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Lansbury ’16 1-0: Watch :: Download

Keane ’49 1-1 : Watch :: Download

Nasri 92′ 2-1 : Watch :: Download

Nasri 96′ 3-1: Watch :: Download

Arshavin 105′ 4-1: Watch :: Download

Full Highlights

Pic of Spurs Kid Crying

Wilshere/Nasri Interview :: Wenger Interview :: Wenger Audio Interview (BBC) :: Twitchy Interview

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  • rimau

    good ball possession…but lack of finishing…

  • arsenal4life

    flobianski strikes again!!!!!!!!!!! although it was offside. arsenal better score like 2 goals in extra time

  • gunfan

    yes 1 2 go arsenal

  • arsenal4life

    ok so they did score 2. flobianski is till a problem COME ON YOU GUNNERS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • rvpfan

    haha A4life you are a good predictor:DDDD

  • scotty

    hi can you get a shot of the sp*rs kid crying on about 16.20 of extra time

  • gunfan

    no he didn’t say they would score 4 😉

  • yappie02

    Arsenal woohoo!!! Van de Vaart:’Spurs better than Arsenal’, u can now eat ur words!!! lalalala…….

  • yappie02

    fabianski…. u r every striker’s dream goalie!! OMG… u suck!!!

  • Portuguese gunner


  • gunnnerwithhat

    hey i missed this part in extra time when Clichy supposdely put on his superskills shoes and went past four or so spuds. any chance of putting that up?

    Also yes scotty request *1000

  • NasriFan8

    Fantastic game, absolutely top notch stuff from Arsenal. The prem hopes are rising higher and higher…now brush that Sunderland stuff aside and rejoice over this 😛

    For the one who wanted a link for that SPURS KID CRYING, check it out:


  • manairocky

    Oooooooooooooooooooh To be a goooneeeeer!

  • gooonner!

    Yes! The sorrows from sunderland are washed away! Theres always this extra delightful feeling when we beet spurs! I was really impressed by the way we dominated possesion in the first half, the second was a little more balanced but the first was totally ours. Good stuff from denilson and wilshere. Lansbury played pretty decent but pretty much vanished when the big boys came on. Gibbs and eboue were pretty good today. good to see djuorou back in action. and i am just loving koscielny!! brilliant. that block on lennon pretty much saved our asses! he was brilliant. intercepted almost everythin throw at him. we were also a bit lucky tht the ball hit the post twice. and honestly… although we were the better team. tottenham threw the game away with the two fouls. chamakh is freakin awesome as well. too bad vela couldnt score. anways… what a night… go gunners and shit on spurs!

  • mofaz

    Who says Samir nasri doesnt has the guts to take penalty ..? Cools as it gets..

  • Arsenal 4 life

    Fabianski tried his best and i honestly believe he did ok bar the goal because it was due to poor defending but all in all we did pretty great

  • rvpfan

    Epically pwned:D

    And yea i didnt say he would score 4:/ Who knew?:DDD

  • BajeGooner

    for the 1st time in a while i was not bothered by most balls/long balls/high balls coming in/near our box…the defense looked comfortable dealing with this…keanes goal was blantantly offside and im hoping it caught fabi off guard *snicker* but great performance nontheless….

  • arsenal4life

    OK hopefully gibbs is ok. lol@ gunfan yeah guess i was wrong they scored 3 instead of 2

  • brad

    The game was pretty balanced with a little advantage to arsenal until Chamakh and Arshavin came in.Let’s be honnest,Chamakh should start every game, and even if he doesn’t score,he’s behind penalties,he’s very strong physically and he makes the defenses stay where they are,make mistakes and never help midfielders.
    Vela is good as well but he’s not strong enough,i didn’t see him in most of this game…

  • Ben

    really proud of the gunners tonight 🙂 let’s hope we do that to chelsea too !

  • Goonisms

    Heeheehee! The screen shot of the Spurs kid crying MADE MY DAY….. PRICELESS!!

  • Andy Hackett

    Very harsh putting up the picture of the poor kid crying. Just because he was brought up supporting Tottenham Hotspur doesn’t mean you should be making fun of him. Shame on you.

    Great result, nonetheless, left at around 55′ to go play football and was delighted when I heard the result.

  • NasriFan8

    @ Andy Hackett,

    You made me feel gulity -_-

  • Patrick

    Photo spoils the win. Take it down. What are you? 8?

  • rizalregas

    Good win Gunners! Keep that positive momentum to the bridges this weekend……
    @yappie02 … i join u for this : “Fucked Off Van Der Vart & eat back your shit talk about Spud bigger and better than Arsenal” and now u get the point that Arsenal is bigger than your Spudshit talk, lol…..
    Come on Gunnerrrsss..!!!

  • aaron

    good game 4 arsenal

  • Nick

    Hey can you get Gael Clichy dribbling through 4 guys video please?

  • Arsenalist

    @nick you have to tell me the time it happened.

  • Typical Arsenal Fan

    lol @ kid.

  • manairocky

    The gunners is better but what we need is golkeeper

    Arsenal big up……………………

  • ralph arsenal

    meeen theses boyzz are good but i think mannone should be made the second keeper.instead of fabianski

  • Irish gooner

    To be honest spurs kid cryin is a bit harsh…

  • Typical Arsenal Fan

    Why is it harsh? They would do the same also. Toughen the fuck up, it’s not like this is going to ruin the kid’s life and mentally scar him. Laugh at it, move on.

  • Matt the Gooner

    VDV “Spurs are a bigger club than arsenal”

    JUST LOL LOL LOL!! Even funnier, go onto their forums and watch them all turning on each other, this is just too effing funny!

  • Irish gooner

    @typical arsenal fan

    Look i hate spurs as much as the next gooner. But im just sayin that its a bit harsh

  • scotty

    thanks for the pics guys, here’s the vid:

  • zeb

    well at least he’s getting used to disappointment from an early age of being a spud.

  • Nabz

    aint the kid crying famous? his name is Ben Mitchell hes an actor from eastenders, google image his name! Ben Mitchell

  • Nick

    @arsenalist. Clichy’s movement was in the second half of ET. So somewhere between 105-120. I remember it being towards the middle…so maybe around 109-113 min mark. Hope this helps.

  • Patrick
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