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Gervinho 1-0: Watch

Some guy 1-1: Watch

Podolski 2-1: Watch

Ramsey 3-1: Watch

Full Highlights: Watch

  • gooner

    what does giroud have to do to score? maybe a bicycle kick agaist man united?

  • Ashwin

    I still think Giroud will prove to be an excellent addition to Arsenal.

  • Gunner

    WOW Giroud is outstanding player. he could have score 2 and assist 1 today but the goal keeper had a good save and for the another attempt the ball hit a players head. Giroud need a bit luck but he is perfect, hard worker and killer instinct to the defenders.

  • Gunner

    Arshavin must get his chance now, and giroud as well

  • jellykid

    giroud is quality, honestly I’ve been saying it for a while, the man is utterly unlucky ATM to score.

    Gervinho got a goal which was kool and all but we had no stability with him playin up front. He can’t do link ups while playing centerforward… cuz he’s not strong enough to hold up the CB. He can’t hold the ball unless he drifts with it to the wings. His heading ability is unknown since he only gets ground crosses from the fullbacks.

    Podolski is a poacher! 1 attempt, 1 on target, 1 goal! all I need to say. If he gets a chance (even if he isn’t blatantly open) the man will score. incredible finisher.

    We have the youngest fullbacks, yet they perform good!

  • gooner

    i still think gervinho is really good at front. every game podolski plays at center and gervinho, we either draw or win. but when gervinho play up front, we win. if we put gervinho in the front,we create more spaces like barcelona. they also don’t have a “real” centerforward

  • koolio

    We put gervinho up front against man city and chelsea, therefore your arguement is invalid @gooner

  • Dizzan

    Decent performance, good result. Onto the next one.

  • mofaz

    Its incredible why Arsenal fans seemed to dislike Gervinho ..maybe because of his hair style but some of the comments have racist tones ..his work rate is top class and he is becoming sharper with every game..

  • Big Dave

    I wouldn’t say some Arsenal fans dislike Gervinho – more that some Arsenal fans like moaning, even when we win! Pack it in, guys!!

  • Martian

    Some guy 1-1: Watch

    Troll by Arsenalist