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Arsenal chance? Watch

Wilshere chance: Watch

Giroud shot: Watch

Santos shot: Watch

Arteta FK, great save: Watch

Cazorla terrible miss: Watch

Arteta 1-0: Watch

QPR almost equalizes: Watch

MOTD Highlights: Watch :: Alt

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  • Sufian

    Any critics of Arshavin watched the match or did they shut their eyes whenever he had the ball? I think it’s the later because they will start jumping as soon as he has a not so good performance. Genuine trolls, they are.

  • mofaz

    Can anyone please explain why Ramsey get to play the whole 90 minutes. He cant dribble pass defenders, his passing is terrible gives away the balls cheaply, yet Arsene seemed to favor him.. why? Is it because his seniority regardless of how poor his performance on the field? Arsenal should have hammered QPR yet against 10 men they nearly get a goal back. SAF must be relishing the game at Old Traford ..

  • Jazz

    Arshavin only came on very late after an injury forced off Gervinho, and made probably the most important contribution in creating Arteta’s goal. He was vital.

  • Konvict

    i think arshavin deserves game time now.

    and ramsey does well in middle of park he finds space and is always moving.

    hopefully walcott can start against man utd. he was putting in some good balls for giroud to attack

    cazorla needs some shooting practice.. dude has missed some sitters since hes been here

  • Charles

    See? your vacations killed our momentum.

    Glad to see you back.

  • Gnostradamus

    Hoping the best for the little Russian.. Always been a fan since Euro 2008. Not only do I hope he gets more game time, but also his favorite position.

    No one’s talking about Mannone; I guess that speaks to his quality. Great to see another pair of safe gloves.

  • mofaz

    The cross by Arshavin is similar to the cross he made for the winning goal against Sunderland last season ..TH scored. He didnt rush the cross instead its was a measured and pin point cross. Maybe Arsene should consider him as the plan B, with Giroud or Chamakh as target men. Still an unconvincing performance from the Gunners, lucky if can get a draw against MU..

  • noname

    after fabregas exit, it seems like only arshavin have sumthing that we need rite now. we realy need sumone who can create chances, assist for goals.

  • mofaz

    Congrats to Don Vito for the overall performance against QPR. The save against Mackay was vital for the win..

  • kalone

    dat random kick LOL funniest thing i’ve ever seen

  • Andreas

    Anyone saw Arshavin sprinting home stopping a counter attack at 1-0? I haven’t seen him show that kind of spirit in a long time. Give him a couple of games. Hes deserved it for sure

  • mofaz

    Arshavin + Santos = Crosses coming in from the left and RVP in the middle …

  • Sufian

    @mofaz, I liked Santos last season but this season he has some real trouble defending. He is probably a LM . It might be due to low confidence as he had weird run of game last year (amazing performances with disappointing games in between). Gibbs better than him this season, but I do wish Santos to do well when chance arrives.

    @Ramsey’s performace, I think he’s an amazing player but only in CAM position. I have no clue why AW plays him in other positions, especially in CM role (it only makes a soft midfield). In short, he has an intelligent attacking mind and we can’t play him as CM!