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  • @gunner_lyf

    wasted chance by gervinho, should improve his decision. But it was a good decision that gave him the goal.


    didn’t watch the match. was arshavin playing well the whole time after he came on or was that piece of class to set up gervinho a momentary lapse of sorts?
    the rest of the squad looked like they did well. i know fc koln is a relegated team missing their best player but one could still see the chemistry in the squad slowly starting to take hold (from the highlights).
    also really impressed with giroud’s positional awareness! he definitely knows where the goal is and he did well to avoid that one possible offside. unlucky for him not to have started his tally in koln

  • Tieneich

    This is the most potent attack we’ve had since forever ago. Great combination with height, power and skills. With strikers in RvP, Giroud, and Poldoski; AM in Carzola, Diaby, and Arshavin (Rocisky recovering); RW in Theo and Alex; LW in Gervinho and Santos; CM in Song, Arteta, Coquelin, and Ramsey (maybe Sahin is coming and Wilshere recovering), this is pretty insane. We are never equipped with such dimension, power, speed and skill since the old days.

    Hopefully the back line will be good this year to prevent goals. I am excited to see the opening game ^^

  • Martian

    I am personally quite excited to see Giroud play. He seems very mobile and sharp

  • Arschloch

    Hi, greatings to all genuine gooners and Arsenal lovers. Sincere regards to Arsenalist.
    I was there, really was impressed by Arshavin and Diaby. Both were very weak in the recent games. I hope they will maintain the condition and performace they had in this game. Some idiots booed van P. but he went after the game to the fans threw there his shirt and was warm heartedly welcomed. A fact never mentioned in the sun and other dirty papers. I think sooner or later he must be replaced and AW has reacted wisely and done early business. I wish v. Persie good luck. Arsenal supporters must respect his decision.

  • Arsenal fan

    hi all,
    Im so happy of the players we got, i dont want to be too carried away but i think they will be good if not gr8.I love Arshavin , I felt sorry for him when he was bad & was booed & ppl wanted him out but he never wanted to leave or come with a statement where he disrespected Arsenal in any mean, I wish him to return to his best & compete for his place( his problem is that he has to do a lot of defensive work with his fitness levels r declining u cant ask much from him defensively for a whole 90 minutes, at his worst he made some gr8 & nicely weighted passes & crosses that get us goals).

    I talked about him to show that I no longer likes Van Persie(im sad to say so) but u cant be loyal for a club & manager showed faith in u for all ur injury years & thats how u repay us when u r completely fit & playing nice ,going to man utd is like going to spurs , u r worse than nasri right now. ppl hates a special player when he leaves not because the team will be worse after him but because the love ,the videos & the goals we all enjoyed together. for example, when i watch adeybayor gr8 goals against spurs & other teams , i kinda feel that he should return or havent left from the beginning but when i remember that all he wanted was $$$$ i stop thinking of that. How would anyone enjoy Arshavin goal vs barcelona if he joined manu/spurs. Thats y i dont like him anymore (wish he go to juve so that he can still have good memories here 🙂 )

  • sono


    him who said he would never go for an other english club..! sad

  • Sufian

    From this interview, it appears our club is more interested in making money than trophies. (Please don’t troll that RVP had to be moved)
    Now there are reports that Song will be sold as well. Walcott hasn’t signed a contract. Don’t know why the heck we are not holding onto our players!!!

  • Sufian
  • Sufian

    Not saying what would have been better, but I find this very true.

    “Arsenal have put business ahead of football again, whereas United have put football first in the hope that it will prove to be good business”
    -Owen Slot

  • Gnostradamus

    Totally agreed. Great for the wallets of those in the boardroom. Not so much for football. I said before, Arsenal is just Blackburn with a great manager.

  • Thrall

    Jesus christ if we lose song too…

  • Gnostradamus

    Song’s been immense. Worse than selling RvP, since he’s nowhere near the end of his career. If we sell him then we haven’t even waited till he’s become a full-blown star, even if we all know he is already.

  • Arschloch

    Totally disagree people talk here about symptomes not about the direct cause of the diseas.
    The measurement was right to sell v.P rather than to loose him on free next summer. The most important thing is why we do loose our top players and capitains??? It has nothing to with this board since it happened also in the era bevore Gazidis and silent Croncke. The reason can only be known to the players and insiders. Wages structure
    ,no negotiation of new deals in the right time are some of the main reasons. Song has still some years on his contract, so urgently act in time!! but defintely we are going to loose Walcott.

  • Sufian

    The more I read the news (particularly quoting Wenger), I sense there’s a plan to raise funds to make money and upgrades.
    I read Biglia is seen as Song’s upgrade as some article said that he is not guilty of exposing his defence. So lets see what prof. does this time. Of course we all our running out of patience. :-S