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Highlights: Watch

Diaby Header, Shirt Pulling – Watch

Walcott shot: Watch

Koscielny hits bar, clear penalty denied: Watch

RVP just offside: Watch

Yellow-card tackle on Nasri: Watch

Eboue chance: Watch

Suarez chance: Watch

Carragher injury: Watch

RVP chance on a lob: Watch

Great RVP chance: Watch

Foul on Nasri + RVP penalty 1-0: Watch

Referee conned, Kuyt penalty 1-1: Watch

Kenny Dalglish swears at Arsene Wenger: Watch

Wenger Interview :: Dalglish Interview

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  • Bart


  • aditya

    come onnn a goal…we are playing damn awesome but no goall!!! come on!

  • nasri

    hmm have a bad feeling t
    hink today title is running away :/

  • aaron

    Pain to watch really!

  • Gnostradamus

    Penalty. Show me the penalty!!!!!!!!

  • Gnostradamus

    Everyone who wanted Cesc to go. Please shut up now.

  • aditya


  • aaron

    It’s over man! See you next season!

  • Bart

    Well. See you next season folks. Eboue for man of the match.

  • Gnostradamus

    Oh well, I guess cesc will go now.

  • arsenal954

    WOW!!!!!!!!!!!! only arsenal

  • navman

    All over well done eboue, thanks alot arsenalist for posting all season. see you next season.

  • gunner1

    arsenal have drawn 1 1 after the ref gave 2 penalties in 3 mins!

    arsenal have next season.
    arsenal are gone.
    arsenal are out, and man utd clinch title!

  • arsenal954

    Arsenal as the best games of the season

  • Sami

    That was a blatant dive and well =\ we deserved the 3 points this was so frustrating

  • Gnostradamus

    Last video link is wrong, but thanks Arsenalist. See you next season.

  • Tieneich

    Thank you arsenalist. Thank you guys. There would be a big clean up to do during the break. We need improvements on multiple positions, which finally make sense to talk about those.

    It was a really shaky game. Eboue was at fault for that pen. He can blame himself til the end of the world for that. I hope we don’t see him again…

  • Arsenalme

    Only arsenal, Only fucking arsenal………

  • GotKu

    You cant blame the referee Arsenalist. The only to blame is Eboué. Its fgk stupid. Just pur no brain. And you cant win title with no brain players.

  • larss

    oops..stupid eboue did it again.season is over.n arsenal will get a cup maybe 20 years from now .and it is carling cup…n keep your ‘passing the ball into the net’ game. tq big mouth wenger

  • mad

    worst call ever the guy is 5 feet away from the ball both are running for it he stops and dives eboue does absolutely nothing wrong wow!!!!! insane refereeing cant believe this

  • MastaB

    Looking at the replay surely Eboue should know better but Lucas knows exactly what he is doing. Reading the BBC comments I thought Eboue pulled him down but all that happens is that Lucas stops and lets Eboue run into the back of him.

  • sonofkick you in the butt

    blatant dive but eboue should have known better , sad , unluky from the start but liverpool was never a easy game whatsoever, yes clean out during summer break,
    eboue, denilson, almunia, bendtner “the so call best player” who cant dribble or cross, fabregas ” who is heart lay in barcelonna” ,
    we will get better suited player, we will be back to a proper 4312 who will suit us much more with a player like nasri..
    and maybe we will win something even the mickey mouse club,
    not sad to be a gooner , i love our manager, love our fan, love our stadium, love our colour,
    we r still above of spurs so i am content


  • lockdown12

    Well….it’s not like we deserved all 3 points from this game, if we’re honest with ourselves. We were a long shot for the title anyway, and I had written of our chances several weeks ago. So this loss doesn’t sting as much as maybe it should.

    Still, it would have been nice to actually win and make it interesting until the end of the season.

  • xNabzZ

    @Alist can you upload a clip at the end of Wenger and kenny having a verbal fight?

  • GotKu

    May be or not, but te only thing that Eboué should have in mind is to not give the referee an opportunity to writsle a pk.

    Att least livepool fans in Emirates were happy, Man U will now beat them in titles number, and they are happy…

  • MastaB

    Well lets see what else is on here in America… baseball… this is gonna be a long f-ing summer

  • Tieneich

    Well, I thought the free kick was the last kick of the game. But it wasn’t. Lucas dove, but Eboue just had to “be there”. There were just several seconds left, and Lucas was back facing the net.

  • GunnerUS

    well, can’t blame anyone but Wenger himself for the whole season. Always lacking of plan B, and stupid 60 min. substitution rule. He is still second best after Alex on tactics.

  • chris

    haha yes liverpool!!!!!!!!! haha lol arsenal are fucked in your title hopes now. may aswell just give the trophy to united.

  • Paul Gooner

    A mad extra time but Arsenal should have closed the game before then.
    Arsene will make noises about Lucas winning a penalty and the over extra time, but, why did we not simply keep the ball after our penalty?
    A long summer ahead with rumours and hope!!

  • larss

    and this is called lack of winning mentality

  • Paul Gooner

    larss – yes how many other teams could lose like Arsenal, 4-0 NU, 2-0 Yids, 1-0 with no time left? I am sure Arsene has a very good reason tho!!

  • OH ARSENAL!!!!

    This team needs to be broken up like the Invincibles.

    Who needs to go in my opinion, with no questions/remorse:


    Players I would allow to leave, but necessarily would not want to (they would need to be replaced by proven players):


    Players that should have one full season to prove themselves, they they can’t, see you in category one:


    I have had enough of this “we are so close” crap. You either are good enough or you are not. We clearly are not. I believe wholly in Wenger, but he is just got it wrong if he thinks this team, as it is currently structured, will win a “major” competition.

  • arsenal954

    hahahah very good comment paul gooner with that said people it was a dive a friggin dive i know people are getting on eboue back but i mean serious why is everyone in the media making it seem like eboue punch the dude over this is completel ridiculous i remeber a senrio in this same game when someone ran into van persie and van persie fell and i said to my self ur not going to get a penalty for that van persie get up!!! now suddenly it was given explain that?

  • Loksta

    Is there ever a Plan B from Wenger? i support him all the way but this Passing game is becoming 2 easy of a thing to read for teams. And liverpool defended it well. Um SHIIITT penalty decision. My god the game shouldve been over as soon as the free kick hit the wall as well.

  • arsenal954

    Arsenalist i hope i am not asking for too much but see if u can find when a liverpool defender ran into the back of van persie the same way eboue apparently did to lucas

  • Paul Gooner

    Arsene will never change the team like Oh Arsenal would like, it would be too expensive and too disruptive. An experienced center back and central midfield would be essential tho. Experience being the key. Vieira would have killed the game at 1-0, as he did yesterday.
    A fit regular goal scorer is also required.

  • Arsenalme

    I know we are all complaining now but in all honesty we lost the title months ago wen we were drawing to likes of wigan, newcastle and losing to WBA and Spurs, today was just that final nail…..and boy did it hurt….


    Viera yesterday? That was Yaya Toure. LOL

  • http://asarlist nasri AlL dAy!

    shit!! u could do beeter gunners

  • Arsenalist

    @arsenal954 I need the minute it happened.

  • Paul Gooner

    I think you’ll find Vieira came on towards the end to give a wise head and win the final minutes!!! Strange how Arsene didn’t buy Yaya tho!

  • GotKu

    when you think about it, refurees could have make this season a lot more different with right decisions.
    Wenger surely doesnt have Ferguson aura about that.. Or its because is not form UK.. But their is something.

  • anonymous_gooner


    referees my ass

    No team could run helplessly all the 90+ minutes trying to pass the ball into the net, and to claim to win the match and, more, the title.

    This team unable even to close the game for fucking one single minute with 1-0.

  • SelfTurn

    GotKu what does that even mean…?

    Secondly we can’t just keep blaming referees for everything, after all remember last week the referee helped us beat Blackpool by denying them 3 stonewall penalties. To be f*cked we did not deserve to win this match, our entire squad are bottlers. If we were good we should have killed the game off early on and then maybe that c*nt dive from Lucas and the nob jockey Dirt Kuyt’s goal would not have lost us any points. This team is absolutely pathetic, we blame likes on Denilson, Rosicky, Squallaci week in week out for losses but today none of them played, and infact that was close to our strongest squad out there today. Fabregas was an absolute disgrace most of the time on the ball, all he has going through his head is naked pictures of messi, pique, iniesta and the likes. Eboue is the biggest joke I can remember, why did he even have to go into that “tackle”, it’s not like that shit bastard Lucas would have done anything good with possession. Diaby was also the usual clown on the pitch doing absolutely nothing useful at all. Once again Arshavin’s talents were wasted on the bench until 71 minutes… This guy actually knows how to finish and Van Persie was really bad today bar the penalty goal. Bringing Bendtner on to save our asses, what was Wenger thinking? Oh wait, Bendtner is our second best striker since that Ass jockey Wenger was stingy as fuck once again in the summer.

    F*CK OFF!!

  • dubbledubs71

    yaya toure, shay given, chris smalling just 3 players that wenger has been following but failed to sign that would have strengthened the team, but no! stingey cunt buys no one & puts his trust in the squad he has and fuck did they let him down, too easy 2 pick up their paycheck n laff at the fans they have sold short. at this rate theo walcott will have grey hairs around his balls & great grandchildren by the time we win anything. in a twisted way i hoped we would win nothing (after we got dumped from 3 cups n league looked gone i might add) to force changes in the squad

  • anonymous_gooner

    Frankly, I fail to see why we need Shay Given. We rather need a new manager.

  • anonymous_gooner


    > all he has going through his head is naked pictures of messi, pique, iniesta and the likes.

    Hehe, you made my day.

    Seriously, most of his passes were too slow and just plain stupid. He believed too early he is a star, but when/if he leave to Barca he will be surprized.

  • GotKu

    I dont tak about today, but all season long. Man U play lik shit half of their games but still wining with referees on the good side. Thats was my point. But we should close games, i agree with that to.

  • Sami

    If people still talk about the team not giving their all, they are being delusional. When you’re on a bad run of form, things like this happen and you need 1 person, 1 incident or FANS to help you out. And I hear nothing from the fans except negativity and hate. If it wasn’t for the commentators, you would be able to hear the ball being passed around. Where is the noise of the 60k people at the Emirates? What kind of fans abandon their team with 10-12 games to go.

    We all know you’re disappointed… you’re probably not the only one, you can see it in the players faces, in the managers press conferences, in everything!

    We might lack a leader that will make that crunching tackle and change the game in an instant like diaby did last week. People are now only criticizing to criticize and they don’t give the players confidence. I don’t see anybody talking about how eboue worked hard all game long and how the defenders nullified carroll and suarez, and liverpool did jack for 90 minutes.

    It’s fair to keep criticizing but be honest and give credit where it’s due. Sure Arsenal should freaking shoot and just try for goal, we all know that. We all want them to and we were very happy when Walcott shot and caught Reina. But who’s going to do that every single time? Which player has the confidence, the arrogance to try that? Van persie? nasri? Fabregas? Arshavin? Walcott? None of them have confidence.

    Nonetheless, it was such a sad ending to the game, we had it and we blew it, even if it’s not a penalty. We have to swallow the pill, and reset our mental state. There is a HUGE game on Wednesday against spurs and we need to forget this and win that one. Pride is on the line every single game but that one is much more important and I think it will help the players gain back the confidence of the fans a little bit with a win there. so LET’S GO GUNNERS!

  • Big Dave

    Yeah, I’m sick of finishing in the top four. Get rid of Wenger and let’s finish mid-table instead!


  • jamal saleh

    seasons not over, its just that much harder to win it, united still have yet to win their next match and we still have game at hand

    if the team can work on it we can clinch it

    it helps that united have to play chelsea right after arsenal and end the league vs blackpool a team thats never easy

    its possible just not probable

  • jamal saleh

    btw anybody saying wenger should leave can fuck off

  • anonymous_gooner

    @jamal saleh

    You may go and suck from Wenger if you wish but it is true that he is killing the team. He is a loser, just that simple, and he likes loosers, which are numerous in the team.

  • anonymous_gooner

    @jamal saleh

    And, we don’t have a game in hand anymore, for your information. Our game in hand was this very game we drain tonight.

  • OPG

    Liverpool had 2 fullbacks under 20, a weakened midfield and lost 2 defenders to injury.
    The performance and result was not good enough especially when you see Stoke put 5 in against Bolton, the players don’t seem to want it. You can’t see us winning every game now when all these previous draws were winnable and must wins.

  • jamal saleh

    forgot this was our game in hand..shit
    anyway this is football as long as there is still a chance of winning i’ll have faith and I gaurantee and true arsenal fan will agree

  • anonymous_gooner

    I shouldn’t tell that, but having a chance of winning is not enough. There shall be a team to win those chance, which we have not.

  • arsenal954

    exactly GotKu manu play bad games a lot this season i mean they just did not look good but they constantly got the result but when we play horrible they are like they got there just deserve and how we have no backbone and blah blah blah just like how some people are tired of hearing wenger well i am more tired of hearing the damn same bias story against arsenal i mean i know i cant be this paranoid its all over the media.

  • Gooner Melayu

    I have no problem with the passing the ball into the net thing,its only that wenger is soo inflexible when it comes to tactics.He kept on playing the same tactic even though our opponents already know how to stop us.

    The difference between him and fergie is fergie knows how to adapt,playing differently with different opponent.

    With wenger its always and always be plan A only….

    If u dont change u’re chained……

  • OJ

    Goodbye EPL
    Thank you ref. You are amazing.
    I would understand like add two extra minutes one for the penalty, one for the celebration. But seriously 100:55? penalty..
    Wenger looks pissed, which can only be good for the team.

  • reish

    today we have proven again that we do not deserve the EPL title,we just not good enough, we had to do it even though reffs amateur decision

  • montreal gunner

    we have the best young players in the world : eboue , denilson , sq18 , rosicky , bendtner and another few .
    with these players , we deserve to win every cup

  • Saad

    Why are all of our games refereed by Man United fans? One clear penatlty for us not given, and a dive given as a pentalty for them? Bullshit, the end score should’ve been 2-0 to us. Cheating cunts.

  • Sheppi

    The ref cheated arsenal how could liverpool get thier penalty way after the game was over that ref is an asernal hater asernal firly won that game

  • a.k.a gunner

    I think it would very harsh to blame Eboue alone for the draw. Sure, he blew it with that foul but come on he was playing real good for most of the match. I like Eboue better than Sagna cause he is more attacking and a better dribbler.

    But again, I don’t understand why would Wenger play Van Persie up front and use the wingers to send crosses in all day long. He is more of a link up player and heading is not one of his strengths. It was sickening to see Walcott, Eboue and Nasri sending in cross after cross and no one to put it in. I would have preferred Chamakh for that role. I think Wenger needs to play two strikers- Van Persie and Chamakh, that will add dimension to the attack.

    We still have a chance to win the league. Win all the games left, bang in lot of goals and hope Chelsea beat Manu and we nick it on Goal difference. It might sound like the stuff of dreams- but I just hope we take the title this year.

  • a.k.a gunner

    Glad that Wenger is not talking about the team’s mental strength now. You cannot bluff all the time.

  • Disappointed

    Arsene is bluffing himself… He really conned himself into believing this team can win…

    Truly… It is a nearly team… Arsenal is none other than a SCHOOL for starlets to develop and then move on to bigger clubs…

    Wenger is good in business world where win-win situation is highly sort after… but not in the soccer world where there is only ONE winner.

    Arsenal will win next year… nearly

  • Disappointed

    Arsenal… Adapt or forever be everywhere else except the TOP of the table.

  • Jellykidsieg

    i understand everyone being upset, even I’m furious with the result, but like wtf.. why are majority people hating on wenger and the players. We have right to critize them but not hate on them to a point their worthless. Seriously WTF!!!….

    If you forced wenger to spend 40 mil. on a striker WHO THE FUCK IS HE SUPPOSED TO GET TO CHANGE OUR SEASON REALLY???? … in October ppl here were hating on the players soo much they wanted supposely TOP players like Torres, Edin Dzeko, Suarez, Carrol, etc… OMFG I CAN”T THINK OF A PLAYER THAT CAN MAKE OUR SQUAD AMAZING. We have the oppurtunity to see those top strikers move to big clubs and not do SHIT!!…

    Who is wenger gonna suppose to buy that will make our team amazing offensively seriously if even has 50 mil to spend. Some of the comments are pure jokes…… callin wenger or the players jokes..

    If wenger had to replace players on the starting 11 who is he supposed to replace and with WHO???? and don’t even bother mentioning players that would be impossible to get like messi or iniesta or ronaldo…. be very realistic here!!… I understand the defensive players and goaly but besides that shit NO ONE HERE WOULD KNOW WHO TO GET, THAT WILL REPLACE OUR MIDFIELDERS OR STRIKERS

    My point is STFU to those Hating ass fags… YOur angry your team didn’t play well , understandable, wanna critize actions taht happened understandable BUT Why the fuck would you wanna hate to a point you wanna get rid of any of the players or the manager..

    my point is STFU we just didnt play well and

  • ex-arse-analist

    @51 Sami,

    really correct, objective and professional briefing. I think Liverpool is a great team. For me it was always a clean one, so Lucas was really disgraceful . Arsenal did very well, still we have to optimize and work hard. Eboue is no great player but he is not to blame. Definitely Bendtner, Squillaci, Almunia do not belong to a great team like Arsenal. Rosicky is far away from his last B. Dortmund form. I wonder why Bendner and not Chamakh ??. Laurent Koscielny and Johan Djourou made such great performance. I think we should keep the faith and make some amendment. We were so close this season. I hope AW will consider some changes and try a firmer policy e.g with players whose hearts are not utterly with Arsenal (Fabregas)and those who claim to be best of the world and think primarily of taking and not giving (Bendner: I invest my body, time and ..remember those words??). He is not on Arsenal level and hence he has shown he has nothing to give, he ought to go. There were some massive individual faults in this season(Squillaci in Wigan match, Squillaci and Diaby in New Castle match, Almunia almost all the time, Szczesny/Koscielny Carling Cup finale)and zero impact by the likes of Rosicky, Denilson and Bendner. That has cost us some pretty precious points
    If things change then and only then it will be encouraging for the faithful fan to share sadness and happiness. Show some affection and passion and I will fall in love with you again.

  • Arsenalme

    @ Arsenalist and everyone else chk out this video i made after the game

  • Arsenalme

    sori youtube blocked the video here is another link on daily motion

  • http://Arsenalist cotten52

    Wenger should sell Fabregas if he doesn’t want to stay.just 30m or 40m and we can get new young player for the whole team.

    To all the people that complain about the player that ththeir not great player why dont you guy go headf and cheer for barvelona or man u and other team that have good player.why still and talking shit about About the Gunner.if you dont wanna support Arsenal goaway.the real fans won’t say do that.

    i started watch Arsenal just in three years ago and i saw a lot of complaining.those thing are gotta gone.just let you guy know.we need to support the team to make the player feel comfortable to play well without thinking about what the peoples going to say something bad.those thing are the most pressure on them for my let support the team without talking shit about it.

    and the last thing i going with Arsenal till the ends of the season and the season the will coming.and i belive these player will win the title next season or we could suprise win this season with miracle.

    keep going Gunner i with you forever.

  • thierryhenry

    WE NEED JOSE MOURINHO instead of arsene wenger

  • ex-arse-analist

    @ 75 cotten52
    Sorry, this is one of worst arguments to offend a loyal fan. As I said once everyone is free to tell his opion, even if it is wrong. If we shout at every disappointed fan “fuck off”, you would rarely find an Arsenal fan nowadays. I guess we ´ve lost million of fans all over the world. Haven´t you heard of the Arsenal guy who killed two years ago out of disappointment. My team must be unique and the number of supporter makes the team a world class, because the game isn´t free of commerce. I myself am a passive supporter now, because I got sick of the dispirited attitude, style and approach of some current Arsenal players. This team dosn´t belong to a manager or a player. The supporters are the backbone of every great team.

  • aditya

    No miracles for us…we are so damn out of everything…I can sense fabregas,cliche,arshavin,persie leaving us…if this happens we are soooo damn fudged up….but still i would like to see JET for persie…miquel and all those young players…jack can take cesc role..let cesc go if he wants to…its all over now…miracles dont happen (atleast with arsenal)

  • a.k.a gunner

    @Jellykidsieg– 71

    Just one player who Wenger should have signedwithout shelling 30m and would have banged shit load of goals for the team- Carlos Tevez.

    Or Mesut Ozil

  • Vic from Russia

    Eboue – such stupid looser.

  • barney

    I’m not one to comment very much on any forum I go but I have this to say:

    -be a real supporter and support your team in good ,but more importantly, in bad times.

    -wenger isn’t going anywhere, he’s the best thing that’s happened to arsenal. arsenal are 1 of the very select clubs free of debts. he is a stubborn man, but so are all great minds. he has a vision and believes in it 200%. so do I.

    -I say this with great regrets but let cesc go if he wants to, his hart is in catalonia

    -last but not least i’m saying this battle isn’t over!!! my football heart is filled with hopefullness and everytime the players don’t perform I tell myself the next game will be better. this is what football is about!! HOPE & EMOTION.

    arsenal last 6 games: spurs(a), bolton(a), manu(h), stoke(a), villa(h), fulham(a)

    manu last 6 games: newcastle(a), everton(h), gunners(a), chelsea(h), blackburn(a), blackpool(h)

    it will be very difficult for manu to not lose points. I think we will be level after their chelsea game. last 2 games they will be facing players willing to give their lives to stay in the epl!!

    cheer up,this isn’t over!
    anything can happen…, like I said, HOPE for the best!

  • mofaz

    Seriously non of the football pundits gave Arsenal a chance of even challenging for the title early in the season, they were sayin it’s going to be Chealsea .. Man utd .. Man City ..and Spurs, they said Arsenal going to struggle even to remain in top 4, Yet Arsene proved them wrong and they are pissed , how dare Arsenal a team that doesnt follow the norm of spending lots of money and full of foreigners i.e. contribute to the immigration problems to the UK and managed by a Frenchman .. the pundits here in Asia also mostly anti Arsenal ..

  • mofaz

    as for the local fan in London try askin yourself why Arsenal struggles at home ? The fans at the Emirates just dont give enough vocal support ..

  • ex-arse-analist

    @Hi Arsenalist
    Would you please post the Min. +-92 a Liverpool defender colliding with Arsenal Striker, with a different view just similar to Eboue pen.

  • GotKu

    It isnt over yet.

  • overmars

    Cannot believe all the hating on wenger, read a post that said they were sick of being in the top 4 get rid of wenger and reside in mid table and that is so true, we are still in the race by the skin of our teeth and we play the most beautiful football by common consensus I would truly love to win the league or any cups but I cannot fault my team the whole season ther have been slip ups and mistakes but we are not alone in that respect, please stop banging on about getting rid of wenger et al it took barca a long time to reach the level they are now we can rise to the top playing the arsenal way not the mourihnio way not the fergerson way. ooh arsenal we love you

  • barney

    like I said, it’s not over yet!!! yesterday i said we would be level after manu faces chelsea, quote me on it 😉 , if we somehow manage to win the league this season it wil be the start of something big!! like cesc said, they really need to win something to know what it is to win and what it takes. anything will do, cc would’ve been a gd start but winning the league will be something really big for this team, it will make them winners.

  • icJgunner

    all hope is not lost! man u drew newcastle, plays us, and faces chelsea. Opportunities…

  • GotKu

    And dont forget Everton, they are on a very good streak and can do something at Old trafford. A Louis Saha’s hat trick against his former club would be nice!

  • a.k.a gunner



  • dubbledubs71

    the only good players in the arsenal 1st team are sneezy (still need 2nd goalie tho) djourou vermallen sagna song wilshire ramsey walcott van persie the rest should be sold/deported. fabregas is injured all the time or recovering from injury & should be sold, clichy is half the player he used to be but is wort keepin as hes better than the alternatives, arshavin is a sulk n worthless most games, out the door. bentdner, big talk no action, gone. always buys french defenders, eh hello french league is shite, thus players shite also. if wenger had bought a CB & out out goalscorer we would have been top of the league & forget the who wud he buy argument if fergie can get hernandez for a few mill then the players are out there. sick of these choirboys, even fabregas is sayin they are spineless. jellyfish fc. league was over wen we lost carling cup, always next year huh? or the next……… 🙂

  • Arsenalme

    @Arsenalist and everyone else check out this video of Robin Van Persie’s Interview he makes some good points

  • dubbledubs71

    we simply have to beat the yids tonite as a matter of pride every player must be willing to put their balls on the chopping block tonite, its time to show them wot arsenal are about. see im confused, wheres the arsenal team that beat barca & chelsea (the best performances this year) then they play like torquay in the next show the same spirit in every game & fuckin believe in yourselves ffs come on u gunners