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Wigan 0-1: Watch

Wigan 0-2: Watch

What a save by Al-Habsi: Watch

Vermaelen 1-2: Watch

  • arshavin

    djourou is terrible. and he just missed his chance to redeem himself after a torrid start

  • Yamkio

    Saw this coming!

  • Yamkio

    Surely RVP Has to score!!

  • badama

    keep the faith we gonna win this game

  • Phoenyx

    We paid the price of Koscielny’s suspension! What an awful start from Arsenal. But credit to Wigan; they didn’t deserve to be relegated anyway.

    Everyone seems to have missed it, but Arteta left the field because of an injury, and that’s not good. Ramsey incredibly slows down our game. Rosicky, however, is ubiquitous.

    Please don’t lose this match, Gunners! We must secure our third place… Wigan is playing perfectly: they have kept the ball when they could and they don’t spoil the ball with long kicks. Very clever play from the Latics. We must be cautious.

  • Yamkio

    Got to win this match arsenal! Chelsea next, need a good point gap! This squad is more then capable of equalising and if they really want to, can easily score 2 more to win it!



  • arshavin

    what is the name of the man commentating with martin tyler on sky sports?

  • Arschloch

    63 Min I can see clearly how is our defence without Per and Koscienly. No diciline … no idea .. no cleverness.

  • badama

    ramsey out pleassseee too slow

  • Phoenyx

    Impossible to win. They don’t manage to create opportunities. Totally deserved Wigan victory.

    That was a terrible second half.

  • Arschloch

    OK don´t be hysteric again about Ramsey. The problem today was our defence, no doubt about it. Sagnea had a bad day today, Djouru is not good enough for Arsenal. If Wenger want to be a title contender and play in 4 competition next season he MUST add a good CB and a decent striker. Podi will fill the void at least there.

  • Arschloch

    If Wenger talks again about big squad and now we have Diabi ane Wilshire back Iam pretty sure we will have bigger frustration. This season effectively for an ambitious Arsenal fan is to forget despite come backs and some good runs and beating Spüds and Chelsea ..etc.

  • Jellykid

    a decent striker?? lol you must be retarded, we lost today because of our defense and our midfield wasn’t in flow today at all.

  • mobeen

    stayed up to see this… supporting till the end… think santos is lazy… djourou is lost… wigan neutralized us n played a very shrewd game… besides arsenal wins when the pregame press conference is up here… wish u’d put it up here…

  • Mofaz

    Didn’t Ramsey starts because of his so called defensive capability ? Where was Him during the first goal counter attack ? Today game proved how much arsenal needs kos in the defense..

  • Mofaz

    Theo ? Passing the ball to him is like passing to the opposite side, he either loss control, bad fIrst touch, falls over with the slightest touch or make a bad pass.

  • Mofaz

    Good win for wigan , the came with a good game plan and execute it perfectly. They knew arsenal will attack and weak defensively having no quick defenders . So they just sit back and counter attack. Once they got the 2 goals , defend and keep the ball they could have score at least 2 more goals . We must buy Moses..

  • jc

    Thankfully the gap we’ve opened up on the chasers allows for this kind of screw up. Yet questions must be asked about dropping points–again–to bottom-dwelling clubs. The two, quick Wigan goals were vintage Arsenal August 2011 and real howlers. Everyone was out of position, ball watching, slow to clear, and Sycz seemed a coffee or two short of consciousness. And then we played the balance of half so well; it seemed certain we’d even up before the break. It was the second half that was so damn frustrating. We continually pushed the ball wide without seeking cutting runs or through balls, and the effort from Walcott and Ramsey was shameful at times. RvP seemed too willing to pass today. Sagna had a rough day, too, but played himself back. Liked what Santos brought and Bennie, too. I was certain a goal would come until I saw Gervinho coming on. No player loses the ball as consistently as this waste of a purchase. Wenger needed to send Theo to the other side and let the Ox go wide right. As expected, we spend the majority of the second half losing balls in the opponents third, mostly on garbage and forced passes. With doing the business today we only needed a draw with Chelsea to look very solid for CL next season. Now, we probably need to win on Saturday. Egad.

  • Arschloch

    I think you stick just to the words decent striker in my coment. I said also we lost today because of our defence. Decent striker meant for the coming seasons.

  • raga

    wigan should buy ramsey and djorou.

  • MoFaz

    Victor Moses ..wonder if he’s interested to play in the cl next season, shouldn’t be too expensive and should fit in arsenals style of play..

  • DKX99

    Bad day for gooners all round. Poor start and 2nd half by the team and all credit to Wigan. Wolcott was as ineffectual as a blunt wooden spoon in a gun fight, defence didn’t turn up for the start of the match and the referee didn’t help the cause either.

    How is it that a man who wastes time for 75 minutes of the match only gets booked in the 91st minute? Can you only waste time in last 10 minutes of the game? Nothing against Al Habsi of course, thought he played brilliantly, though I feel that had the referee done his job, then the game would have swung Arsenal’s way.

    I also want to understand the reason behind Benayoun substitution and not Walcott’s? The Israeli had at least 3 close chances whilst Walcott didn’t test the goalkeeper at all. Was it to do with speed and backtracking on the break?

  • gooner

    oh well, at least we are still in 3rd place

  • Tieneich

    Woke up and saw the score. Damn. Was hoping for a better result.

    Well, guess we’ll just move on and concentrate on destroying Chelsea and Spuds’ chance to be in CL in the next season. That will really make me happy.

  • NIzRil

    Quite expected once in a while this kind of things happen…….sick of cursing anymore,lets hope we do better next game…

  • mofaz

    Lucky Arsenal will not be facing teams fighting against relegation after this game ..the result put more pressure on QPR to win against Spurs. New Castle has games against Chelsea and Man City ..

  • Phoenyx

    Incredible… We have lost againt Manchester United twice, Tottenham, Manchester City, Fulham, Blackburn, Wigan, Liverpool, Swansea and QPR. That’s too much defeats. Everyone knows we are fragile now.

    When I saw the second half, when we couldn’t create one opportunity, I realized that it was one of the weaker Arsenal sides since a long time.

  • reckless

    To finish third is now quite satisfactory. I remember MANU shiver many weeks before the match against Arsenal. Get rid of the fuck like Djoke and Squillashit and bring in proper defenders. Another striker to help RvP is needed. Mr. Wenger don´t be a day dreamer!!!!!still I don´t give a shit.

  • reckless

    It is amazing to notice how some supporters are furious on Ramsey and Wallcot. There are plenty of other players who have been adding to our woes and misery all over the last seasons. It is also silly see a defective policy leading the club to nowhere and still no desire to change. I think Arsenal has become a place where pride, ambitions, glory have no meaning.
    Still I don´t give a damned shit.

  • Jellykid

    I think our defending wasn’t great ofcourse on the counter attack in this game, but in the second half since Arteta was injured out and Ramsey came in, We lost control of the midfield. It wasn’t very fluent. I feel like AW is going to get another Holding Midfielder for Arsenal. Its obvious when Arteta isn’t playing our Midfield is very poor. RVP barely got the ball, If you actually seen the game!

    When AOC came on he did inject pace in the midfield going literally forward but his final ball was poor at times and with Wigan TIME WASTING the WHOLE GAME it just wasn’t working for us. Ramsey is a good player but not as good as Arteta in that holding position!

    I’m not crying about how we need a new holding midfielder because its kinda tough regarding the fact Wilshere will play that position next season and then we also have diaby and both of them have been out this whole season, so I wonder what the boss will do…

  • tim

    Wigan and their time wasting made this game unbelievably frustrating to watch. The ref should of added 10 mins of extra time at the end of the game.

  • Matthew

    Can you post a video of Arteta’s injury?

  • dubbledubs71

    if i didnt already know we were beat then the bbc sport home page said it all as it had of pic djourou with the ive played crap expression on his face(again) tho i did think at 2-1 there was a chance we could get something from the game but it wasnt to be. so its romans rentboys next & i hope playing a lot of games in a short space of time tells against them, the tramps have been playing well recently tho so i just hope for a win or at the very least a draw. anyone wot has become of thomas eisfied the german kid that signed , was he loaned or has he just vanished? id like to see wenger sign clint dempsey from fulham, gets goals & works hard and a solid defender or too. id like to see arsenals record for games played on a monday, prob read played shitloads won 0

  • reckless

    looking for execuses.. makes me laugh . Time wasting? we would have done it also. Why not taking it on the chin and make amendment for next time. I was beaten, so I´d rather search for the faults on me. How easily can Arsenal supporters be fooled !!
    There is a comment made by guy blaming Ramsey and claiming was was not back in time to defend. Blind to see he was still on the bench? or haven´t yet finished wanking while the game was going on?

  • Jellykid

    Has anyone read that article about Caldwell accusing RVP of being a “bad loser” for not shaking his hand…?!?? ..

    THE VIDEO IS ON YOUTUBE… RVP clearly shakes his hand but this moneky keeps coming back at him for some weird reason..


    arsenal must win vs chelsea. i saw chelsea when they won over barca, but it was just because fabregas and shansez were not good enough to score goals, messi and pedro hit the woodwork. If Arsenal loses vs chelsea then, it will be much pressure on us becouse tot an newcstle can go over us with two wins. i expect busy summer, this squad is not good enough to win throphy. it got many dead woods. Remember because of some dry grass, can all grass bern, so we are berning because of some floops. clear out must start, we can send djourou on loan and sell squallici, we can sell chamackh and park, aluminia and the rest who played last year which are on loan.
    we must get 2 pure class strikers, 2 class defenders, 1 attacking mid filder and we can win throphy! Arsenal must be called the LOSERS if they feil to buy class players and sell the flops.
    enough is enough, we gave wenger 7 years to win us a throphy, Now we can’t see Arsenal in drought for the 8th year. i expect many fans to stop going in the emarets if Arsenal don’t buy players that are good enough.
    We the funs are not that stupiid, see the anbishion the spurs, chelsea, manu, man city and liverpool have. then take a look at our selv. spurs didn’t sold their key players and now theyy are trying to sign adebayor, jan verngton and hazard. chelsea you will see them signing 8 or more big names. man city and united will sign more big names, liverpool as well, wenger will sign you padolski and he will tell you that we have the quality,come to february he will complain over injuries, it is the same story every year with Arsenal. i wish Arsenal get new trainer and wenger can work along side him, or wenger must think now, and use the money, see barca buys more players than we do, all costs over30 mil , and they are 2nd richest club, because when you win cups, you earn more

  • Gnostradamus

    Arteta’s out for the season. Huge blow.

  • arshavin

    dear GOONER,

    you are an idiot. please shut up.

  • mobeen

    Mr Gunner (The guy who is 2 posts up), please stop supporting Arsenal… I look forward to the summer transfer window but if buying 5 “class” players n replacing Arsene is what u want to do then well support Chelsea or MC… They do buy class players n will or have already changed their managers… I support Arsenal because it is a fantastic club with history… Something u cant buy… Something we had shown against Man City n Chelsea… Its not a club run on whims and fancies of a billionaires… Its a club that sustains itself, n when these so called “rich” clubs will implode once the financial fairplay is introduced around 2014… City will have to reduce its debt from 196 million pounds to under 38 million pounds. I love Arsenal cause it is a club with “Class” on and off the field… under the watchful eye of the professor.
    Please don’t compare us with spurs… harry redknapp has a tendency to bankrupt every club he goes to…
    Barca n real madrid are rich because television rights in premier league are sold differently from la liga… La liga clubs sell their own rights while premier league tv revenue is shared amongst all clubs fairly…
    Please real gooners correct me if i am wrong (grammar, spelling n content)…


    if Arsenal don’t buy class players,you will see many of the player leaving the club. Players have a dream. their dream is to win silver ware and play in the champions league. if Arsenal don’t have interest of buying five star players, then you are telling me that they have absolutely no ambition to win and be the best.
    the fair play rule will never begin, uefa want all the top teams to play there to make the league attractive.
    so now a days history is nothing but a past, winning is the key.
    Arsenal has bought many class players on the past until our emirates stadium. we have good history and we had class players until 2005. after that, we got only 2-3 stars and most of them has been sold, eg: gilberto, hleb, filamini, fabregas, henry, gallas, lehman, adebayor, na$ri, clichy, toure,…
    the resent ones said that they want to win throphy, thats why they left except nasri for £.
    how do you feel when years ago playing for Arsenal was a dream come true to many players and they never wanted to leave Arsenal. now many people don’t want to come to Arsenal.
    Arsenal means Gunners, gunners are the best team. i still demand my old Arsenal were we had more than 6 natural goal scorers and best defense and midfield in the world.
    Arsenal need to invest at least 60 mil, and sell the flops. i hope arshavin will stay but other than him i don’t want the on loan players to play for Arsenal. we must inject some confidence in the squad by buying 1 CB, 1 cm, 1 OM, 2 ST.
    by buying 5 class players Arsenal will win throphy every year at least one of the 4.
    so i don’t ment that wenger must go out, what i ment is that if he don’t buy, we will have the same disapointing season like always. if Arsenal buy 5 class players, we can win carling cup, fa cup, CL, premier league, world club cup, super cup, and community shield in one year. which is 7 silver wares in 1 year. it is possible, we need to have big squad to rotate players and avoid injury, to win throphy, to make new record…etc.
    so all who really Love Arsenal must think twice what i wrote, in my first comment i had a lot of facts, spurs didn’t sold modric and bale, so they kept their best players, spurs want to buy hazard and other players, in order to be best in London. Arsenal must buy and generate youth, then they will be untouchable
    i want to win, win and win no mater what, i don’t accept Arsenal being 2nd and 3rd best. we use to be 1st and 2nd place every year until 2005.
    shut up all who want Arsenal to continue the way they are running the club. i just don’t want to see my team going back words like, west ham, Blackburn, Newcastle, Bolton and Liverpool. who are going back words instead of on words

  • Jellykid

    You know whats the sad thing,

    “GUNNER” is probably 1 out of many fans who think the same dumb way. Its like they breed off idiots somewhere and they pop up on these blogs and explain their opinion to the world.. -__-”

    I’ll be honest, I love watching Arsenal play! REAL TALK~!
    Its not because of just history but the culture behind it, the style of play, the players respect towards the fans, Legends who’ve changed the game in ENGLAND forever… Henry, Berg, Adams, Dixon,…..etc. Its not about “lets spend 30+ million this summer or winter to win that trophy….

    Its about lets end this now and win that trophy this season. Ofcourse we aren’t going to win it this season but heck this season purely shows we’re not just some team who can be pushed around. That attitude and desire is to die for these days and ARSENAL have it in their clutches ATM.

    I believe they will hone it and we’re looking at a championship team next season, not some 1 trophy team!

  • mobeen

    Mr Gunner, Spending 60 million is abt 12 million per player? What established “class” player is available for that much? also what about the wages, even if we get each of ur “class” player for 100k a week… we spend a million every 2 weeks, so an additional 26 million a year… A club driven by money will soon sell its soul… throwing money is not the answer, if it were then the club with the deepest pockets would be the most successfull. MC was playing Europa this year, while we were playing CL. You cant buy the fight of Wilshire, van persie n vermaelen. The passion of Sczeny. Its easy to criticize when ur team isn’t winning, but we r ahead of liverpool, chelsea, tottenham,and new castle… this after the worst start in donkey years. We do not want to go into administration and FFP isn’t an imaginary thing. The next 2 years will be critical our sponsor deals will be redone and thats will help swell our war chest. i trust wengers prudence in buying, he will buy well n buy smart. I believe we will offload a few fringe players and work on fine tuning this team. U dont buy the core of the team, u build it and i think our core is good, we just need to develop the depth in squad. Next season Wilshire is back and I think our long n short term future is quite bright…


    you guys will be the first to crticise wenger, if RVP leaves, we will hear you call wenger head for the next year throphy less season.

  • mobeen

    Sorry not gonna happen:
    a) RVP is not leaving, and
    b) U r already the first person to ask for wenger’s head (even though nothing has happened to warrant such a demand)
    c) We r Arsenal fans n we like our brand of football, we dont like it because of players but for the team n the philosophy. We dont want to play like (boring, boring) chelsea to secure a win. We love to watch the beautiful game played out beautifully… Joga bonita my friend… joga bonita…