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Full Match Highlights: Watch

Alcaraz OG ’42 1-0: Watch

Bendtner ’65 2-0: Watch

Dude runs on to the pitch: Watch :: Eboue helps out

BBC Wenger Interview :: BBC Martinez Interview

Sky Wenger Interview :: Sky Martinez Interview

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  • OrionDelgado

    Not a very good half from the lads … it’s the Carling though. so don’t put your expectation up too high…
    Vela HAS to shave his hair in half time… he needs better finishing and concentration, and with all that gel his head must be freezing., RVP is stepping up now and then, walcot needs to be the winger instead of N52 .. take N52 out and put Rosicky, he will help finding the pace.
    on the other side Whm Utd : Man Utd = 2-0 half time score,… which is a good news after all. wish it remains like so.

  • dubbledubs71

    2-0 lets see it out. the scum gettin humped 4-0 haha perfect. we are the only decent team left in it & its there for the taking. it wud be good if arsenal won the carling cup to give the team especially the young players the confidence they need & shut up the critics up at the same time.

  • Frustrated_Gooner

    Carling Cup is better than no cup.

  • Nabz

    @Dubbledubs71 u say we the only decent team left, have chelsea also been knokd out?

  • Nabz

    oh nevermind my last post

    Wednesday 1st December

    Birmingham City vs Aston Villa
    Kick-off at 19:45 at St. Andrews

    Ipswich Town vs West Bromwich Albion
    Kick-off at 19:45 at Portman Road

    Arsenal and those 4 teams are the only left, surely we shud ba able to win it, but will this mickey mouse cup keep our Cesc at the club?

  • arsenal954

    honestly i respect the Carling cup i think people talk about like its not a cup please tell that to man u who had won it for 2 years straight they would have been happy to hold on to it for another year we need to keep our focus and composer to make sure we win the cup and move on to bigger championships.

  • bill

    winning the “mickey mouse cup” would surely help our squad. For 5 or six years people have been critical of arsenal for not winning anything. if we do win surely some people will be saying “its the mickey mouse cup not the Champions League” Also who cares about cesc staying. I say we slap a 70 mil price tag on him and let real madrid and barca and man city fight over a man with a shoddy hamstring.

  • ArthurDental

    Where are the bonus clips? Show some United love!

  • Gunnosmi

    ^lolz Aurthur….. into semis \m/ yay \m/


    Thanks for uploading the goal videos and i truly appreciate it but please do not add that ghetto ignorant retarded music. I rather hear the joy of fans over bunch of words that do not make sense. What a disgrace!~

  • Sahil

    GREAT choice of song for the second video!

  • Andy

    great service dude, an although im not a big fan of rap, at least its arsenal-based 🙂

    keep up the good work

    from reading the bbc text commentary it seems like vela had another one of those “get into great positions to score….and the fluff it” nights….. no doubt the man has a lot of skill, but he’s always seemed to relaxed for me, like its a bloody trainig session….no bloody fire….
    they should get vic to put some jalapenos in his kit….might fire him up a bit next time!

  • JET

    Vela just looked a bit rusty out there although he did have some nice touches. You wouldn’t bet against him missing that dinked shot with more playing time. Walcott didn’t play that well either but at least he tried to threaten…the same can’t be said for Bendtner

  • arsenal954

    love the rap song!!!!!!!!!!!

  • solidgunners

    what’s the name of that song?
    any youtube link?

  • Farshid

    well i think we played well, created a lot of chances, btw what a pass from RVP while vela missed it on 1on1
    walcott also played well in my oponion

  • Vela#enough#shag

    Vela is good,but”uuuurgh” he’s losing too many chances…..Makes me wanna ask who he slept with the night before.Whatever Vela does between 10pm and 4am is really making him weak….

  • a.k.a gunner

    was it vela who set up Bendtner for the 2nd goal… thats a very good early pass. So difficult to do, past 3 defenders, right on the spot for Bendtner to poke it in.

    Anyway, right now for Arsenal, any cup will do and Carling Cup can be our stepping stone to success.

  • 11 Guns

    Yeah!! To the semi!! LOL, the dude celebration is better than bendtner goal.

  • budski

    i thought the opening of the song was good. whose song is this btw?

  • mmmm

    thats the song by the way people. lets hope we win this weekend and then beat man u nex of nex week….bt we need to buy a defender in january. cause championsleague!! we cant compete with that defense in the champions league.!! lets be realistic….we will have a lot of match congestion at that time and its important we have some good defenders keepin squillaci,kolcieny and djourou as back up. for real. otherwise we wont stand a chance against the likes of milan, inter, barca and madrid

  • jason

    can we have the full highlights?

  • Einareen

    Semi finals 😀 I want the League Cup trophy ^^

  • Farshid
  • gunner KS

    @ Farshid
    sorry mate but check the date: From The Sunday Times June 28, 2009

    but I would have loved him join us
    c’est la vie

  • JET

    After watching the highlights, Vela gave 4 potential assists: the just-wide walcott miss, nasri’s chance, the handball that prevented an rvp goal, and bendtner’s goal. His dinked ball miss still shows rust though.

  • ArthurDental

    No disrespect to Ipswich, but Mr. Wenger should resign if he doesn’t bring home the cup!

  • Singha

    the game wasn’t as impressive as the gunners always play but then again we have to remember there are players who are coming back from injuries and are getting to fitness. We should honestly be bringing this cup to emirates stadium!!!

  • Saad

    Well, it’s down to us, Birmingham, Ipswich and West Ham. This year we might actually win something.

  • gunner KS

    we are drawn against Ipswich, not bad eh :-))

  • Einareen

    I hope we win the Carling Cup. That is at least ONE of four trophies to win this year 😀

    By the way Arsenalist, great set-up with the Match Report and everything. I enjoyed it ^^

  • Nadine

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