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That was terribly disappointing, but I think we’ll be fine in the second leg.

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Cesc chance: Watch

Priskin 0-1: Watch

Some Arsenal fouls and Ipswich Chances: Watch

Highlights and analysis (Walcott chances, Scez saves/controversy etc.) Watch

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  • Martian

    Poor, really poor today. Nearly full strength side and we screwed up. All our big names were poor (yea not just Arshavin). We do like to put ourselves in challenging circumstances.

  • some_gooner

    I guess Arsen is over. He might be the Arsenal manager for many months more from now, but he cannot show anything.

  • bore

    WTF…………….F*****g S**t

  • Loksta

    What on earth is fabregas thinkin. Clear on goal n tries to pass it. Shouldve been one nil. But hey look. 2nd leg at the emirates. Bigger pitch with home support. Ipswich will b forced to open. What shits me
    Is now at 1 – 0 they can play in their half ten men behind n possibly draw. The sharpness jus wasn’t there n it’s lucky it’s not a league or CL cause that performance was poor. Even a draw wouldve been alright at nil all

  • some_gooner

    …and this is that slick “sexy” over-fucking-rated macho Cesc…

  • Gooner

    this is becoming typical of Arsenal! Anytime we start playing well we start doing badly against teams from nowhere!

    Just a game which was going nowhere as far as arsenal are concerned.. This result makes the leeds match look scary now!

    When we hv 60% possession n passing passing passing with no end product there should be a plan b..

    Also wat is the use of all those long balls if nobody wants to challenge it?? Walcott n B52 both just go behind the defender hoping for a mistake! wats that all bout??

    Anyway there is still a second leg n its at home so i’d think no worries!

  • leli

    not managing to win teams from lower division is very disapointing. I’m so ashamed this year. And this game cesc and walcot started, nearly ful squad and yet they played much beter. Wtf wenger?

  • some_gooner

    It’s not second leg what is a worry, it is that dumb endless passing and totally slow useless attack.

  • wengerout



    Lost their manager last week.

    In bottom six of the Championship.

    In the worst form of any Championship club.

    A side whose whole team cost less than Koscielny.

    They wanted it more, better quality strikers. Chamakh comes on what for? Useless cunt. Bendtner shite. Denilson!! Eboue!!

    Messi will be crapping himself alright.

    Wenger OUT.

    More than ever now.

  • wengerout

    After 2 years of shit like Djemba-Djemba & Kleberson, Ferguson simply bit the bullet and admitted they were poor sayings, and moved them on. While players like Eboue, Diaby, Denilson & Rosicky get offered lucrative long-term deals.


  • JJ

    wow… i have not seen arsenal play tht bad since… welll.. since 4 days ago 😛
    the goal was a bit unlucky especially given tht it was offside… i though djourou played well. denilson, fabregas and arshavin were terrible… theo just looked lost…
    i dont get it. how can a team that desperately wants to win a trophy, show up in a semi final, that almost guaranteed a trophy, so freaking zoned out. its like no one cared or they were just so freakin lazy. i can understand one or two playing like that, but the whole damn team… to me, it looked like the only person who wanted to put it some work was djourou. i think what lacked were the three attackers not making runs. you could see that chamakh was trying just tht but he didnt get supply. and almost every time fabregas tried to sneak a pass behind, walcott, arshavin and bendtner either couldnt get to it or simply didnt try. truly dissapointin game.

    the problem might be is tht in the second leg, while we got all out to get the goal, ipswich might get us on the counter. and if they score first… we will need three goals to win.. (not sure if the away goal rule counts in the carling cup) if so, we are soooo screwed.

  • some_gooner

    no, Denilson and Arshavin was pretty decent. Yes, Arshavin did not make any magick tricks, but this is far from terrible IMO.

  • JJ

    yeah seriously. denilson has to go.

  • Arsboy

    If it was drogba today for priskin, we would have been 3 or 4 – 0 down. But we escaped luckily. So much possession and no end product? fabregas should have had 2 goals tonight. Wilshere was doing great I don’t know why the manager didnt put Song on for Denilson. I hope we come back and win the home leg and the FA cup replay. Losing is not an option against these sides.

  • some_gooner


    I think the manager tried to save Wilshere from his second yellow card for the next match, it’s just my wild guess.

  • Gooner

    Unfortunately our team play is such that if player/s are not performing at certain positions the attack just becomes toothless!!

    B52 really sucks as a frontman!! Maybe he can just shoot but he just isn’t at the form yet to be the focal point of the attack! Chamakh is way better according to me.. he wins a lot of long balls.. Its time to play 2 strikers upfront in the current form that the team is in..

  • OrionDelgado

    if we talk logic : the game tonight was not THAT bad on all aspects…
    attack-wise it was bad as sh^t… that’s clear.. lots of passing -i don’t mind- but no player is finishing anything… walcot came close alot.. fapregas missed two CLEAR chances -one with a miss pass, one with a knee sky high shot- … and some shots from everyone but none was a clinical finish against a mediocore GK.

    recently alot of teams are playing very well against us on the defensive aspect (manC- Leeds- Ipswich) for a succesive 3 games.. it’s that clear that “over crowding your zone” will overweight “short fast passing style” .. and that’s why we lose it always in the last 1/3. on that AW has to work.

    on the other hand defensively the game was more than good(JDJ is turning to be a very solid defender. Koch. is adapting). Eboue gives the 2nd average game but i am sure he can cover up for Sagna. and Gibbs was as good as clichy.
    but with Vermaleen and Squillaci out… i think it’s obvious we need an extra defender, before the match starts i was thinking (why not try out Ignas miquel… after seeing the match i am glad he didn’t. it would be logic if the game was settled 3-0 or something 1st half.

    b52 ! i didn’t like him 4 years ago… i still don’t. he should have matured MUCH and he was promising sometime ago.. this season i can’t see anything on the horizon. i’d prefer the game to have Chamach from the start or at least the 1st half…

    not that BAD result.. but it’s a bad reputation and a blow for the team’s spirit (4th match not winning).. but i can see us bouncing back from both leeds and ips. on the 2nd match.
    damn.. it’s seriously that we like to be pressured.

  • Gooner

    ^^ Agreed.. Every1 just parks a bus in the defense n Arsenal aren’t able to counter that!! There has to be a plan b!

  • OrionDelgado

    @Gooner : with 2 strikers upfront you either will play a direct 442 or a 3(23)2 and that would be a too much change of tactics for a mid season… and more important it would kill TW14 threat -as arunning attcking wing- and make an above average RM out of him -from my POV- and also would lessen Sagna / clichy forward runs.

    i still don’t deny that the season we were invincibles we were 442 with Ljunberg and Pires on the sides.

  • OrionDelgado

    @Gooner : note that it’s the same counter-plan vs Barcelona that worked with teams like “Hercules / intermilan” to win against FCB.
    i think if AW wants to really win the next CL round we will see a VERY DIFFERENT technique from the professor. because an open game with 2 teams of the same style of open/fast play with FCB obviously better in that we will lose it just like last year. but on the other hand are we good at the back to give that closed flawless performance ?
    my choice would be to play both DeN & ASong as STRAIGHT Def. Midfielders in that match, with the usual 4 backs.. and CF4 as the maestro with RVP,SNasri,TW14 upfront.
    but is that too much for Fapregas ?

  • jack

    This is the worst I’ve seen arsenal play. Forget about winning anything, even if we make it to the final. This team has no spirit, no urgency, and no fight!! As an Arsenal supporter, I really hope Ipswich do us at the Emirates!! I’m going for a 2-1 Arsenal win, and exit. Will be 50 years until we reach another semi!!

  • Josh

    jack you are a fool and not a true gooner. stop spouting your foul vile and get a life!

  • Gooner Melayu

    Dont worry,if we dont get them during this lifetime…there’s always be an afterlife to eternity…..

  • Gooner

    @OrionDelgado agree that its too much of a change but its only somethin to try on in the 65th min wen subs are made!

    If u play Chamakh n RVP it wont really be 442 coz both of them always drift into midfield n help with the intricate passing but on wing play it’ll give more presence in the box..

    Just a train of thought! of course Wenger knows better!

  • OH ARSENAL!!!!

    Everyone is talking about a plan b. well I have an idea. how about playing a straight 442 with rvp and b52 up front. Wilshire, Theo cesc and song in the midfield. I know that is only one winger but in my opinion rvp is a winger striker hybrid and I think this would work great and be a more “direct ” team. with theos speed and b52 and rvps height the crosses and long balls into the box would be deadly.

  • Gooner Melayu

    This happens everytime nasri not playin….

  • mofaz

    Cecs played the whole 90″ will he starts for the Hammer away game? If Rosicky starts instead of Cecs we wont get 3 points , a draw at best…

  • OrionDelgado

    @OH ARSENAL : LoL .. man .. what you said with walcots as a right winger , and RVP as a hyprid is turning the “442” to a “433” ! so what’s the difference ? 🙂

  • Saad

    I realise that Wenger has drilled it in to the head of the players that only the Premiership and Champions League really matter, but that performance was still abysmal.

  • OH ARSENAL!!!!


    RVP is never going to be an out and out striker or an out and out winger, this is what I meant by “hybrid”. RVP is never going to be able to lead the line like Henry did. Therefore, every time he plays he is in essence only half of a striker. So if we let B52 a proper Center-forward, with RVP playing off of him is the only real way we are going to look like a “traditional” more direct side.

    The problem is all of the midfileders we have all have the same skill set, excluding Theo and Song. Cesc, Nasri, Wilshere, Rosicky, and Ramsey all have the same skill sets. This is true for Diaby and Denilson, as they are basically the same type of players.

    The point remains that there is currently no left sided player that can play like Pires in a 442. The best and only way to play a 442 with this squad is to use a diamond in midfield with Song at the back, Cesc pulling the strings Nasri and Theo on the sides, use RVP as your linkup man and b52 as your CF.

    This is the “Plan B”. Get balls out to the wings of midfield and let Nasri and Theo use their speed and get balls into the box near B52. They can always use RVP as a focal point and he would play off of B52 well in my opinion.

  • Gooner

    @ OH ARSENAL! Completely agree!

    n thats exactly wat i meant bout rvp! he’s not a drogba or torres! he’s more like a lampard.. a guy who can shoot well but also mainly a supplier! He always did well wen we had adebayor in the side n i think that should be plan b for sure!

  • OH ARSENAL!!!!

    @Orion Delgado
    RVP is a unique player, he is half striker, half winger. He has the clinical finishing of a striker, but the skill set of a winger.

    He is a great talent and any team would be lucky to have him, the point is that he can’t lead the line of a team that wants to win the Champions league. This does not mean he can’t be the best player on the pitch, because he can be if healthy. However if you give him someone to work around like B52, that would, in my opinion, be a deadly combo.

    The reason that I believe this is the most dynamic strike partnership is because B52 is a really unique player, just like RVP. His height, pace, and technical abilities are a really rare combo. His problem is that he doesn’t play enough to be sharp and clinical in front of goal when he gets his chances. Don’t forget that he is also clutch and has great positioning.

  • a.k.a gunner

    I don’t understand why you people regard Bendtner so highly. One word to describe his game is ‘irritating’. He lets you down everytime. I would say he should be 4th in the pecking order for striker’s position after Vela.

    I have never doubted his incapability either this season or last. Check Arsenal vs Burnley match if you need proof for the former.

    This season is no different. For now, keep him in the squad as backup and sell him in the summer.

  • Reza

    @ wngerout

    Shut up and go support Chelsea, they buy you a new coach whenever you like.

    Wenger for ever.

  • OrionDelgado

    @Oh Arsenal : i like your set and tactical plan .. i regard the 442 diamond highly also.. Gibbs in few years could be a valuable LM btw.
    Nasri/Cesc can play on the attackMid. position and Nasri sure to fill the LM position well..
    my only point is that i’d pick MChamach WAY b4 b52.

  • OH ARSENAL!!!!

    I think rvp and MC as a strike team are not as dynamic and contrasting, something that is good in a strike force eg. bergkamp and henry. Henry had a great work rate, electric pace, and explosive clinical finishing, bergkamp was a drifter, quick, but slow, and very technical, and skillful with great vision.