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Full Sky Sports Highlights: Watch

Wilshere chance: Watch

Walcott half-chance: Watch

Evra intervention saves goal: Watch

Wilshere fouled? Watch

Arsenal denied blatant penalty Watch

Chesney save on Rooney FK: Watch

Ramsey 1-0: Watch

Chesney saves on Nani: Watch

Man Utd penalty shout: Watch

Twitter Request, Ferdinand on RVP: Watch

Twitter Request, Song yellow: Watch

Twitter Request, Nani FK: Watch

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  • Reza

    So what’s the point? Referees give Chelsea and ManU more than 10 points a season and take the same amount from us. It’s disgracful

  • Paul Gooner

    how can that not be handball and a penalty?!!

  • aditya

    REF is a disgrace…collides with arsenal players…diverts ball and cant see a HAND! that is disgrace to football.

  • Paul Gooner

    half time – plenty of chances, defo penalty not given, no goals, all soooo familier.

  • aditya

    Arsenal 62% ManUtd 35% Chris Foy 3%

  • Thypot

    Perhaps a disgrace, but it is usual. The fact is that the performance of the Gunners is soporific. Their domination is fruitless, and it opens large spaces which could be exploited by the enemies.
    I have the sinister impression that each team which comes at the Emirates perfectly knows how to match us.
    Note furthermore that we are not able to score at home since a very long time: Liverpool, thanks to a penalty, and Stoke City, thanks to a corner. Therefore, the last time we score more than two goals (without set-pieces) is the match against the Wolves, in Februar. Worrying…

  • sonofkick you in the butt

    a blattant penalty , i watching it on C+ french TV and they all say how of god did no1 see the penalty…?? penalty + red would have been 1 0 arsenal and no vidic again chelski nxt week..
    i know we havnt been the best team this season and we should do better but its sad to see so many bad refereeing decision recently .. it change to often the course of the game and the premiership.. if this week end had been different we would be on level point with chelsea and 6 away from Man u , meaning next week we would have been closer to number 1 spot or in 2nd place… iam gutted and really got enought of all this bullshit referee… FUCK THE FA to not want modern technologie… we are in the 21TH century for god sake

    SONO fan de ARSENAL

  • Paul Gooner

    Ramsey goal!!!!!!!!!

  • dave

    ITS 1 -0 BOO YA

  • dave

  • Tony

    Oh Fuck! Squillaci? Its game over…

  • Paul Gooner

    Defence all over the place!!!!

  • Paul Gooner

    Owen dives for a penalty!!! Big joke. Luckily ref doesn’t give it.

  • Paul Gooner

    Up The Arse you Manc tossers!!!!!!! 1-0 to The Arsenal

  • Whatever

    Happy st totteringham’s day 2011 ?

  • Disappointed

    Not Disappointed… Hope this is the turning pt for us… in the next season.

  • aditya

    yessss..>!!!! its a compensation..go celsea!!

  • Navman87

    finally they showed some pride. They should have killed them ah well still we can finish second

  • Reza

    Imagine ManU don’t win the title because of this !
    However, Chelsea don’t deserve anything this season.
    Why should we lose to that fucking Bolton !?

  • Tieneich

    Truly something to be proud of. Finally, a W against Chelsea and Man U this year. 2 More matches to go. I hope the phrase “anything can happen” shall work here.

  • Paul Gooner

    A better fight from The Arsenal, Wilshire and Ramsey great pair with Cesc out and Nasri off at half time. Still need a CB and striker, but some pride restored. Hopefully Arsene doesn’t think all is ok, still some work to do in the summer.
    Great result, great fight, sooooo good to beat Manure!!!

  • dannyboy

    a request, if there is any footage of that little fight during wilsheres run between vanpersie and faggot ferdinand, please put it up 🙂

  • Arsenalme

    Ramsey was man of the match he had a great game in the center of midfield though its to little to late it does restore a little pride…..

  • dubbledubs71

    just typical i knew we were gonna win today. delighted we beat the old enemy, gutted it meant nothing. i hope wenger bolsters the squad so that they can see out games better instead of conceding silly goals in injury time. gary cahill/chris samba & scott parker/leighton baines + out n out goalscorer. nice one rambo u made my day. arsenal forever

  • sonofkick you in the butt

    gr8 win , and for the one who complain on our defence djourou , kolcieny and scezny have done gr8 for us , but did anyone think arshavin doesnt do much anymore??? clichy playd wonderfull in attak and defence but arshavin let him down so many time b not coming back to create a solution for clichy …anyway gr8 win , a Brit score for arsenal today , hourray… and we re open the race to title…hourray.. and we show determination..hourayy, let sel fabregas, ramsey song willshere do us good in midfield… hourry , and do you know that today arsenal team was the youngest to play in the premiership this year, average age of 23 and 284 days.. and it beat MANur.. feel so goood, next year we will have some new and better player in our squad and wenger gonna finally win something after 6 year… hourray

  • Jonas

    Great performance from EVERYONE!
    Sooooo happy for Aaron after he’s had such a touch year!

    Arshavin came on and was sensational, i’ve not seen him play with so much passion and determination this season! He was making sliding CLEAN tackles left right an cetnre.

    The Wilshere and Ramsey partnership looks to be one for the future for sure! – Jaaron! – Ramshere!

  • dubbledubs71

    i hope tottenham shitspuds fans can get a good picture on ch5 for next year hawhawhaw

  • OH ARSENAL!!!!

    We held a lead…..

  • Big Dave

    It’s not St Totteringham’s Day yet, in theory the Sp*ds could catch us. Now the pressure’s off, we can enjoy our football again and win a few games. Let’s hope that, as well as whatever signings are made, that Arsène can employ someone to sort out the players’ heads. In terms of football ability, we’re clearly good enough.

  • LongTimeNoSee


    I disagree, I think Arshavin was the best player after he came on. He made some brilliant slide tackles to save us conceeding!!!

  • arsenlFCgunnerfan

    arsenal for life shall support and remmeber this great match played 1-0 to gunners keep up this spirit we shall take the epl next season

  • Arsenalme

    Where had this Arshavin whole season…..

  • Jellykidsieg

    nutmegged and scored on lmao…. way to finish a match

  • leli

    tuesday is my birthday, and this weekend was a magnificient one… those faggots lost (tott) and we won… even my local team won a place in europe (b’kara)!!! thanks for the gift gunners!!! at least we restored some pride…

  • Palasz

    please upload fans’ song after the game.
    beautiful moment !

  • arsenal954

    this game in my opinion tells us a lot about arsenal season first it showed that when under no pressure we can perform which should re inform us getting new personnel because i mean has pro athletes u need to perform under pressure. Also u would be extremely bias to not admit that we have been on the wrong side of referee decisions all season whether its in the champions league or premiere league and even though we won i am so pissed again that we cant get decisions like a simple handball to go our way!!!!!!!!!!

  • zeb

    I thought Arshavin was one of our best players after he came on, Ive never seen him run around making perfect sliding tackles and dispossesing them time and time again for the whole of the second half before. I also think clichy had his bes game of the season, apart from raking owens thigh, he didnt put a foot run, great runs forward, some decent crosses for once, and some sturdy tackles.

    lets give barca cecs for £50M, get a world class centre back and left back, and a good back up striker, and I think then we will really be rolling 🙂

  • conner

    manu and rooney can suck a high hard one. Go Arsenal!!!!!!!!!!

  • JHC

    Arsenalist is allowing a lot of homophobia…

  • Gooner Melayu

    we scored 1 goal and held it to finish…?That’s new….

  • Gunnosmi

    Thanks Arsenal and Arsenalist for a good win and the vids!

  • Saad

    This match perfectly illustrated that our team does have the talent to beat just about anyone.

    The only problem is that this match also illustrated how the team only does well once we have no pressure on ourselves. As soon as Wenger declared our title race to be over we beat United.

    We could genuinely do well enough to win the double(or even treble), and we definitely have the talent to do so, but because our team always crumbles when there’s pressure we’re screwed.

  • 11 Guns

    way to go ramsey. but let’s not get too excited by suggesting we need to sell cesc. he is our captain and the heart of arsenal midfield. have some respect please. C’mon arsenal!!

  • a.k.a gunner

    Arshavin was incredible… small guy stretching his bollocks to get the tackles in. Great play… he should stay…should be a very good squad player.

    That’s it guys. Hope Chlesea take the title… and next season onwards let the winners be us.

  • gunner_fan

    3 games 2 go and maybe if manutd don’t get a win in 2 of those games then maybe just maybe…………..

    if chelsea win man utd on sunday, and we win stoke before that we’ll be 3 points behind manu and chelsea. `anything can happen` i’m hoping.

    just let chelsea win and then we can play like this for the whole of next season.

  • sonofkick you in the butt

    @ all the arshavin support:

    True arshavin did takle..hourray… but he meda countless run like a headless chicken.. on 1 valencia cross (that he miss) arshavin didnt even come back to help clichy.. many time clichy got the ball back and had to sort himself out by kicking it or hold it as arshavin wasnt coming back to offer a solution .. most arshavin takle where in Man u side of pitch .. Arshavin is been for a while inexistant he is maybe a subersub but for me he is a bit like a rosiky…. gr8 hope but dont produce anymore.. he got talent but you could see on the counter that he got no idea how to play anymore.. maybe yes he is fed up and he will be back in russia sometime soon .. sorry o break your heart…

    Ps: Why does wenger bring eboue when we had chamak on the banch? why not bringing tall physical player to help defend and who can hold the ball ??
    doesnt matter we won, but yes i hope we get a much more brit mentallity nxt year.. and i am French.. hoppe we cash on cesh bend, denilson, squillacy, arshavin and rosiki, and that we use this money to get a gr8 CB as cover or not, Hazard of liile, podolski , an Mvilla, and thats it iam happy..


  • anatra

    Could you show us the slap that Evra gave Wilshere?

  • jack

    Arsenalist, are you going to make the full match highlights available for download?

  • Jaison

    I think the linesman who didn’t give penalty against Vidic is the same guy who called offside against Arsahvin and didn’t allow penalty against Bramble during the match against Sunderland. Is he from Manchester. I think we lost our title bid from that match onwards, we lost the momentum and ended up with draws. The same fool again made a terrible mistake. Arsene needs to spend some money on fines to FA and speak out against corrupt officials. We didn’t lost the championship, but officials made sure that we won’t win it.

  • shahrukh

    hey i have my email attached to this message and i’m hoping you could send me videos of arshavin’s slide tackles during the game..i’m making a compilation on him and it’d be much appreciated:) please and thank you

  • Arsenalist

    Shahrukh – tell me the minute it happened.

  • http://gmail goutham

    sure we beat manure
    the problem is we r not good at counter attack(as we don do usually) and we lack penetration at the final third.WE NEED CESC

  • zine

    anybody know the commentator name, I know the sky sports one but the guy who screamed ramsey is great imo

    not the first time he’s screamed loudly over an exiting goal

  • afc4ever

    –> <–

    Must see! Our the most beautiful actions from this season!

  • Jellykidsieg

    just curious.. WTF is a complete striker LOL… please give me an example of a complete striker in any league…

    If your gonna say messi back it up well because he doesn’t seem like a striker to be complete in the EPL or any other league…

    Mentioning this because I believe I’ve read many times about us needing one. But I can’t seem to realisticly put a finger on a player that can be that lol.

  • vasya

    Hi !

  • alex

    @Jellykidsieg.. I know one.. Falcao… And lets not forget that Arsene could have signed him but he felt that 4.5 million was too high of a price to pay for the top scorer from Argentina that year.. Porto got him for cheap… Now he has scored 16 goals in UEFA cup, I know that it is against lower opposition, but it still is a record nonetheless…. if it was that easy, we wouldn’t call it a record. Instead we paid 1 million quid for bullshit Galindo… completely unproven talent that I honestly think is going to suck…. lets be real, name one good bolivian player…. name one famous bolivia player… see?
    In addition, we got bag of shit chamack, I am not even going there…
    My point is that we do not have a commanding forward, RVP is great… but he is injured 50% of the season at best… when wouldn’t have dropped as much points this season if we would’ve have a good striker that actually scores…

  • shahrukh

    well i’m not really that sure but it was after our goal so around the 60th to 80th minute? if it’s too much trouble then nevermind 🙂

  • Jaison

    Can you come up with a video of bad decision against Arsenal during this season like
    Arsenal vs sunderland, vs liverpool, vs manutd