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0-1: Watch

0-2: Watch

0-3: Watch

0-4: Watch

Walcott 1-4: Watch

Giroud 2-4: Watch

Koscielny 3-4: Watch

Walcott 4-4: Watch

Chamakh 5-4: Watch

5-5: Watch

Walcott 6-5: Watch

Chamakh 7-5: Watch

Highlight Pack: Watch

Theo and Jenks Interview: Watch

  • Saad

    This was insane (in a good way). I can’t believe we made such a comeback after a terrible first half performance.

  • ashes

    it will be remebered for long time coming

  • conner

    Kudos Alist for getting these up. What the fuck hell of a game was that? Glad we got more than Reading’s 5. Coming down from 4 feels nice though, now I know how Newcastle felt.

  • Gnostradamus

    Seems like the links are all down now. Anyone got a compilation for download?

  • yann

    not trying to be pessimistic, but the dramatic win should not overshadow the fact that we let in an embarassing number of goals in an embarassing way. this needs to be fixed. ManU won’t let a turnaround like that happen.

  • Dizzan

    (insert superlative here) game! Don’t even care about how bad we looked. Just feels good to know why I love this club! ARSENAL!

  • gsco

    yann – seriously? Enjoy the crazy game and comeback. I can’t understand folks freaking out when this is a team pretty dang far from our first team. Does this collection of players even play together much in practice? ManU is a tough test this weekend, but drawing any conclusion about the team based on this lineup and game is just freaking weird.
    Awesome to see them comeback like this. And Chamak scored 2 – must be Frankenstorm! So pissed that this wasn’t carried anywhere I could get and I was busy all day with work travel, so all I can get is highlights now. Would have been great to watch in real time. Although it may not have been good for my health. Although I have known for a while that this Arsenal team should come with a surgeon general’s warning.

  • Son of God

    First,Thank you Arsenalist:ESPN and SPORTSNET have got nothing on you.

    Second,I’m more than happy to see Chamakh score

    Third,In my own mind,Walcot is a number “9”

  • yappie02

    crazy defending but i admire our spirit!
    good finishing from our lads….

  • mobeen

    The game was insane… it was tough to watch at first but then u couldn’t look away… it was great to see arsenal break the reading spirit and then win it.. even after going down 4 goals… really feel sorry for the fans (phonies) who left the stadium early… must be kicking themselves in the nuts repeatedly…
    Arshavin was fantastic, i’m glad arsene stuck with him and chamakh throughout the game… they did show a LOT of improvement as time went by…
    Reading was defending as a team and we had to push n push. we got our 2nd goal 20mins after the first… then again push some more and more… and another nerve wreaking 25 mins to our 3rd and 4th…

    i think the difference was conditioning… we started playing a lil better… and had run down their resolve and arshavin, coquelin, chamakh, jenkinson showed great energy and koscielny made some strong surges forward… overall fantastic spirit… looking forward to thumping ManUre and making the lil boy inside RVP scream what the F#@% did u do???