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Darren Bent 0-1: Watch

Darren Bent 0-2: Watch

Arsenal denied penalty: Watch

RVP chance/Vermaelen header: Watch

Chamakh goal ruled out: Watch

RVP goal 1-2: Watch

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  • ex-arse-ananalist

    AW is fucking us again deeply in the hole.

  • ex-arse-ananalist

    Where are Fabrigas, Nasri. They both do not want to be injured before the final decision.

  • ex-arse-ananalist

    Arsenal should surely have a penalty after Wilshee being taken down by Dunne. But this is not the whole story.

  • GunnerUS

    Miserable AW! He does not know how to deal with the set piece!

    Always 4-2-3-1? Any other tactics? Stubborn AW!

  • Sim

    Frightening defending! But both goals were borderline offsides decisions that we don’t seem to get in our favour (RVP against Spurs the other week). Not saying that they were offside but that i’m getting tired of watching regular inconsistencies in the refereeing.
    Add to that a stonewall penalty/red card ignored and a bizarre free kick when RVP turned Dunne fairly and was setting Ramsey up for a sitter, and you end up with a very pissed off Gunner! I’m not happy with our collapse and defensive defiencies but if we had got the correct decisions when we attacked we would be at least level and playing 10 men!

  • Trondheim

    I am tired of Squillaci`s mistakes. We definitely need one strong CB.

  • Loksta

    Well u can’t really blame wenger for this. The fact is his players arent switched on. Trying to play the offside trap and they’ve done it horribly wrong. Both goals were clever runs. With luck Arsenal wouldve been on level terms. Pen and RVP post hit couldve gone in. For some reason im so used 2 this season being chucked in the shit i dont even care anymore that much. 1st place? umm 3rd is looking to be taken away from us. dont know how arsenalist has the patience to upload. Id b 2 pissed off

  • Thypot

    We must stop that! That’s a shame for the Gooners who fill up the stadium.

  • ex-arse-ananalist

    Villa´s 2 goals from off-side positions and a arsenal one clear penalty and a goal chance denied, well this is a nice referring, still no excuse for poor performance.

  • ex-arse-ananalist

    That is really insane. Bendner is coming to save our ass, after Squillaci made the damage.

  • lockdown12

    Neither goal was offside. Maybe the second one, but it was close, at least as close as the ball for Van Persie when he hit the post.

    Slm is right. Shocking defending. Can’t understand how players can even be on the pitch and play like that. You would think they would make the adjustments after the first goal, but nope.

  • Josip

    Can you up whatever Petrov did, arseblogger said he should have been sent off. I’m wondering why?

  • FuckSpurs

    Why wasn´t Chamakh´s goal a GOAL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • ex-arse-ananalist

    Thank you Arsenalist. I hope this is the end of the misery and not to be thrown out of CL qualification by Bayern Munich. I ´ll close temporally this page. I will be there again if there is any positive change. Long live Arsenal.

  • Thypot

    Captain van Persie! The only satisfaction in the end of the season. In these difficult moments, his international talent erupts. Without his numerous injuries, he is one of the best strikers of the world.

  • Sim

    And the decisions continued in the 2nd half! How did Reo Coker/Petrov/Dunne stay on the field? The ref cannot see their persistant and dirty fouls yet sees a nudge from Chamakh that no one else saw and far worse was happening to our lads on every corner when we attacked. That performance was not great but it deserved and victory and Villa should have ended with 8 men. What do we need to do to get a decent referee? Sod the secret ballot Wenger wants, lets get some new refs that know the rules and don’t favour Utd and Chelsea.

  • arsenal4life

    i really need a response didnt see the game but why was chamakh goal ruled out for

  • http://gmail goutham

    @arsenal4life : chamakh’s goal is ruled out because that fucked up ref thought he gave a push to score
    also y in the world we r nt awarded the CLEANEST penalty but manure were were awarded a controversial one

  • Tony

    Arsenal!!! WTF?? I can’t even get myself to watch the highlights. WTF?? The least Wenger can do is to take us to 3rd place. If Man City overtake us, Wenger should retire immediately or be fired.

  • Really Gutted

    MOTD2 highlights?
    Lee Dixon was commenting tonight, would like to hear what he has to say.

    lopsided refereeing no doubt
    I doesn’t tell the whole story but it is problematic

  • Gnostradamus

    goutham, how naive of you. You don’t buy luck, you buy refs. Or they buy themselves, who knows.

  • Konvict

    the people on here saying wenger shud retire or be fired cos of the last few weeks need to look back at the horrible decisions that have gone our way. things will go our way next year and we will dominate as we shud have at the end of this year. confidence will grow!


  • Loksta

    wtf man, arsenal seriously. 4th place is looking more likely then 3rd. Man city have stoke at home and Bolton away. Need them 2 Draw one of those 2 games or we are gonna be in for a Hard qualifier. And Possibly Europa League football! Fulham away is not going to be easy as the last game and wenger reallyyyy needed 2 win this 1. But stupid refereeing cost arsenal 2 goals! shouldve been a 3-2 win

  • Disappointed

    Arsenal does not like to be First, Second or Third… not challenging enough in Europe and not enough practice games…

    4th Place… Here we come!!!

  • gunner KS

    check our form for the last 6 games; only two teams are worse than us?!?!?!?!?!

  • dubbledubs71

    fucking wunderbar! now we are 4th & man city will probably grab 3rd spot. start by not paying the useless tossers until they start to play football cuz from what i see only van persie wilshie n szchnezy are playing the rest are passengers excess baggage even. u cant blame the refs all the time, absolute nonsense. i will personally visit the training ground with a chainsaw & a pocket full of grenades & get rid of the sorry assed excuse for footballers that are masquerading as arsenal players cuz im tired of the same shit every season.

  • a.k.a gunner

    has anyone thought about the possibility of Cesc for Ibramahovic… it could be a straight with no extra money being paid

  • gunner KS

    Right, the 3rd place is now gone, will have to do qualifiers for the CL, but we’re already used to them; thank God there’s only one game left, who knows we could have lost the 4th spot…….:-(
    @ a.k.a. gunner
    Ibrahimovic is an a..hole, I’d want him as much Balotelli

  • mofaz

    I’m personnaly glad that Arsenal lost and humiliated in front of the home crowd because this is the only way to show to Arsene that his experiment has failed his tactics has failed and outdated. If Arsenal were to finish strong at the end of the season then Arsene will say no changes required …4th place Shame on you Arsene!

  • mofaz

    I cant understand why dont start with Chamakh, Van Persie and Bendtner instead of a lone striker, but Van persie is not an out and out striker..useless to cross in to the box with nobody to attack the ball..!

  • gunner KS

    So who could Arsenal face in a possible Champions League Play-Off?
    The five winners from the non-champion section of the Third Qualifying Round (expected to include Benfica, Dynamo Kyiv, Twente and Rubin Kazan)
    The fourth placed team from Spain (Villarreal)
    The fourth placed team from Italy (Udinese or Lazio)
    The third placed team from Germany (Bayern Munich)
    The third placed team from France (one from Marseilles, Lyon, Rennes, Sochaux and PSG)
    Some of the prospects are FRIGHTENING!!!!
    The worst-case scenario? Arsenal finish fourth, lose their Champions League Play-Off and enter the Group Stage of the UEFA Europa League.

  • a.k.a gunner

    yes.. that’s true gunner Ks.. but Arsenal, Bayern and Villareal, Marseille would surely be seeded… so we should be worrying about other guys in the list…