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Extended Highlights: Watch (no audio, came like that from Arsenal Player)

Wilshere penalty shout: Watch

RVP 1-0: Watch

Ramsey 2-0: Watch

Boca 2-1: Watch

Boca 2-2: Watch

Jenkinson Interview

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  • Shantanu Khandelwal

    No problem, thanx. At least we have it finally. 🙂

    Can we have the Wilshere trip at the start of the game?

  • Shantanu Khandelwal

    Thanx 🙂

  • Bart

    Aaaaaaaaaaand as soon as Squillaci comes on, it all goes to hell.

  • Trondheim

    Please, Wenger, get rid of Squillaci and buy a decent CB!

  • arsenal954

    ok obviously we need a CB i would love 2 but honestly i will take wat i can get at this point

  • Safee Lone

    Here we go again….WHY!? WHY!? do they always have to collaspe in the last 20 min! WHY!?!?!?

  • Trondheim

    The only man running back was Jenkinson. Squillaci was jogging. Djorou, I hope, will improve as he is young, but Squillaci is dead load, who will not improve…

  • ddd

    yup squillaci is crap n i hope wenger gets it now.
    impressed with frimpong,traore,gervinho and jenkinson.
    new center back definately needed and plz not jagielka hes too short , we need some one atleast 6.2 vertonghen,cahill,mertersacker,samba according to preference

  • Fred

    I am so encouraged by Frimpong’s performance. Squilaci is worse.period. If Wenger has ever read this blogs he should do something. The team must be built way from the back. Most rivals were watching and now they know where Arsenal is well managed from. It is not late, buy a GOOD centre Back to partner with Jourou. Let Vamaelen play at the left and Sagna at the right and backed by Jenkinson.

  • Kev

    Im not his greatest fan but Squilacci cannot be blamed for either of those goals. not at all.

  • jellykid

    To be honest second goal had to be blamed on JD because he missed the ball and had the striker get it and score. But yea i do agree we do need a new cb and wenger already knows that and has stated he is in the market for one.

  • tim

    Either way Squilacci and the rest of the CBs are rubbish. Wanger needs to buy CB period.

  • martoh

    wenger must buy players big names in such matter or else coming season we will nt see top ten………….think profeesor think……….you letting us down