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Extended Highlights: Watch

Gervinho goal 1-0: Watch

Gervinho 2-0: Watch

Jenkinson own goal 2-1: Watch

1st Half Highlights: Watch

Full Time Highlights: Watch

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  • Bart

    What a great start for Gervinho. Bizarre own goal but Jenkinson shouldnt beat himself up over it.

  • henry

    great goals, even the own goal 😉

  • Alfreð

    Jenkinson should be a forward haha

  • SyxxStar

    Really impressed by Gervinho already, great athleticism, just what we need up front. but Wenger, plz buy experienced defenders, we need good cover for Sagna and Gibbs and another good CB as well. sigh but we know he won’t buy all those

  • Jon

    My heart sunk for Jenkinson, he looked devestated! Poor kid, he was in the right place at least.

  • BenGunner

    Gervinho looks like a player that can be the best in EPL. Wish him all the best and we together we will win trophies..

  • gervinho

    thank you guys arsene told me he will sign expirienced players he is closed to signing pique to swap with fabregas

  • budski

    i am too quite impressed by gervinho. i know that it was just one game against a mediocre team but still, he’s quick and he can finish. we lack that combination on our front, in my opinion. we have speed in walcott, but no quality finishing. great finishing with rvp, but he’s lost his quickness. i hope gervinho can maintain this kind of performance all season long.

  • Babatunde

    The guy at comment 7. You just had me laughing my ass off. Do you expect anyone to take you seriously? Yeah some people do that in websites like and the like.

  • shrey

    awesomeness was written over the first gervinho goal !!! loved it!

  • aditya

    haha!! @7 dont be cheeky…
    carl jenkinson goal was awesome…if it were on the other end..!! 😀

  • tim

    Good start gunners. AW still needs to get the midfield sorted out. I have an idea…. Mata or Cazorla please or both! It probably will not happen tho so I will not get my hopes up.

  • Gnostradamus

    The defensive frailties are all there.

    Gervinho looks a great addition.

    The own goal reminded me of Lee Dixon.

  • http://facebook morris junior

    dey should b very careful of dier defence dis session becos it may b very degerous to start him in first team

  • Saad

    Gervinho is definitly a much-needed player in the team. It’s rare for Arsenal to have someone who can genuinley finish.