for tumblr =]]]

  • jellykid

    anyone who actually seen the game, did you see when Mertesacker fakes the two CB’s for a shot and gets fould in the box, WHAT A MOVE from the big guy lol

  • Gnostradamus

    Argh! Checked last night and watched the highlights. Didn’t know an extended version was coming and now it’s already taken down!

  • a.k.a gunner

    Hey Arsenalist,

    The GIF goals are a welcome addition. totally agree with @alejandro alvarez.

  • g

    gifs are great, thanks!!!!!