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RVP 0-1: Watch

Mannone save: Watch

Cazorla handball and Rooney penalty miss: Watch

RVP gives Santos his jersey: Watch

Evra 0-2: Watch

Wilshere second yellow: Watch

Cazorla goal: Watch

MOTD Highlights: Watch

Wenger Interview

  • Simon

    Wenger is a moron!!!

  • Simon

    No tactics at all. Just send them out and wine on the bench.

    He takes no action when needed.

    Sub wilshere is a must, and so is podolski. And so on,…

    Probably i am a better manager.

  • Gnostradamus

    I know who will be sold this season…

  • Gnostradamus

    I don’t mean for footballing reasons…

  • Sufian

    Any Arshavin haters out there? He started the move which ended with the only Arsenal goal today.

  • Gnostradamus

    Last post, promise…
    I think it’s time fans boycott the club. Can’t continue to foot the gravy chain for the profit-seeking owners. If they’re not willing to pay in they should go. No wonder commercial revenues are so low. Who wants to wear the shirt? Not even the players.

  • Sufian

    If those fans, who wanted Wenger out last season, raise their voices for plan B (which we lack currently) then it could be received positively. A fact is, Wenger is considered a legend at Arsenal and you can’t kick out legends like that.

  • Sufian

    @Gnostradamus, I doubt if they will be solid this season. 7 years without a trophy is not going down well with supporters and you never know how people respond. If fans, who wanted Wenger out, stop going to the stadium, buying shirts, etc, their business is out.

  • Dizzan

    Incompetent performance from beginning to end. To be honest, it was damage prevention from the go, no attack, no creativity, nothing. Just bland.
    At the end, when Cazorla scored, I was frustrated by the fact it made the scoreline actually look like a hard contested match. We did not deserve anything of the sort.

    Podolski? Giroud? Ramsey? Walcott? Any player who donned an Arsenal shirt today has several questions to answer as far as I’m concerned.

    The only respite was that it was better than last time… and that we drew Bradford City in the CC.

    Arsenal? Arsenal! Arsenal…

  • Ofebs

    i believe the team is focused on the mid-week champions league game. if we win at Schalke this game will be forgotten. if we lose, there will be a huge outcry that could sink the team for the entire season.

  • Gnostradamus

    Not sure why people want Wenger out, even if he’s got tactics wrong. Do you think another manager could do better without budget? Do you think the owners would let the newcomer spend what’s necessary?

    The boardroom’s the problem. If they wanted Wenger to recruit trophy winners, to retain homegrown stars, to spend what is necessary, to develop a plan B, he’d have to do so.

    There’s no one in charge of anything anymore. That’s not going to change with a managerial switch.

    Until there’s a boardroom shakeup, we’ll just slide down the league to oblivion.

  • Tieneich

    I think the second yellow on Wilshere made every thing more difficult for Wenger. Wilshere was play just fine, and there was no reason to sub him. When the second yellow happened, you can’t just bring on Shava right away. ManUre was still attacking hard at the point.

    The team energy was really low. We were steps too slow and looked scare while attacking. I don’t know why. Most of the players didn’t participate in the COC, yet they looked more tired. It was disappointing to say the least.

  • Tieneich

    We have been struggling since the break. It feels like the chemistry is going to a valley, and a little shuffling should start.

    * Install Jenks back into the starting line up. Nothing against Sagna, but he should work his way back to be sharp. Jenks was playing excellent and put every thing on the line. Sagna seems afraid to drive and make a move.

    * Santos and Lukas have to link. Poldi hasn’t had a decent appearance since the break, and Santos is the key. We were fierce down the left before the break, and now it’s a struggle. They have to find a way to work together and break through.

    * Ramsey is going back to the bench (this is coming from the biggest Aaron supporter). He contributed a LOT when he was on the bench. No pressure for him there, and he should start from there.

    * Without Mert (and the heroic effort of Don Vito) we would have been down 4-0 or worse. It’s time to make Verm and Kos rotate until the realize they are behind Mert, and they have catch ups to do.

  • Charles

    @Tieneich Sagna has been comfortably solid and i don’t find myself missing Jenkinson at all, the other flank however is a disgrace.

  • Clinton Dawkins

    There’s no point in wishing for a 2-0 loss instead of 2-1. It’s not going to make a difference, except destroy the team’s confidence a little more. Arsenal looked scared because they were scared. A worse loss wouldn’t make a difference in management, but would hurt team morale.

    Carzola made the difficult look natural.

  • kalone

    arsenal just seems so inconsistent, they’ve been so for quite some years now.

  • mofaz

    Arsenal players lack the aggressiveness against the opposition. They body language the way they greet RVP it looked like they still have the respect to RVP as the former captain, Santos asking for RVP shirt at half time !? WTF was that all about? Cant he just do it in the tunnel or in the dressing room? Mert and Manone made the scoreline looked respectable..the defeat was expected but the manner of the defeat showed that the palyers lacked hunger to win..

  • Henry

    Andre Santos is not a defender, but I felt sorry for him and the whole squad because they honestly looked so worn out. So tired from chasing United it’s a pity.
    I’m not sure what we can do, United pressed us and unfortunately we could not deal with it. It’s weak. I’m not sure what Wenger can do about it, our squad isn’t necessarily lacking talent it just isn’t gelling. The way in which Giroud had to come deeper and wider for the ball just says it all, the team although talented lacks chemistry. I hope Wenger has something conjured up because it just can’t go on like this. Next UCL fixture is a must win, just to stabilise our losses.

  • Gnostradamus

    Wenger used to let players keep their place till their form drops, even if they were playing out of position. Nowadays Sagna et al. walks right into the team the moment they’re fit. No matter how well someone does in midweek, they lose their place in the league/CL matches. Doesn’t help with morale, motivation, teamwork. Shows a lack of trust in his own players, and if that’s the case, that shows the transfer policy doesn’t work.

    Someone else mentioned it, but worth reiterating: We used to buy hot (and not so hot) new prospects. Now it’s more experience, but also less upside potential. A big reason? Hot prospects with top ambitions choose other clubs they know have ambition or want to stay. They’re not going to pick someone they know will sell them the moment they mature.

  • gooner

    i think arshavin should be playing now.
    last game agaist qpr, arshavin crossed the ball into the box in which arteta scored. this game, he created the chance.
    whenever he comes on, he makes a difference.

    and gibbs need to come back from injury. santos is just not good enough.

  • mofaz

    Why cant Arsene play Arshavin in his favorite position along side Carzola in the midfield..Podoski left, Walcott right, Giroud and Chamakh forward. Sagna, Mert , Vermalean and Kos the back…

  • Sufian

    Arsenal is slaughtered by many for losing a match 2-1 while it was one sided. Do they remember that Arsenal, without their 1st or 2nd choice CF, and not on too good a run defeated the ‘mighty’ ManU 2-1 at Emirated? I think it was 2008/09 season and Bendtner was our CF with Na$ri and Walcott on flanks.
    Surely Ferguson has a lot of journalists in his pocket as well. 😐

    @people asking why Sagna makes to the starting 11, simple because he’s more experienced. Obviously we should have had Sagna and Jenkinson as our RB, LB. It would’ve made a stable defence. Santos, is not playing with confidence and I guess he’s not a LB either.

  • gooner

    i think wenger needs to realize that arshavin isn’t good playing on the wing. look how effective he is when he plays in middle.

    and i think vermealean should be playing left back and kos could fill in for him at cb

  • Sufian

    Arshavin, in the last few games, has excelled even when we played at left wing. Look at QPR and Man United match. I don’t know what Wenger is doing but I hope he has some plan.