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Suarez goes down easy: Watch

Cazorla shot: Watch

Podolski 1-0: Watch

Liverpool hit post: Watch

Diaby, run Giroud great chance: Watch

Liverpool penalty? Watch

Liverpool want this to be a penalty: Watch

Cazorla 2-0: Watch

Giroud header: Watch

Wenger Interview

Podolski Interview

MOTD Highlights: Watch

  • rahul

    podli..cazarola are on fire…

  • rahul

    what a hell goal has changed arsenal into ??

  • Tieneich

    Is anyone still doubting Per?

  • Tieneich

    And Poldi is everywhere.
    We got some German steels on the squad!

  • rahul

    shuld keep possession in 2nd

  • rahul

    2nd goal…well done santi..poor reina

  • Sufian

    With Bould we can see we no longer have a ‘soft’ midfield and defence. It’s pleasing to see that players are not making those painful defensive mistakes, which were mostly basic ones.
    Diaby is playing like he did in season 2009/10 (right?), lets keep him fit for a season and pray that Wenger proves us all wrong by winning trophies this time. (we all have criticized him with his transfer dealings this summer, lets not deny that)

  • jellykid

    Diaby was BOSS! he started so many counter attacks by breaking up so many plays he outclassed Gerrard and Sahin. Per was pretty good but he had 2 intercepted passed which was very dangerous and so did jenkinson but our defense was good. I thought it was funny when giroud misses agood chance and Gibbs starts yelling at him. Prinz poldi is really strong, the guy manhandled his way on the left at times.

  • mofaz

    Gibbs was yelling encouragements to Giroud ..Arsenal played a more direct football with Poldi and Giroud will start scoring. Interesting Arsene didnt take off Giroud , maybe because his presence forward discourage Skertel to go forward ..

  • mofaz

    Keeping a clean sheet and scoring 2 goals at Anfield is pretty impressive normally Arsenal plays a game of “who can score more goals” against Liverpool..

  • Tieneich

    3 clean sheets 🙂

    I think Poldi, Arteta, Diaby, Per and Vermaelaan can all be MOTM. I think once Giroud hit the first goal, he would be come a monster 🙂 Allez Giroud.

    Oh dear, RvP missed…

  • Martian

    Suddenly 2 goalless draws became a 5 point, 3 clean sheet run

  • Martian

    As you all can see from Podolski, that goal changed him from so-so to a monster in the game, box-to-box attacking and defending.. his work rate was just incredible.

    All we(fans, players, coaching staff) need is a little encouragement. Let’s keep that in mind.

  • Gaffer

    Jenkinson has a bright future. I watched the match and although the right back made several bad decisions, his one on one ability reminded me of a certain Bacary Sagna. Brilliant recoveries when needed.
    Mertesacker was really excellent, Vermalaen even more so. But the man of the match for me was Arteta. Each time he made a tackle, I was up on my feet clapping. Certainly deserves to be in the Spanish side.

  • loose_cannon

    Really impressed with Diaby, probably his best game ever. If he keeps it up, and stays fit, this will surely be his season. Also thought Ramsey did well when he came on too. Also, what did you guys think about Chamberlain? I know a lot of people here think he is a better winger than Walcott but I can’t help but think he is better used at CM and that if Walcott produced that kind of performance today he would be slaughtered. Double standards?

  • need to score

    Persie scored hattrick!..(YAAY!!)… for Man U (BOOOOOOO!)

    Man, i hate him.

  • Mofaz

    Hope Vermalen breaks Van Persie’s leg!

  • Tieneich

    RvP will get Frimponged.

    And yes, Ramsey played much better. That’s awesome to see. He held the ball and won challenges. It was great to see how he was relieved from too much responsibility. I am sure he will find his confidence back, and we’ll have another good CM option besides Coquelin.

    It’s good to have Jenkinson learning with first team experience. He can only get better. He’s still far off from Sagna, but he will definitely be an excellent back up option.

    Ox can play CAM or Winger in my option. Wenger will have him trying out places to develop skills. I also think Wenger eventually want OX to play the CM role.

  • dubbledubs71

    3 points, another clean sheet & 2 new signings getting their debut goals & a solid defensive display, cant ask for much more than that. go on the gunners

  • Clinton Dawkins

    Great work for Arsenal. Damn ManU. They’ve got a top-of-the-world-class striker there.

  • gooner

    per was great today. fucking suarez cunt couldn’t get past him.hahah.
    podo work rate is just incredible.WHO NEEDS FABREGAS?WE GOT CARZOLA!!
    yes, diaby was a BOSS!!! ramsey improved. i think mainly by olympics.

    i hope vermelen injury isn’t too serious.

  • gooner


    do you guys notice every liverpool penalty shout, suarez is the only one appeling for it?? i wonder why………..

  • ICJ_gunner

    good game gunners…

    3 clean sheets brings a smile to my face,

    and our new offensive transfers are starting to click.

    suarez is just making a bad reputation for himself. The others refs take this sort of bs into account in future games. They’ll be that much more skeptical of his behavior in the future….

  • gooner

    suarez will never get a penalty in his career again after his reputation of being a racist and a diver

  • Tieneich

    Suarz the new Christina Ronaldo/ Nani?? Absolutely pathetic.

    If by October our injured players come back, we can have a team of footballers that didn’t play against pool (or didn’t play much) as this

    Sagna Kos Djourou Santos
    Wilshere Coq
    Rosicky Arshavin Gervinho

    That’s…. not bad at all.

  • Patrick

    Hey arsenalist can you post up a clip of our fans singing the “andre santos, he drives how he wants!” that was sheer brilliance.

  • sono

    pliz re upload… link dead

  • sono

    moftheday .. thx a lot

  • sono

    thx arsenalist

  • Sufian

    Anyone realized that what RVP did for us last season is doing this season too with ManU? 😀
    Definitely he made a wrong choice, must have known how good Steve Bould is. I just can’t wait for a 8-2 reverse. Can the ref be kind enough to not play in Man Utd shirt? We’d be lucky if that happens!