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Extended Highlights: Watch

Thierry Henry Ovation: Watch

Henry Chance: Watch

Arsenal Chance: Watch

Ramsey great chance, RVP skill: Watch

Gervinho penalty shout: Watch

RVP Header 1-0: Watch

Gervinho chance, should have passed: Watch

RVP chance: Watch

Henry chance again: Watch

Bartley own goal 1-1: Watch

Thierry Henry Interview

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  • Shantanu

    Someone mentioned somewhere that the teams are showing each other too much respect because of Henry. Think so.

  • Bart

    ^ Definitely seems so haha. Ah well, atleast we got a goal. Van persie can’t stop scoring and rosicky is lookin better and better.

  • Shantanu

    He and Arsha still got it. Hopefully Rosicky can emulate his old form…

  • Safee

    What happened to Wilshere?

  • Safee

    Whaddaya know…*sigh* losing to an MLS team..

  • James Chang

    Yes yes it’s just a pre-season warm-up competition but looks like Arsene Wenger still hasn’t got the answers for his most pressing defense problems. The back looked ever so vulnerable that you could almost sense the equaliser coming from the Red Bulls and sure enough just like the game against Boca Juniors once again they shoot themselves in the foot in the end. Arsenal must make some major defensive signings soon if they want to avoid another heart-breaking season again. And good luck to them…

  • jellykid

    actually Arsenal’s defence was really good the whole game, ofcourse they shouldev scored more than one goal on several occasions.. but the defence was actually quiet good until they subbed out koscielny for bartley. Yes it is pre-season and bartley made a huge blunder of a mistake, but if anyone saw martin keown’s interview on ESPN after the game, he was talking about how its pointless in replacing CBS with supposley world class CBS.. and arsenals main problem in defending isn’t that they need a new cb but the fact that the defence should understand how to close the gaps better and make better decisions instead of poistioning themselves in the wrong areas to be exposed to counter-attacking or misleading set piece goals. I actually agree with him on that and its pretty obvious wenger knows this as well.

  • jellykid

    further news Afobe was actually really good! =D

  • tony

    What the fuck is up with these own goals???

  • tim

    @jellykid Your points are valid but do you honestly believe that?

    Arsenal fans have had to watch this awful defense for almost two years now. AW needs to get someones of real quality to sure-up our defensive mishaps. Perhaps someone with a bit of leadership back there to take over.

    I know its preseason but 2 own goals already? This is starting to look like the second half of last year already.

    Cahill to address the defensive issues and Mata please AW!

  • Othello

    Hey, thanks fo all the links and videos, hope you upload today’s wenger’s conference…

    thanks in advance

  • sp*rs. you cant polish a turd

    I was at the emirates cup yesterday. I have also watched all the pre season so far………
    I would like to make a few assumptions (which is to my detriment, because we all know assumptions are the mothers brother of all f**k ups!)
    The first half of the Boca Juniors game was pretty encouraging. Gervinho has fitted in well. TV looks comfortable at the back, RVP’s form seems to be only getting better. As soon as the changes are made at half time. Defensively we crumbled. Sqealchy the clown has got to be shown the door. Even worse than Silvestre! And hey presto. We Let in two goals. Too be fair Vito and Flappy hand ski should do better in goal. Then yesterday, First half, Not too bad. Gibbs surprised me, but the boy needs to bulk up. Cos there’s a gang of EPL defenders and Midfielders who are ready to crush him like a worm., And guess what Clichy f**ks off so no real replacement for Gibbs?!?! Im not having TV5 at left back, we need him menacing the opposition. Any Hoo! First half was again encouraging. Benik Afobe was excellent! Whether he can keep that up during a league game remains to be seen. Rosicky, as much as I respect the guy, he does nothing for us. Im going to upset a few people by saying that, but the guy has had his day (if he ever had one?!?!) But then after half time. More changes, this time to the attack. RVP and Gevinho and come off for Chamakh, Vela and Arshavin, and once Bartley comes on the BAM!! ANOTHER!! own goal!! Three class players for less than average and we draw. Dont get me wrong i actually love Arshavin and can create things out of nothing. We have to keep hold of that one.
    So after all my stoned bullshit, its plain to see the second string to this team are below average. Unlike Manure the Chavs and Man Shitty!
    Leaving the stadium yesterday there was one guy singing
    “Get the cheque book out, sack the board”
    Im not sure sacking the board is the right move, but getting Wenger to part with some more money for QUALITY players is an absolute must, and i fear if he doesn’t we will really struggle making Top 4. But do you know what, after seeing the resurgence at Liverfool in the last few months maybe we need a massive sting in the Arsenal Ego to completely re vamp the thinking in the club. I just hope it doesn’t come to that.
    They are only pre seasons, but already Walcott, Diaby, Henderson and now Wilshere are injured already. Same shit different season? Let hope not and our beloved club makes the changes that are needed.

  • jellykid

    Actually I disagree, Rosicky was actually good… If you saw the pre-season games then you would realize that NYRB played extremely deep the WHOLE entire game. They barely moved up except for the strikers on a counter attack. Rosicky was handling the midfield quiet well, to be honest with you what you expect him to do.. look for a 20-30 yard shot to shoot through defenders??… or play a through ball through 8 defenders play deep to the penalty line?? He was actually doing his job. Besides arsenal looked like they were playing 4-3-3 which kinda made it even harder at times.

  • conner

    RVP looks like he could score a hat trick in any given game. Just need to bring it down a foot here, get it over the keeper there and he will be golden. Just stay healthy dammit. Gervinho has looked great, I do not blame him for going for goal, but a good pass would have been a 100% chance of a goal. Hope these are just wake up calls for our D and AW. Does anyone know what formation AW has been using? is it a 4-3-3 or a 4-2-3-1? or something different? thanks. Go Gunners!

  • jellykid

    it was 4-3-3 actually..