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Giroud 1-0: Watch

Podolski 2-0: Watch

Berbatov 2-1: Watch

Kacaniklic 2-2: Watch

Arteta foul + Berbatov penalty 2-3: Watch

Giroud 3-3: Watch

Handball + Arteta penalty miss: Watch

Wenger Interview

Highlights Pack: watch

  • mofaz

    Don’t think Arsenal will finish in the top 4, Why the hell did Arteta who clearly not having a good game take the penalty? When he went to take the spot kick we knew its not going to go in. Giroud was on a hatrick he should take the penalty clearly Arsenal lacks leadership on the field ..What happened to the much talked about Steve Bould defensive teachings ? Its the old Arsenal that leaked goals but much worse because we dont have the goal scoring machine ..Teams are relishing the prospect of coming up against Arsenal home or away …

  • mofaz

    Arsenal does not deserve all 3 points ..Lucky if can get a draw against Spurs ..

  • USGunner

    @mofaz: totally agree with you about the penalty taker. Wenger has problem with the assignment of the right person in the right moment. It is the difference between AW and SAF.

  • USGunner

    where are other Arsenalist’s pundits? Are you fed up with this team?

  • Nick

    well, USGunner, not totally fed up yet…but simply too sad to write anything about the game….

  • Sunggs

    now i know how does it feels being a liverpool fan.

  • Gnostradamus

    What is there to say? Same crap every week. Wonder why commercial revenues keep tumbling? How many masochists are there to suffer it game after game, year after year?

    Good luck with sustainable finances. At least in past years without trophies, purists purr after the beautiful football. As stars are all sold off, that’s gone too. So fans now stay away or keep their wallets shut.

    I wonder if Walcott will re-sign even if the purse is loosened. Why play for a team with no prospects?

  • Mofaz

    Arsenal looks like the next Liverpool ..slipped off top 4 and stuck in mid table..worst still Liverpool is willing to splash the cash unlike Arsenal.. The clubs top managements lack of hunger for success is affecting the players ..they lack the hunger to win..

  • HoustonGunner

    I get dissaponted about the loss of two good points today but encouraged of a better showing than last week against Man United. I do not mind losing as long as there is a heart to fight. Theo should be signed, and a few others should be signed maybe one or two players.

    Cannot count on Diabi was good while it lasted and now we look jaded but I have hope don’t think we can catch ManU unless RVP gets injured and like today they get caught a few times like Villa caught them.

    It hurts when you have seen Arsenal in the Glory days with Thierry…

  • gooner

    if you guys notice, the penalty we missed was created by arshavin.
    arshavin has been involved in vital plays every time he comes.
    i just want you guys to think about that.

    by the way, i hope rosicky comes back soon. last year, we started winning after he came back. he is just a magnificent player. imagine the combination with him and carzola

  • Mofaz

    There is something seriously wrong with the team. Players come and go but one thing remained the same..the Manager and that’s is where the problem with Arsenal. Arsene is taking too much responsibility at Arsenal and his task of keeping the share holders happy is over shadowing his main task which is to win trophies ..sack Garzidis and put Arsene in his place, Pep Gardiola should take over the football coaching at Arsenal…

  • kalone

    I’m pretty much fed up to the point I don’t stay up to watch their games anymore. It’s not worth it.

  • mofaz

    Arshavin cant play the whole 90 mins , he is affective as a sub that comes on in the last 10mins or so and take advantage of tired defenders to create goal. Giroud should have taken the penalty ..why did Arteta took it was a mystery. It simple logic, Arteta gave away a clumsy penalty and under pressure to redeem himself not a suitable candidate for a penalty taker in injury time. Giroud was in hot scoring form and on a hatrick..problem was no one on the pitch took control, the captain should have instructed Giroud to take the penalty..the points Arsenal dropped in this game will prove costly when Arsenal missed the CL spot by just a point…

  • Arschloch

    Yes so many fans around the world are fed up. Arsenal are happy to draw Schalke, never seen so scared against MANU, loose vs bottom clubs …
    Stay away from the matches, let the team down for one year, chase those businessmen out of the town and then get back to sport.

  • made

    I’m fine by the result pf yesterday’s game. Not happy, but fine. Penalty kick always is a 50-50 chance.
    I’m glad that Giroud started to find his sharpness and Podolski shown he still a great finisher. And that is what important from this game forward.
    The letoff from the team was their defensive play. They still can’t maintain their lead, especially in the last two games. Always looks weak on a cross or a set piece play and give a lot of one-on-one from through passes. Hopefully they can solve that up. The competition is still not reach half season yet. So there’s still a chance

  • 444

    Mofaz: “Arshavin cant play the whole 90 mins”

    But he did so both games in CoC (and against Reading he played even 120 mins). Please stop that crap about “he can’t”.

  • jellykid

    @mofaz… your an idiot, i’m astonished you still comment here after games with your dumb comments for a while….

    Arshavin can play 90min.+ ….

    I believe AW doesn’t play him because he podolski to play more. Also I would like to see Arshavin play more.

    It was a decent game to watch, defensive field wasn’t very efficient because coquelin made bad tackles and late tackles… the offense was nice to watch at times, but the continuity of the midfield connected with the back four was very bland.

    unlucky game, and a bad one for arteta ofcourse. Hopefully we bounce back next week. I was impressed by Girouds headers.

    Arsenal are still finding their way if you ask me. you can’t put your own time on how long it would take.

  • Arschloch

    I never agreed with Mofaz so much.
    Whether Archavin plays 90 or 120 is not as significant as the fact that the club is going no where. Why should we wait every season for some averege individuals “with some exceptions” to gell together. Why do we have to sell players who can play over 50 games in a season and keep injury prone ones, who go to treatment table just because they shot the ball. Why do we wait for players contracts to run down. Wallcot will be sold and replaced by an inexperienced 21 year old lad and Jenkison will step in for Sagna. An exciting project for Arsene Wenger.Trophy and silverware for the best balance sheet go again to Arsenal. I don´t think all those players who left Arsenal were looking for money. So open your mind.

  • jellykid

    The idea was for them not being average individuals in the beginning of the season, especially after the liverpool game.

    The next idea was how good their defensive used to be, while having well rated midfielders in shape at that time.

    To me it was hard to understand why Alex Song was sold so easily, even regarding salary issues. Literally is a person who normally connects the offense with defense.

    Our current squad isn’t average at all, it really just needs work with the midfield. Please don’t say we need 3 or 4 players in jan. because I can see the max 2 we might need. Another central midfielder or a (DM) and just maybe another striker. Since Chamakh might be sold.


  • jellykid

    BTW Arsenal did deserved 3 points, If u actually watched the game and not highlights…. Arsenal were more of the dominant team. If you want to talk about stats Arsenal were dominant in possesion, shots on target and corners.

    Its just the english media hype if you surrender 2 goals you don’t deserve to win lol, Arsenal could have stolen the game back. Theys had so many chances and created much more.

    I hate when idiots on this site repeat what the media says. Because since when they were every right about transfers and stories.

  • Tieneich

    Giroud is getting his goals, and besides that I have nothing to say about. I am still shocked about the draw Schalke04 game.

    Arsene’s expressions looked agonized in every recent game. That reflected on our players who lost dignity and composure on the field. They distrusted themselves and demoralized themselves.

    I am not gonna predict where we would finish this season. I just want to see the team play better, like they did in the beginning. This is sad to watch. I want to see our players play with surety.

    It certainly feel worse when we have MORE POSSESSION, SHOT ON GOAL, AND CORNERS yet we came away with a draw.

    One thing for sure, the captain’s armband belongs to someone who doesn’t contribute metal lapses in crucial moments. It belongs to someone who doesn’t panic. It belongs to someone who doesn’t just work hard but someone believes in himself and the whole team.

    Our current captain doesn’t have all that.

  • Dillinho


    I agree with you on the captain question, although I like Vermaelen he doesn’t seem like someone who can pull the team out of a low. I think the only player in the sqaud who has this ability is Wilshere. He is a fighter and his heart beats for this club.

  • kalone

    “His heart beats for this club.” We said that about Fabregas as well but look what happened. This club can’t keep a hold of their players at all.

  • gooner

    guys i think we will come back. last year, we came back after December.

    Giroud is starting to score and his goals will come. Rosicky and Diaby are coming back soon, so we should have depth in the squad. you can not blame wenger for these results. look at the injuries we have, gervinho out, and walcott out and chamberlain out. those are like the most vital players to us. if man utd lost per$ie, rooney, and ferdinand, they won’t be the same team.

    so have faith guys!!!!!

  • mofaz

    Jellykid you are the idiot here ..Arshavin will be off this January and most probably Walcott too. Walcott is a classic example of how Arsenal train a player give them experience and then sells off for a profit. Arsenal wants to sell Walcott and the way they refuse to negotiate terms with him sends the signal to other clubs that he is up for sale..

  • a.k.a gunner

    The only nutcase in this site here is you Jellykid… shut up and keep your “Arsenal was soooo unlucky to lose” whining to yourselves if you can’t stand other people’s opinion.

  • Sufian

    @Mofaz, What? If you any will to save Arsenal’s a**, give Arshavin some more minutes. He is brought on after 80 mins of play and still manages to start a move that has ended with a goal (twice) or a penalt (once). Had it not been Arshavin, I wonder if who could have created that chance at QPR or that move at Man United? And then he won a penalty at Fulham, and I bet he could have gone on and scored himself if given more time.
    You are criticizing the lad just for the sake of criticism. He is getting back to the level he belongs and he is the person who could bring what Arsenal lack atm. He is never afraid to get into tackles, just take a look at that tackle at Old Trafford (in the center of the ground). He’s brave, he’s intelligent and more importantly he doesn’t lose the ball like he used to (which made him being dropped to the bench and then more horrible things).
    It’s always a better thing to try different things when things are not working out, unless there are some ego issues.

  • jellykid

    AW won’t make wilshere captain, he’s too young ATM, maybe in the future but not right now. there isn’ anyone else in the squad whose a senior who will be captain besides vermalaen. Bacary Sagna would be next senior but he refused vice captaincy… so why would he want to be captain.

  • Arschloch

    It is all about Arshavin. OK, I think he is working hard to get his old form some weeks before being offloaded. I liked Arshavin and Rosicky and I supported the latter even when everyone was wanting him to move, but I think it is enough now. We are fed up with those fringe and injury prone players. We want the type of Alex Song and Arteta. Those technickaly gifted tough ones who never cry even when bleeding. We just need another decent left back and a CF. Arshavin, Chamak, Squillachi, Djourou, Rosicky, Santos and Diaby may al see the exit door.
    @Mofaz Iam happy now that you finally ´ve found the right words reg. Wallcot.

  • jellykid

    WAIT! your saying read other peopls opinnions even though they want to base their opinnions AS FACTS!! LOL, your joking right???

    If they’re doing that then I’m glad I’m pointing out the idiots on this site lol. The more people you have doing that kind of thing the more unnecessary false negativity you create and drama. Then you would have people who are just new fans to Arsenal, listening to the BS.

    BTW WE WERE UNLUCKY, even if didn’t play at our level at times. IN FOOTBALL YOU DON’T HAVE PERFECT WINS.

  • Arschloch

    whom are you adressing ? me ????

  • gooner

    wtf? sell rosicky. you guys do realize that rosicky was the one main player that helped us last year.

    you guys need to stop saying what the media is saying. just keep rosicky and arshavin

  • mofaz

    Someone on this forum does not understand the concept of people giving their opinions may not agree with some of the opinions but that does not mean you are an idiot for voicing them..every one here is entitled to his or her opinion..btw opinions do not generally based on facts alone they are based on speculations because we dont know what’s going on behind closed doors at the club. Having said that its increasingly obvious that Arshavin is off in January..Chamakh..and most probably Walcott. It does not make economic sense for Arsenal to keep them..and we all know economic and business are the more important than Trophies at Arsenal with the current managements..The longer these players stay at Arsenal their values drop and for TW case becomes zero at the end of the season!

  • mobeen

    Arshavin – He is fantastic player and needs more playing time… her gets better by playing… If you watched the reading game, you would have seen how he just kept getting better with time… The only reason I see him not playing much is because AW wants to develop the next generation when he finally hangs his boots…
    Rosicky – Again a brilliant player, someone who can take on and drive at the opposition… again a great back-up and mentor for the next generation…
    Wilshire – I love this kid, he is talented has potential and is committed on the field and off… It would be great to lock him in with a very very long term deal (injury or not).
    Chamakh – I used to prefer him over bendtner even when ‘the best striker in the world’ was scoring more goals because chamakh had a better work rate. He however has been slacking off a bit, maybe that will get better but we cant really wait for that one…
    Song and RVP – Were great for us… they are gone… move on…
    Vermaellen and Arteta – Form dips, fatigue happens but these guys are committed and can play through the pain and get results for arsenal…
    Gibbs, Diaby- Sorely missed for their potency in the attack and defensive strength…
    Szcency (Goal keeper) – missed for defensive marshalling in the box, especially for set pieces…
    Walcott – Hasn’t done enough to demand a central role, more playtime or more money… Is too inconsistent to demand more of anything…
    Pat Rice – Missed for being the affable figure on the bench…
    Bould – Seems absent since after the beginning of the season… get back to the basics and soldier on…
    Everyone on the forum – Have an opinion or insight about the game or team – please share… try to keep the BS to the minimum… Football invokes passion… make it positive and intelligent space… scrolling down garbage is annoying…

  • jellykid

    your opinions are based on speculation LMAO!! your kidding, you wrote a paragraph about why opinions matter LOL…

    Everyone has their own opinions and they have the right to state them but why try to base them on facts and speculation, last time I checked your statistic king or a sports writer, wtf you know about speculation you dumb idiot.

    I don’t mind reading others opinions its just your are so beyond reasons LOL, its like an 8 year logged on this site and started stating out his reasons and we have to read them lol…

  • Tieneich

    @ Jellykid

    Consider how long Wishere has been with the team, he should be qualified. William Gallas took the armband without being with a club for a long time, so your argument is entire based on false stance.

    Captain needs certain a quality. Vermaelan doesn’t have it, so it should be given to someone who has. Sangna doesn’t have it. Hell, Gibbs has more captain’s quality than the two you mentioned. I am hoping AW soon give the armband to Arteta or Per.

    So Vermaelan is relieved from the duty.

  • Tieneich

    If we consider every loss we get as “unlucky defeat”, then where the improvement is coming from?


    We played great against Chelsea, but we were unlucky.
    We played good against Schalke 04, but we were unlucky.
    We played well against Man U, but we were unlucky.
    We played great against Schalke 04, but we were unlucky.
    We played excellent against Fulham, but we were unlucky.

    No wonder we are trophy-less for years, because we are so damn unlucky. Perhaps, the unluckiest football club in the whole world.

    Isn’t this the same argument for the English Football Team?

  • mofaz

    @Jellykid Who asked you to read opinions you dont agree with ? You dumb fuck .

  • mofaz

    Do your comments on why Arsene refused to buy players or why certain players did not perform based on facts of speculations? Its based on speculation because we the fans dont know whats going on behind closed doors. Fact is Arsenal this season not looking good at all..Walcott will not sign a new contract..Arshavin will be sold..Diaby will only play bit parts due to injury..Poldoski will only perform to his full pontential next season..and if Arsenal dont shape up 6 or 7 in the table at the end of season..

  • jellykid

    i never said every loss we conceded was unlucky but majority of them were, and the rest were we obviously played really bad.

    and armband i would like wilshere to have it but he probably won’t get it now, because AW won’t want him to have that responsibilty when he’s just coming back to the team!! i never said he didn’t deserve it… WHEN EVERYONE KNOWS HE”S GOING TO BE THE FUTURE CAPTAIN OF ARSENAL!!!
    its typical…

    anywayz, i don’t want to talk about opinions anymore but I could say if im the dumb fuck behind this team and this team finishes in the top 4 I DONT EVER WANT TO SEE YOUR DUMB COMMENTS HERE AGAIN!! clearly i don’t want people making the same mistake like last season and bashing the team when they should be behind it no matter what crisis we have. last season the team finished 3rd lol…. tells you a lot about peoples opinions!

  • gooner

    i think we have been conceding goals because chesney is injured. goalkeeper is key to defense. he tells defenders where to go and when stay onside.
    mannoe is good, but not as good a chensey in set pieces.

    also i think per should be captain. has plenty of experience and has never messed up for us. always trying.

  • mofaz

    @jellykid..”I DONT EVER WANT TO SEE YOUR DUMB COMMENTS HERE AGAIN” wooa there kiddo this here aint no Syrian or Chinese controlled forum every one are free to post comments ..LOL

  • Sufian

    @Mofaz, people will respect your opinions if they don’t change after every match. Walcott becomes a star when he gets a winner and when he has a bad day, you want to put him on the trasfer list. Seriously, what are you up to? At Arsenal you criticize but support your team, if you can’t then I advise you to support ManU as their fans know nothing about football.

  • Gaffer

    Hear hear Sufian.

  • Tieneich

    @ Gooner, thank you. I do hope Per gets it. It’s too bad that he was injured last season to show his true capability. I always wanted to Arteta taking charge of the team. He had done enough to lead the team last season, and he is continuing to do it. Another thing is, we can’t drop our captain to give another great defender now, can we?

    We played excellent up until the last international break. I really hope that we find the confidence and belief back, and do it soon I hope. I am glad Giroud is playing great with Walcott and Arshavin because they provide him the much needed crosses. We should not let them or Rosicky go. If there is going to be a comeback, they will play really important part. First thing first though, we need our confidence back, and hopefully this break will be another turning point.

    Wait, have anyone see Jenkinson lately? I miss seeing that kid on the field.

  • jellykid

    hmm but sure is a ARSENAL support forum when ARSENAL fans comment, still haven’t figured out which team you support apparently….