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First goal: Watch

Walcott 2-0: Watch

Bendtner 3-0: Watch

Walcott 4-0: Watch

Proof that Joey Barton is a cunt

Highlight Pack

Wenger Interview :: Hughton Interview

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  • zeb

    absolute fucking scum, thats all barton is, first he dead legs eastmond and then he just takes out fabregas when he didnt even have the ball, absolute scum.

    on another note, what a goal by bentner !

  • gooonner!

    bendtner and walcott were aewwsome!!!! good game… go gunners!!!

  • MC

    Great game… Shizzny was perfect aside from failing at the edge of the box in the first half… glad to see Vela and JET get some playtime… Joey Barton is a c*nt… Caroll looks like Vermaelen… Why did we play @away vs Spuds and Newcastle both times?

  • budski

    @zeb & MC oh my, but does anyone get injured?? i hope not…

  • ArthurDental

    Will we see the fantastic saves that people are talking about?

  • zeb

    eastmond was hurt but didnt need to be taken off

  • KeepTheFaith

    My 20c on the “regular” 1st team players:

    Bendtner: Great goal, beautiful finnish. However, he is still short by 2months. He has lost all his pace, vision, his reactions are very slow and he never got out of 1st gear. I did expect that, since this was his first start after the LOOOONG absence. GOOOD effort thou, he never gave up.

    Walcott: Had an awesome game, he looks fit and sharp! Good luck to Arsene choosing the wings… He had a few bad touches, but we are used to it and this is also his first start back from injury.

    Denilsen: Only good thing today about him is he got rid of his affro. He did not feature, not in defence not in attack… He was totally outplayed by Eastmond. Can anyone explain why to me? Is it because this was his first game back???

    Sagna: Lost the ball a few times in dangerous positions! Played well when he overlapped. HOWEVER, he was out muscelled in defence… Played well for his first game back.

    Koscilny: He was as solid as a rock! Made a few good tackless and saved a goal. What I do not like about him is his back passes. He leaves 1 or 2 very short a game and puts the keeper under pressure. Great game and again… First game back.

    Johan: He was lacking pace today. Think his legs were a bit tiered from Sunday, hope it is not an injry or something! He was oky… Not great BUT not bad.

    Eboue: Played well on the left hand side. should have converted at least one of his chances BUT played very well. Great game, attitude and versatility.

    The captain (Rosicy): Controlled the midfield well, kept the team calm and was the only midfielder with a bit of creativity! Best player on the pitch for me! I am a fan since he score the 3 goals agains USA in 2006 SWC and I am glad he is fit and has no more injuries!

    So on we march

    PS the fundamentals of football at Arsenal is the same, no matter who plays (1st team, reserves). The foundation is: Move the ball.

    It gave me a warm fuzzy feeling to see the youngsters pass the ball and move off the ball. Arsenal is here to stay!

  • OrionDelgado

    @KeeptheFaith : Great post man.
    @Arsenalist : hope u’ll add a preview of the amazing game of Szczseny tonight (phew… this dude has to work on his name had to retype it 3 times)… other than that : KEEP UP THE AMAZING WORK !
    @ Barton : SERIOUSLY MAN …. u ‘ll have a career in rugby…. off you go… leave our gunners alone.

  • Joey
  • Michael Seto

    I love your work uploading this stuff, but its time you ditched the music.

  • wandarah

    I gotta say man, while I love what you do and when you do it – the song over the clips is not to my liking – just saying.

  • sonofkick

    @ arsenalist… i ask you again could you give me the name of the song pleazzzzzzze cos i like it, not on every litle clip u put up , but i like it sometime, and just want to know WTF is the name of the song or band ; th for the job , keep it up

  • olugunner

    pls put up the schezny saves..

  • IanJ

    great game. But, what was Wenger thinking putting Fabregas in after they were up by 2?

    Barton needs to piss off and learn how to play the game.

    Thanks arsenalist. There was not a single basic cable station covering this in the US, so once again, you save the day.

  • IanJ

    @arsenalist, Do you know of anybody like you that might be uploading the man city game highlights?

  • Champa

    If I see Joey Barton in the street I’m gonna knock him into next week, I’m gonna be scouting round St James park next month for that cunt. Show em how wae dae it in Glasgae, tear him a new fuckin arsehole.

    Joey – if ur readin, u gonna wish u ain’t never been born! Get yer scummy paws off our gunners!!

  • einareen

    Hahaha! Bendtner is just wickedly funny! Not only is he the best player in the world, but he also enjoys running in the opposite direction tripping defences xD Douchebaggery in its purest form ^^

    Go Bendtner

  • ArthurDental

    #10 Joey: That’s just all the goals in one vid. Full highlights would include near misses, serious fouls, and of course good saves or blocks.

    #18 einareen: That’s not fair. Look at how Bendtner reacted to the collision – he put his hands up indicating he was fouled!!!

  • dubbledubs71

    haha get it right up ye, geordie tykes, we beat u like andy carroll beats his missus. they should be called the fight club, thugs united. bendtners foul was a more honourable one, no intention to injure any1 just, preventing defender from gettin near the attacker, straight outta the john terry school of sneaky dirty tatics that one. when are the authoroties gonna do somethin about these counterfeit footballers ( barton, de jong, all of bolton wolves & stoke) they should be ashamed to collect their wages, play football or fuck off hatchet men. fuck the spuds… ARSENAL FOREVER

  • jason

    full highlights pls. i missed the game.

  • jason

    btw, i think why wenger put on fabregas its because fabregas reqested. he wants to lift the trophy. even if we win but he doesnt play a single minute he’s not lifting the trophy.

  • lockdown12

    “Highlight pack” seems to not be working.

  • JohnL

    About the music… Dailymotion has an algorithm that detects copyrighted material by analyzing the sound so maybe that’s way it’s always the same song to the clips.

  • sonofkick

    Full highlight , got then for u arsenalist , THx for footytube for doing it

    enjoy ,
    PLEASZEEEEEEE want the name of the song !!!!!


  • StyvnLeGunner

    I think they all did well overall.
    The first 2 goals were gifts, on the second: Bendtner might have impeded the defender on his way back from an offside position. However, if Bendtner had not made the headed effort on the first….and Theo hadn’t been in place to latch on to Djourou’s clearance header that fell into his lap…and finished comfortably…

    I was suspicious of Djourou’s performance all night until he made that one spectacular clearance in the seventy-something minute of the second half. And Bendtner’s 3rd goal. I’d thought Cesc had missed the pass. I still think Theo was in a better position for the pass. Were it not for Bendtner’s power and ability to finish, we could have ended over-passing the ball again.

    But the beauty of this team and this season is that the injuries have come early. Let’s hope it stays that way and we take advantage of it.

    Go Gooners!!!

  • sonofkick

    still dont want to give me the name of th song on your video arsenalist???? i m sad ……


  • Hatchet

    I know where to find barton….

  • Nijo

    @sonoflick The song : RedArmy

    just google it or got to

  • nielsiano

    Made a video of Sneezy performance yesterday.. Sign him up Arsene. Absolute must!


  • Einareen

    #19 ArthurDental

    Well, i didnt mean anything negative to Bendtner. I am a fan of him, but he is just such a funny guy. Last match he scored two minutes after coming in, and now… nice run.
    And sure, I didnt mean that he was a bad ass to run down the defenders, but you’ve got to admit, thats just fucking hilarious!

  • dubbledubs71

    west ham this weekend, i watched arsenal play the hammers last season & they were coasting 2-o at HT (could av been 5 ) with west ham not even looking like scoring but the entire team slipped into a coma and it ended up 2-2 i was gutted, but this team is a lot tougher this year so they should beat them & hopefully walrus sam & his team of hackers can do us a favour & beat chelsea too. 2 MORE DAYS TO HALLOWEEN, HALLOWEEN, HALLOWEEN…2 MORE DAYS TO HALLOWEEN, I HATE TOTTENHAM

  • Janay Rembert

    Simply a smiling visitor here to share the love (:, btw great pattern .