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    Santi Santi!!!

  • Gooner_egypt

    wow …what agreat signing by Wenger .not only did he bring life to our midfield but also raising the bar to high for the other midfielders…just look at ramsey’s game after cazorla came.today ramsey was all over the place trying to show his trade .its nice if there is competition for positions in a team. Just pray to god that neither of them gets injured

  • gunnerforlife

    A hard fought victory!

  • conner

    Great team win. Why Dowd thought that Noble’s dive deserved a yellow card, and the foul on Ramsey was not a penalty is beyond me. Thanks for the highlights Alist.

  • Martian

    the swivel by Mertesacker was beautiful

  • Arschloch

    Nice to see Giroud scoring, I was nearly going to give up on that. Now if he raises his level some degrees higher Arsenal strike force will be great. Also good performances from Ramsey, Walcott, Poldi, Per. I must say the team as a whole but lost almost all aeial battles and that is a point of concern. So glad that Carrol, laughable stupid figure didn´t score. He was nearly going to repeat that goal he scored at the Emirate some years ago. Gervihno was disappointing but one may have bad times also. Finally I must say we have to stay grounded because this display is not enough on european elite level but it gives me hope that after some improvement and with our injured players coming back we will be able to become competitive and winning something. Finally to the doubters about and haters of Ramsey and Walcott with the latter entering Arsenal high scorer club ” Please deliver now an honset and fair judgement”.

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    One question on Walcott, and this is not to be negative, but is he for now a super-sub? Is it the position or does he have impact mostly when he subs on?

  • JJ

    The highlights links are no longer working, but found this one on Youtube that is working so far.


  • http://arsenalist.com gooner

    i think wenger is finally making some substitution. just look at walcott. he doesn’t start the game but he is top scorer for us.

  • mobeen

    I think walcott is a great impact player… Gervinho podolski and our passing game wears out the defense and then it becomes harder for their tired bodies and minds to cope with him… I still think he is a winger… he needs space to attack, he is not likely to hold play and make space like a center forward should… he should also try to run at defense pushing the defensive line to make space at the middle for cazorla, arteta, ramsey etc… the movement of giroud is way better than that of walcott, he just needs to find composure and some luck… i’m sure he will do well for us…
    interlull is here 🙁