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Extended Highlights: Watch

Greentown goal 0-1: Watch

RVP chance: Watch

Vela goal 1-1: Watch

1st Half Highlights: Watch

Ramsey shot: Watch

Walcott shot: Watch

Post-Match Highlights: Watch

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  • Thypot

    Poor first half: once more we concede a goal from a set-piece! Apparently, all the lessons haven’t be learnt from the last season!
    However, good second half, with more pace and opportunities; but great lack of efficiency, as usual (Walcott).
    I hope we will buy one or two forwards in addition to Gervinho; a new left back (I don’t know if Gibbs can hold his new responsabilities a whole season); perhaps another defender; finally an experencied, cunning and powerful central midfielder. Dreams?

  • Shantanu Khandelwal

    Hey, thanx. You’re gr8

  • TheArgsenal

    I’m with you all the way Thypot. Baines, Mata and one of Cahill/Samba/Per would really help out the team and give us some quality depth.

  • farshid

    1st half- team lacked creativity and pace … second half lacked a finisher … if RVP or vela was in the second half instead of chamakh, we could have seen at least 3 goals.
    another this is the big gap between 1st half CBs and 2nd half, as TV5 and koscielny is way better than Djouru and squllaci …

    gibbs shows some really good moves…good pace and good dribling

  • Gunnosmi

    Thanks Man! Awesome pre-season coverage 🙂

  • anonymous_gooner


    They wont. They’ll be told to play short passes all around the penalty area (the Arsenal game), not to shot at all, and it all will be the same.

  • Reuben

    the main culprit of wasting shots today was Walcott. As much as I like Walcott I firmly believe Vela is better.
    If vela played as many minutes during the season as Walcott he would be miles ahead. I hope vela gets a proper chance to shine.

  • gunner_lover

    jenkinson & gervihno only two fresh faces to support our first team in the new season in addition to came back from loan ….i just wanna know how does wenger think??
    we need more playes . he can’t buy non french .

    i’m sick and tired of him? whether he’s sick or racist players most of ’em whether french or speaking french