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Adebayor 0-1: Watch

Lennon very close: Watch

Adebayor red: Watch

Mertesacker 1-1: Watch

Giroud very close, great save: Watch

Cazorla great shot, just over the bar: Watch

Podolski 2-1: Watch

Giroud 3-1: Watch

Cazorla 4-1: Watch

Bale 4-2: Watch

Walcott 5-2: Watch

Wenger Interview :: Walcott Interview :: Villas-Boas Interview

MOTD Highlights: Watch

  • Leigh

    Comon ,lets not blow it guys

  • Tieneich

    good win, finally. Giroud. and Theo will form the best attack duo

  • jason

    Loved your vids.
    Keep up the good work


  • dubbledubs71

    dirty bastard adebayor, that could have been a career ending tackle is he trying to get a transfer to stoke or what?. great result today, after a couple of iffy games recently nothing like hammering the old enemy, great goals too. i hope this will get the team going now. theo has been playing well lately, are we finally beginning to see the real theo? i hope he signs a new deal, we cant afford to lose any more players.

  • Big Dave

    Hope Theo stays, he’s been managed carefully, but now is the time to let him loose! He can attack down the flanks and the middle, just like Henry and now he’s found a new calmness in front of goal. 🙂

  • Sufian

    My eyes are searching for Walcott haters/critics. 😛
    Obviously it’s not surprising for so few comments, Arsenal was given no chance by it’s own ‘fans’.

  • made

    Was that the first Per’s goal for Arsenal, right? Glad that he finally get it. It’s been a while. Good for him.

  • Gnostradamus

    Sufian, I wasn’t going to say anything negative but you forced me. Just as one defeat or draw doesn’t mean the team’s useless, one big win doesn’t make it great. Unfortunately, there have been far too many disappointments compared to days like this (even then, you have to thank Adebayor).

    Enjoy it like you’re obviously doing. Doesn’t happen too often these days.

    P.S. You know what results I expect when Arsenal comes up against the likes of the Manchester clubs these days? Yeah, exactly.

  • mofaz

    Walcott performance is an excellent show piece to push his price higher in January transfer market.. Chelsea or Liverpool will definately be interested .. Arsene has finally come up with a Plan B, a more direct attack with crosses into the penalty box .. thankfully Adebayor still suffers from memory lapses due to injuries during the terrorist attack on the Togo team and thinks he is still an Arsenal player…

  • mofaz

    @Sufian please the fans dont hate Walcott but he is doing exactly what RVP has done . He used Arsenal as a club to train and and polish his talent and then refused to put pen to paper with silly excuses such as wanting to play as a centre forward . Arsene will never agree with such demand and his agent knows this..just wait for the ‘you guys’ statement fron Theo soon..

  • mofaz

    Bravo to Carzola for getting Adebayor sent off .. thought he was seriously injured luckily he learned well from Spanish Leagues ..when tackled hard ..stay down ..

  • MrBojangles

    Mofaz, your comments are so cruel.

  • boomergooner1727

    is there a highlight of that lovely bit of skill from jack in the first half?

  • Sufian

    @Gnostradamus, was not pointing to you. 😉
    Anyway, I am not sure if Arsenal will win the league but one thing all the supporters do, except Arsenal’s, and it’s to support the team when the season is on and bombard all the feedback/criticism at the end of season. Don’t believe me? Just open the Fulham highlights and you will see how Arsenal ‘supporters’ change their colours.

    @Mofaz, some say fans’ booing of RVP in the preseason was a further push for him to leave Arsenal. I don’t know if it’s true or not but you have to consider these things too.
    And just look at Arshavin, he was a star and some time Barca were also interested in him but he stayed at Arsenal. What does he get when he saved Arsenal’s a**? Nothing. Why not criticize Wenger’s team selection policy while we know many a times he made wrong selection over the years.

  • Sufian

    @Mofaz, Walcott doesn’t just want CF role, he also wants trophies. If Wenger satisfies the later one, I do think he will be fine with that but sadly Wenger (or more appropriately the Arsenal board) is only there to make the owners rich. It surprises me that Wenger, who has a degree in economics, doesn’t understand the concept of investment. Invest on some talented and much needed players and he would be able to keep hold of his current crop. Players don’t get bored of playing at Arsenal, as you can see at other clubs. Pick the main cause of trouble (Wenger’s decisions/board), not the product of the trouble (Walcott).

  • Sufian

    And Mofaz, please show little humanity. Using the terrorist attack to ridicule Ade is simply not the way Arsenal supporters do. They are known as the most (or one of the most) disciplined fans in English football.

  • mofaz

    @Sufian no..please dont be so naive with this ..”i want to win trophies” excuse. “I want more money” is the real motivation and who can blame them ? Imaging your self working in a firm and you become so skillful and good at your job that the employer depends on you..but when come to pay rise , the boss keeps telling you more excuses example the wage structure etc..then a competitor contacted you and offers you loads of money and even a company car and a sexy private assistant do you Sufian a) Tells the competitor to sod off. or b) Tells your boss that you prefer the views from the office next door ?

  • mofaz

    Humanity? I wish Shawcross breaks Van Persie Legs ..yeah both of them ..and while at it fracture his mertatasal bone as well..

  • mofaz

    Walcott’s growing a moustache! He must be eyeing a transfer to Liverpool!

  • vic from Russia


    Ars – Spurs 5-2 (without Ade)

    Ars – Spurs 1-3 (with Ade)

    How one to take so such stupid “Ade” for every game for Ars?

    arsenal – loosers, only Arshavin – bright spot.

  • Sufian

    @Mofaz, without giving him neither you are saying that. Imagine Mr. XYZ joining this post and calls you an idiot, without reading your post or talking to you. How would that feel? It wouldn’t be justified either.
    Secondly, you clearly are driven by ManU fan’s philosophy. If you really want to disrespect the man, why bring other players (the Togo team) in this? I really doubt you are an Arsenal fan.

  • Sufian

    @Mofaz, moreover, it’s really rare (unless the player has made dangerous tackles or use stupid language against Arsenal) that Arsenal fans would call for breaking legs and stopping careers of players of other clubs. Don’t show respect to rival club’s players is normal but wishing for breaking leg, etc is pure Liverpool/ManU. You can either go and become their fan or stay here and learn.

  • mofaz

    @Sufian, If Arsenal players have the same mind set as what you preach that is exactly why Arsenal lacks the winning mentality, the ruthlessness required to win trophies. Lack mental toughness, too nice and showed too much respect to opponents ..example Santos accepting shirt from RVP at half time ..cant remember see that happened since watching football in my life!! When Eduardo got his leg broken and Arsenal drew with Birmingham City ..Gallas the Arsenal skipper then threw a tantrum ..Arsenal needs a Viera type of Captain ..showing respect my ass, Arsenal showed too much repect to Man Utd and even let top scorer, captain, talisman join them!!

  • Big Dave

    Giroud’s goal was special – it’s the sort of poachers goal that Arsenal don’t score. He was tightly marked, there was nothing on but he somehow managed to divert the ball into the net. It’s what we’ve missed. Hopefully it’s the start of more of this type of goal to add to the beautiful ones.

  • Einareen

    @arsenalist Can you post Chamberlains effort right at the end when he burst down the right hand side as in the 5 – 2 goal and beat 2 players with skill?


  • a.k.a gunner


    Have to say this man… you made me say this… hope somebody breaks your leg too!

    Have you ever played football in your life? if you had and if you were a good sportsman, you wouldn’t say like that about any player let alone your bitter rival’s.

    Van Persie scored nearly 100 league goals in his 8 seasons here(not just a one season wonder.. is he?) and is up there with best strikers to have worn the red and white. May be he deserves our criticism to leave the club like that but we have no right to wish bad things happen to him.

  • Sufian

    Absolutely agree with a.k.a gunner.
    @Mofaz, breaking the legs of players is the character of Scholes, Keane and other ManU players, and definitely not of Arsenal mentality. And btw I don’t remember if Viera ever made leg breaking tackles, committed yes but not ones to end players careers. I think you’re at wrong website. Maybe is the right one?

  • jellykid

    soo mofaz still making his dumb idiotic opinions amongst this forum… lol, your a dumb cunt! The idea of respect comes on a mutual platform… when the game is played it comes on a physical and mental platform! Arsenal can lack so many things but in the end of the day they have beaten all these teams while lacking those things. BTW are you really a arsenal fan u dumb cunt. Do u live in London and watch most of the games atleast in the emirates. BEFORE BEING an arsenal fan, do you even watch football long enough to understand it?? lol Seriously??… your comments on the team have been somewhat like a 7 year old hearing about it on tv and commenting about it. Ive never seen you comment on the tactical part of the game even if they were mishaps..

    The whole Walcott thing is a pretty tough situation, if you read the articles about it, they talk about how he refuses a 75k weekly salary and is asking for more. Now that could be maybe 10% of the situation and the rest is on how his chances on playing a CF role.

    Honestly everyone knows (EVEN HIM) that if he signed for chelsea he would be treated as a winger for who knows how long, and at liverpool he would be have competition for the WINGER spot with sterling. CF role isn’t going to come to him easier. With that being said it could really be the fact he feels he deserves more with his salary.

    I hope he stays, even before this season i hoped he stayed. There are options for him but he’s been more comfortable with the team and he’s getting better now. He literally is a huge asset to our CF’s.

  • kalone

    After a while I’ve come to realise that mofaz is just an attention whore.

  • gooner

    always wanted to see per’s goal celebration

  • gooner

    i have said this before and i will say it again SPUDS ALWAYS IN OUR SHADOW!! THEY ARE ALWAYS IN OUR SHADOW!

  • vik

    havent been able to catch any games at all this season….usually enjoy the vids on here…
    good to know somethings have not changed… like Mofaz speaking from his behind…

  • Sufian

    Nice one, vik. 😀

  • walcott oxlade peter

    Fuck you @jelly kid, the only thing you always write is “dumb fuck”. Are you that dumb???????

    Guys cool down, this guy is just giving his opinion about RVP getting frimponged. It doesn’t change anything LOL

    If arsenal loose a match, I never eat. I live in france without my family for the past 4 years. I study during the week and the only thing that makes me happy during the weekend is to watch arsenal win games. I magine how hell it is for me whenever arsenal lose.

    Arsenal dissapoints us at times, we should be sure of that ” man utd dont dissapoint as arsenal does “. But I love arsenal and always will support no matter what. It is in my blood.

    Whan I am angry. I say bad things about some players such as Gervinho, Djorou but they are all arsenal player and I love anyone who is with my club.

    Sorry@jelly kid, you just amuse me with your dumb fuck stuffs LOL

  • Z3S

    walcott oxlade peter, are U a friend of mofaz? or U are mofaz who change his nick?
    i red on in some article that wenger uses create a top player and sell it policy to create financial health. I don’t know if its true or not, but I think until we pay all our debt (for construction of emirates stadium), wenger will always uses this policy.
    sometime its sucks to watch our beloved player plays for other clubs, but this is reality man, we should just let it go

  • mobeen

    @mofaz BTW walcott has a moustache because it is movember (formerely known as november) the male health awareness month when millions of macho men (including me) sport ridiculous to awesome moustaches to raise awareness for mens health… glad you noticed…

    @everyone quit bickering about trophies and departures… We anhillated the 5pud2… we have a team and we have a claim on all the trophies as of now… so come on pull ur socks up and support AFC and the current team, not the greats that left but those who are here and the legends in the making… COYG COYG COYG!!!

  • mofaz

    Arsenal showed too much ‘respect’ to opponents that is why ..Eduardo leg broken, Ramsey leg broken, Diaby leg broken, Sagna leg broken ..any other club in BPL has their players leg broken as often as Arsenal’s ? During the Invisible, Arsenal was labelled a team with poor disciplinary record because of the numbers of Red cards the players received, those red cards are because Arsenal players used to play with passion and real hunger for victory..

  • lockdown12

    MOTD highlights:

  • Gaffer

    A major reason why many of the broken legs are Arsenal’s is due to their possession football. In the old days, Arsenal were the best counter attacking side. Wenger played to the strength of a solid backline and quick thinking fast players in front. That transitioned to a more possession based, and hence less focus on defence (no need to defend when opponents do not have the ball). Since you have more possession, naturally, you are going to have more injuries. The change in style accounts for more injuries, not respect or mental strength.

  • Sufian

    Rightly said @Gaffer. Even when ManU tried to copy Arsenal’s style (leaving their style of scoring from unfair pens and FKs), they ended up with loads of injuries. Just rewind 2 years back and you will see it happening. Valencia, for example.