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Full Highlight Pack: Watch

Mini-highlight pack: Watch

Ramsey Penalty 1-0: Watch

Chesney Save: Watch

Vermaelen header wide: Watch

Walcott goal 2-0: Watch

Ramsey chance, great Vela pass: Watch

Vela flick 3-0: Watch

Nasri dribbling, Vela chance: Watch

RVP sets up Rosicky chance: Watch

Rosicky goal, Arshavin assist 4-0: Watch

Wenger Reaction :: Ramsey Reaction :: Rosicky, Walcott, Gibbs Reaction

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  • Sadam Mahessar (@SadamMahessar)

    Welcome Back 😀

  • aditya

    welcome back…a new and a fresh season QUADRUPLE!

  • aditya

    jenkinson is great …can play in 1st team but MIYAICHI needs 1 more season on loan 😀

  • Paul N

    aditya, surely a player cannot be fully evaluated after one pre season match.

  • KeepTheFaith

    Ahhhh, good to be back! I could not see the match live since supersport decided to show looserpool rather than real football! Anyhow, it is so great to start a new season!

    It is good to be able to comment on a real blog with 100% arsenal supporters! Had to read comments from wankers who know nothing about football! I’m glad we have Arsene as our manager! Cannot wait to hear everyone turn their In arsene we rust comments back to In Arsene we trust! 17 mill for Cahill, over prised for half the defender Arsene is going to sign! Watch him sign Per for cheap! I still can’t decide if we need Samba…But we need Per!!!!!

    On signings out… First of all, think Arsene had a huge smile when Clichy signed the ManC contract!!! I know I did! Hope we get rid of Bendtner and Denislon! I think Vela should go on loan again, hopefully a mid table team this time. I don’t think Fab will go, we will hold on to him till his transfer request comes in! Nasri, hope all the rumours are wrong, however, if he leaves for ManC or manure see his career over in 2 years!he’ll fade away just like Hleb etc….

    All in all, I cannot wait for the trophies to start rolling in! All we need is to win the first one! Think we are going to go for the Carling Cup again!

    My last comment, Arsenal are celebrating their 125 year anniversary! In 125 years the club will still be fighting for trophies and will still be rated as one of the best clubs in the world! Trophies comes and go but arsenal will always be there! This is only due to the love for the club! Love of the supporters! In 10 years we will have a new squad, new manager but the love will still be there! This is only a storm in a tea cup!KEEP THE FAITH

    Arsenal, where stars are born not bought
    In Arsene we trust

  • TheArgsenal

    I must say, KTF you have a lot of good points. Bye Bye B52 and Denilson and I agree that it was time for Clichy to go. I liked him, but his form has dipped and he is def not worth what city are going to pay him. However I think we need someone to replace him on the left, preferably Baines. I think Gibbs has potential, but he is still young and somewhat injury prone. I also agree that Per is a much better signing that Cahill, though to be honest Samba would be my first choice because of his recent form and poven premier league experience. As long as one of Nasri/Fab stick around I don’t think the future is nearly as gloomy as many have predicted. Ryo, Frimpong, Lansbury and Jenkinson are all players to watch. Our trophy case can’t stay empty forever…

  • Clueless

    Great job in adding pre-season highlight!!
    New season, good job in whipping up my national team.

    Nice to see glimpses of Ryo. I think LB with Traore back we look good wishing thinking here but hey its pre-season.

  • conner

    I feel like a crackhead who just got his first fix in a month and a half. Thanks a ton Alist. From what I saw, I am optimistic once again, but this is just the very beginning. Hope Nasri stays, Cesc should leave soon, and hopefully we can secure some help on the back line, and I hope, hope, hope that Arsene is ready for half of the starting XI to be in and out with injuries. He has to realize that we need quality on the bench, and guys who do not break easily. I am liking the rumors I am hearing about the players we are chasing though, hope some come to fruition. I was in Kuala Lumpur October of last year, and I was very pleased with the amount of Arsenal fans I met. That is one thing I have noticed, no matter when I go, there are true Arsenal fans everywhere. I find bandwagon manure and chelski fans that don’t know shit, but Arsenal fans are involved and knowledgeable about the club. I’ll give it to looserpool fans, they tend to know there shit too, but there team sucks so it laugh at them no matter what.

    Well here’s to a successful season and AW getting back on his game. Go Gunners!

  • tim

    Nicely done Gunners!

    Wegner get us Jaun Mata and Cahill please! Gervinho is not enough!

  • KeepTheFaith

    On the LB situasion, when Cole left and Arsene said don’t worry we have Clichy most people did not think Clichy was “mature” enough? Trust Arsene, he knows! I think we have enough cover back there! If we buy, get a 17/18 year old to grow (like Gibbs and Traore did while Clichy played)!

    On the defence, read the interview Arsene did today about the defence… Last season we just had bad luck! Arsene bought Koschilny to partner Vermanator and keep Djourou as backup with the old man for exp. Unfortunately we lost Vermulen for the entire season and everyone had to move up one spot… If we get a defender I will be surprised, HOWEVER, I would love to see Per join! I don’t think we will get any defenders!we will have vermanator partnering koschilny with johan as back up with Carl as the young player learning his trade!typical Arsene move, Ill be happy with that…

    On the midfield, I believe Nasri is waiting to see if Fab leaves! Not for the reason everybody is thinking! The second Fab leaves Nasri will sign his 5 year contract! He wants that central midfield role! While Fab is at Arsenal, Nasri will never get that spot… I have this little idea, might be worth looking into. Sell Nasri, keep Fab! Spend some of the 20 mil on giovani dos santos from the scum! He will fit in well, or so I believe! We don’t need a DM, Song is the best in the business and Fringpong will fill in nicely!we might need a left winger, if Arshavin gets injured!

    Looks like no one wants our rejects… We might be stuck with Bentdner, Denilson and Almunia for yet another season!!!


  • serge

    hey do you have the video of denilsion being subbed storming off? thanks

  • TheArgsenal

    I dunno, I’m still not 100% convinced about LB. Arsenal play in no less than 4 competitions and with our luck we will end up with injuries at key times. We need depth, and quality depth at that. We always seem to burn out during the business end. I would really like to see at least one defender come in. I’d also like another midfielder and, though I don’t think it’s likely, Juan Mata or someone similar. There is not doubt we need at least one or two more top quality signings, escpeically if we lose #4 or #8.

  • KeepTheFaith

    The biggest problem with this is you can only have 25 squad members! Yes you do not have to name players under a certain age etc etc. However, everyone is asking for exp so if you buy you must also release… We did release Clichy but his position (squad number wise) was filled by Gervhino (and Carl don’t think he is classified as a home grown player?)! If you bring in Per I would release Squilaci with a smile but what do you do with a new LB?hopefully Bendtner goes and Denilson but do you replace Denilson?don’t think that is necessary!? I’m glad I’m not the manager, BUT he always finds a way!

    My prediction for this season, City will be out of top 4 come december! Bye bye Manchini, bye bye Champions League!!! I also see Shittingham loosing Harry and slipping down the table DUE TO THE FINANCIAL SITUASION they are in! Up the gunners, keep the money save! Arsene will find a way, he always does! As I said before, Arsenal where stars are born not bought!


  • TheArgsenal

    The only reason I would say we replace/ get someone better than denilson is because at least one of fab/nasri have a good chance of going. If Denilson, Fab and Nasri all leave then surely we need a new midfielder and a quality one at that. And while I think Gibbs is ready for the EPL I’m not so sure about Traore just yet. He’s got pace to burn but I’m not convinced about his defensive skill (remind you of anyone?). Another loan, but this time in England, might do him good. While I suppose Vermy could fill in on the left in a pinch I really do think Baines is a quality LB who could bring a lot to the club and help create some defensive stability. I’m not envious of Arsene’s job right now either, this is probably one of the trickiest transfer windows Arsenal has faced in years. But I’m with you, he always finds a way.

  • tim


    I agree with what you are saying about replacing Fab and Nasri but even if they stay Wegner should still sure up our midfield for years to come. I believe eventually Fab is going to leave, if not this transfer window future windows within the next few years. So why not splurge this window and grandfather Mata into the Arsenal system of play? This may be a wise move before Chelsea and ManU hop into the bidding. LB is still a priority more so than a mid but I think we have the funds to fill both positions with quality players.

  • KeepTheFaith

    Ahaha, remind you of anyone?hahaha, I hope Gibbs can now forget about the dreadful crossing we saw from both of them for the past 2 years, if we get someone for LB I’ll be looking for a LB which take free kicks! He will be able to put in some good crosses!

    On the midfield, I think Wenger is already planning to play a 4-4-2 if we lose fab/nasri. He will play Walcott in the old Henry spot and RVP in the middle! Song in the DM with Wilshere pulling the strings! I believe we need a LM, Arshavin will get injure who will be his back up?

    If there is one thing about Arsene it is the following: if he can buy a world class playmaker for cheap he wiLl even if we don’t need it (his little indulgence which I think is good for him and the team)!so if we need a one midfielder for back up I’m sure Arsene has lined up at least 4 possibilities! That is his speciality!

    It is so good to have an intelligent conversation with true arsenal supporters! Thank you TheArsenal & tim