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MOTD Highlights: Watch

Arshavin and RVP chances: Watch

Wilshere tackle and row: Watch

Jones 0-1: Watch

Pennant 0-2: Watch

Song scuffle: Watch

Chamakh chance: Watch

Wilshere tackle/yellow/scuffle: Watch

RVP chance setup by Bendtner: Watch

RVP scores 1-2, Stoke scores right back 1-3: Watch

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  • larss

    again n again set seems nobody cares about the problem,,wth

  • aditya

    GIBBS SUCKS!! putting pressure on arshavins play…clichy lets arshavin play upfront but not gibbs…he is slipping and losing out on the ball…FUCKED UP

  • Thypot

    Where is the defence? I can’t wait for the end of the season…

  • larss

    pls wenger get some established player.rambo is just 20 n wilshere 19..u can do miracle by winning against Mu but it is just 1 in 6 times maybe..with this incompetence squad espcially in the back make the fans start thinking u r not serious,..sory wenger u’ve lost the plot

  • Bart

    I’m glad were losing, maybe it will finally signal to Wenger that changes NEED to be made.

  • a.k.a gunner

    2 or 3 seasons back at this point… we were demanding Wenger to get really good defensive replacements in case Kolo Toure/ Gallas gets injured.

    Now he needs to buy whole lot of them becoz none of the current lot are good enough. And we don’t know how TV would be after his injury.

    I am going to watch the other game.

  • Bart

    Oooooh shit! No need to fear guys, Bendtner is here! Hat trick inbound.

  • tzejun

    WTF… i m speechless…

  • Einareen

    Giving us hopes and then ripping them right from us a match afterwards? Cruel, cruel world.

  • Tieneich

    see you in August gunners, thank you for a hopeful year. Some changes must be made, and I hope we see actions rather than more guesses.

  • navman87

    Arsene change arsenal or arsenal change wenger.

  • Saurabh

    The days like this make me wonder why I am still supporting this club. Arsene, when are you going to understand that consistency comes from good defense. No matter how good we are at attacking, we are never going to win if we keep on doing childish defensive mistakes. Please get defensive players and a coach who can teach the whole team how to get the ball back.

    Very disappointed :(:(:(:(:(:(

  • Thypot

    Is the third goal a joke? I dared to hope after RVP’s goal, but I was wrong.
    The only positive point of this match is that our new captain has scored again.

  • bacary sagna

    these games dnt even matter we’re nt evn gna win the pl might aswel put the reserves on and at least vanpersies goal was good lol

  • Arsolf

    I saw only 2 men can call themselves the true gunners after this match (this match only, not the whole season). Those should be Wilshire and V.Persie. They still played with passion and honour. By the way, our defenders are always wanting to show themselves each match in a…very very negative way.

  • Gooner Melayu

    a leaking cup will never get filled no matter how much you pour in…..

  • thierryhenry

    arsenal defenders : no comment, absolutely a joke

  • tzejun

    at least this game wake me up from my silly dream and hope

  • DF

    Don’t just blame the defence. There are only 4 defenders in a defence. The whole team must defend. Problem with this team is that when a cross comes in either from corner or free kick, none of the players attack the high ball, most of the defenders cannot keep track of their running forwards, not to speak of running ahead of them. You cannot just blame the defence. The whole team IS NOT COACHED or DRILLED on how to defend high balls….

    And we lost this game because the attack does not fare any better. If we got a first goal, it may be different…

  • rvpfan

    I have become tired of this team.

    I dont know how much of my confidence i can spare.

    I will now be a lot less interested.


  • farshid

    there were times when arsenal played beautiful football…. nowadays it’s just passing the ball with no purpose or plan.
    hope to see good days

  • Paul Gooner

    mmmm a game of no real importance other than pride.
    RVP and JW seem to have pride.
    Ramsey getting back to fitness.
    No leader in defence or midfield, Jack and Rambo are too young to do it.

    Arsene must want season to end now, just get it out of the way and start again.
    It is clearer after today, I think, that Arsene knows he has to buy big established players.

    Cesc seems to be keeping out of it till he starts training in Spain!?!?!

  • anonymous_gooner

    @Paul Gooner Arsene knows he has to buy big established players.

    …and to convert them to shit like he did with all players he bought so far.

  • Gunner_Fan

    we need players,defenders,strikers???
    and get through the same HELL next season

    we need new coach ….that’s what we need

  • Saad

    The only reason we beat United last week was because the pressure was finally off – our team can only do well without it.

    Unfortunately, beating them gave us a sliver of hope, and as soon there’s an ounce of pressure on our players, the team collapses.

  • Sami

    Although we lost, there are a couple things we learned.

    Bendtner actually played well when he was called upon and so has chamakh. Wilshere shows glimpses of Viera craziness which is great!

    Van Persie has yet to dissapoint me this season besides his injuries. I wish him health for the next few years.

    Szechny actually is a solid keeper, he just needs to put some weight on for next year and he’ll be great.

    That’s about it for the positives this game.

    Gibbs is not improving and he also needs to bulk up if he wants to play for the first team.

    The defense in general (the team defense) has been weak since february after the birmingham and new castle games. They play with no real passion or great cohesiveness.

    Anyways, i hope it gets better in the future 🙁 because I love this Arsenal

  • mofaz

    All premier league teams now know how to play against Arsenal, the attacking is through the centre no point crossing the ball because no one in the penalty box and to score against Arsenal easy corners and free kicks and taking shot from outside the penalty box ..Arsene failed in his experiment with the young players..Nasri, Cecs, Arshavin, Bendtner even Van Persie will request for transfer, end of story. Arsene is too preoccupied with the business end of Arsenal and as a result tactics and game on the field suffered..

  • a.k.a gunner

    We really are the joke of the premier league… Hope fully its a different one next season.

  • Jellykidsieg

    i dunno how we are a joke when we’re sitting in the top 4 every year..but to say we played poor is quite legit… anyways I always thought JD was really bad at positioning himself for set pieces. Through out the middle of season too, if you notice some of the key games like Man U game in the FA cup he was really poor on positioning, which caused hernandez to head the ball.. which then was scored by da silva. Even though he had gotten injured that game, he kinda cost us the game anyway. Verminator and Koscielny are probably gonna be a really good partnership. Even though I really wanted mertesacker to come to arsenal last summer -__-”

    RVP made a new record scoring 8 straight goals in away games =D

    I always wondered one thing for the arsenal fans out there, When you say you love arsenal… is it actually just the club name or the players and the manager? Because if its the club name then your free to criticize everyone in the club you want hehe..

    I Love arsenal because of the way they play and it grows of the players and the influence of the manager. If they don’t win the season, it can suck.. but you can see no one really experiences the pain of losing more than the manager who brought this team this far. Seriously its like any other team in the world who works hard to get results. People here say horrible things about the club just because certain games were bad this season.. and they weren’t able to produce a trophy, but really in this day of age… football in england is already corrupt in its own way. You got clubs spending 50+ mil just to get results.. really?? its funny how arsenal worked on their team and get really far consistently and then get criticized even more. Do you hate the fact the name arsenal isn’t winning trophies for you to brag about?? or just the fact you feel you know so much about football and the business so you can say anything about what players we need to buy or the new manager that you think will bring us trophies. If wenger leaves, arsenal isn’t going to play the same way they play. To take that chance in thinking your going to win a trophy is gamble and also dumb one. Honestly I wouldn’t even like arsenal anymore if they stopped playing the way they play and got rid of wenger. For this people who come to this site to watch the links posted by ARSENALIST, I see the games on tv.. I just wanted to read everyone’s opinions on the highlights on the games.

  • dubbledubs71

    ive said it before & i will say it again we need to buy chris samba, a solid defender & captain who is vocal in defence & will put himself in the way of every ball, arsenal are crying out for a player like him. ive never seen such un-arsenal like defending as i saw yesterday. lol bring back oleg luzny ffs. i kinda feel sorry for wenger who has been let down by certain players who are way below the standards of arsenal football club. well heres to a another summer of inactivity in the transfer market

  • thotfulofebs

    It is said that Wenger EXPECTS 100% from his players while Fergie DEMANDS 100%. Wenger must move on from nurturing phase to win at all cost phase.

    In addition, we need David Dein or a figure like David Dein desperately. An executive who deeply understands the underbelly of the league.

    Like every other highly competitive venture, winning the premier league requires great players, and great goodwill in the right places.

    Dein ensured the club received protection from its adversaries in English football heirachy. Kroenke pls, pls, bring back Dein.

  • Abdulahi

    Vermaelen on the bench?
    Wenger is mad.

    Big signings this summer, i feel it.
    Next season is ours, WE WILL get a trophy.

  • Gnostradamus

    Birmingham and Stokes can both finish with trophies. This is embarrassing.