• Pakong

    Please…..no RuTube….

  • AJ

    great win happy to see the VERMINATOR back and excited to see more Park!!! we have a nice deep team finally, not as deep as city but who does right 😉

  • badama

    Nice goal by Park and Arshevin hehehe what an assist

  • jellykid

    I didn’t get to see the game because the online stream for this game was off everywhere!!

    Did anyone actually see the game online somewhere, I know for sure the game wasn’t broadcasted on any channel I know of today. From the highlights I’ve seen and heard, it doesn’t sound bad at all, just still disappointed Ryo Miyaichi didn’t start at all but some youth team player name Yenaris has started, which suprised me but eh.. w/e

    Arshavins goal looked to good to watch it once lol, he really seems to have gotten his confidence up, he looked like the old Arshavin.

  • xiv_14hh

    Well Yennairs started because we dont have much fullbacks, ryo had to compete with chamberlain and arshavin.

    funny how arshavin wanted to go all the way on the second goal, but Park was already on the run. nice play and great goal! i hope wenger plays park more often, Chamakh needs to be replaced

  • gt

    I luv the Korean commentary for Park’s goal 😀

  • teh

    is there any more extensive highlight u gonna publish later?

  • mofaz

    Park goal gives me the goose bums so confident to curl the ball so like the legend TH 14.. Pls Arsene play him instead of Chamakh..

  • http://gnostradamus.com/ Gnostradamus

    BBC said Fabianski performed heroics to help win the game. Can we have the clips from that?

  • kalone

    This korean and RVP are gonna blast us to the top

  • Vik

    great win
    seems like this game was impossible to find anywhere…ended up refreshing the gamecast on espn soccernet for commentary once in a while

    big game against chelsea!
    glad to see park and arshavin makin things happen 🙂

  • icJgunner

    Fabianski saved us on a couple occasions. Certainly a commendable performance.

    Personally, I’d like to see Ox replace Walcott and Park replace Chamak. That pass to Yossi from Ox to set up Arshavins goal was brilliant. Parks finish was so clinical, confident, and superb.

    We’ve got Verm back 😀 😀 😀 He played well when he was out there too. I feel even more pumped for the team after our early season struggles. That makes 7 wins out our last 8 games. If we keep up that stat, we’ll be winning a trophy this year.

    Great showing. Also, this was an entirely different team from Stoke.

  • gunnner_be

    Thanks for always posting arsenal highlights!!

  • dubbledubs71

    thielly hong lee

  • http://gmail samuel mwenga

    l want to watch the game

  • indonesian gunners

    No RuTube please …….

  • Tieneich

    I think Benayoun to get a start before Walcott, and Ox come up as a sub. Walcott can start at CC and practice his poaching skill. He has that ability to cross and score, and we’ve seen that in the beginning of the last campaign. He just needs to work it back.

    Park can sub for RvP or play behind him. Not only his goal was Titi-sque, his right-footed miss was, too.

    Really love the chemistry of this Arsenal team. Good luck with them today.