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Below is the Vela goal with the 24 passes behind it:

MOTD Highlights:

Downloads will be available later.

Koscielny ’24 1-0: Watch

Elmander ’45 1-1: Watch

Chamakh ’58 2-1: Watch

Song ’78 3-1: Watch (short vid)

Vela ’83 4-1: Watch

Cahill Red Card: Watch

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  • Konvict

    good game today. thought song, chamakh and fabregas played briliantly. questionable defending tho… as its always arsenals story… i think vela should get a chance to start whiel RVP is injured. arshavin jsut had an unlucky day still made some class runs jsut wasnt his day for a goal. and that was a sending off… was a 2 footed challenge from behind and a lunge… not sure why commentators saying it was harsh

    ps- anyone else tired of eboue playing up his injurys? lol

  • manairocky

    It was a good game. Wish walcott was in that score sheet. Can’t wait to watch him play again.

    Anywy, the scums, haha, they’ll never learn they are still a shite club.

    N yeah, Eboue, U knw, we know. All had a good laugh. 😀

  • Ray Parlour’s Perm

    What was the deal with all the empty seats today? I assume that all the tickets are sold for every game.

  • James

    Any chance of the red card incident being uploaded?

  • Einareen

    I saw one-one on a live comment website, and then i just thought; “Oh crap, Almunia screws it again…” And i stopped watching.

    You cant imagine how happy i was when i came back x]

  • some_gooner

    But it was not Almunia fault. Almunia was ok today.

  • radouane

    I think Arsenal could do better today,i’m happy that they won and got the 3 points but i’m not really happy about the way they did it.
    I think Chamakh is becoming one of the best player of the team, he needs a little bit more time to adopt, but he’s doing good for a new player in the club.
    I saw chamakh with Bordeaux, where everybody tried to give him the ball and use his qualities in the air,but with Arsenal, he had to go look for the ball himself,which makes him play right or left side and don’t use his header and his real qualities.
    Believe me, if his teamates just give him the ball more often, especially in the air,the team will benefit from it.It’s not about who scores,but the team should win.
    Good luck to Arsenal

  • radouane

    Walcott and Chamakh can be a good offense when they play together.

  • Arsenalist

    @James – just added the red card.

  • aaron

    I like Song’s goal

  • Singha

    alumnia is okay but not with that stupid left footed pass to the bolton player who was dumb enough not to put it in the goal when alumnia was caught in no mans lan. Song’s

  • Singha

    song’s goal was a beautiful!

  • mark

    Is there any chance that you will put up the diaby tackle? As for the rest of the clips, thanks.

  • lockdown12

    @some_gunner….The Bolton goal wasn’t completely Almunia’s fault, but I think he could have done better. I watched Chelski’s game and one thing I noticed about Cech is that his positioning is always perfect. Almunia, not so much.

    That said, the goal was the fault of everybody, starting with Koscielny’s poor header and then the other defenders’ failure to cover the far post. Koscielny and even Vermaelen make mistakes like that from time to time. Hopefully over the course of the season there will be improvement and we won’t give away goals like that one.

  • Nacho Cheeseball

    Hey I would not agree with that. Almunia on his day is as good as anyone. He has one of the best reflexes I have ever seen.

    Every goalkeeper makes mistakes, but Almunia’s are the most glaring. I felt the goal was a mix of three player’s fault. First Koscielny for heading poorly, Almunia for staying too close to his line despite seeing the danger and (astonishingly) not Gibbs, but Squillaci. He is tall and commanding, and the one thing that he should have done was to assist Gibbs in marking Elmander.

    Almunia had a good game today, even by his standards (and getting lambasted everday). He made a couple of good stops, and if you remember Chung-Yong Lee actually forced a superb reflex save but it was ruled offside.

    For me, the man of the match has to be Alex Song. He kept everything neat and tidy, barely looked out of placed or only about 1 or 2 poor passes. Most importantly, he scored a sensational goal that most of us felt, could only be scored by top-quality strikers, but Song has changed all of that.

  • lockdown12

    @Nacho….I don’t necessarily think Almunia was awful. He certainly wasn’t mistake free, though. I think Singha mentioned his poor clearance that nearly resulted in a goal. We got lucky.

    Almunia has good reflexes but his positioning isn’t that great. When I compare him to somebody like Petr Cech, there is no contest, even with Cech’s dip in form after his head injury. I’m no Chelsea fan, I just happened to watch them play West Ham today and noticed many times Cech, just by being smart about when to come off his line, saved Chelsea’s bacon several times. I’m actually looking forward to playing Chelsea because from what I saw, they’re definitely beatable. But Cech is still miles ahead of Almunia, IMO. Unfortunately Almunia is at the point where he’s about as good as he’s going to get.

    I think you’re spot on about Song. He was fantastic today. His passing has improved, and he seems quicker to closing down the opposition then even last year.

  • Swedegooner

    Wow, Alan Hansen kept his mouth shut.

  • ytgunner

    I think Song has become more involved in the attack this season

  • amused gunner

    bloddy hell fabregas made so many sexy passes

    thank god he stayed i would definatly would not be playing against him :p

  • uba

    Arsenalist, do you know where I can watch the full match online, I missed it and I want to see the whoole thing?
    Thanks in advance

  • zeb

    what the f*** was up with songs hair???!!!

    i liked his goal though.

    i think vela should get more starts now rvp and walcott are out, we could have a front 3 of arsh chamank and vela.

  • gooonner!

    was tht a compliment from hansen?… “u never do a high line”

  • Reza

    Is this Fabregas worth 30m you stupid Barca? He was outstanding ! Song’s goal was stunning. Red card absolutely fair, should refree wait until another leg is brokrn. Davis should have gone after ten minutes but refree didn’t see his first tackle on Thomas. Another should have gone on that awful tackle on Diaby. I think they were lucky haivng ten men on the pitch after 90 minutes. Overall, an enjoyable match to watch. I can ignore that defensive error. Can Almunia stay where he has to?

  • gt

    Almunia could have done better for that goal, but he was dealt a tough hand unnecessarily in the first place, first by Kos’ misplaced header, and a lack of defensive help from the team afterward. No one went to over Lee at the baseline (!!), so Almunia couldn’t head back to his position. Not his fault, really. Kos is intelligent and has a great read of the game, but he needs to know when a hoof up field is better than a fancy play. Overall a well deserved 3 points, although the game should have been put to bed before the half.

  • gt

    Oh before I forget, thanks to A-list for the highlights 😀

  • Leandro

    Its lovely to see, how a team full of new faces work so well together. I mean Chamack, Squilacci, Koscienly, Gibbs, whilshere.
    Its just lovely. And of these 5 players I think its only Koscielny who is in out perfect 11.

  • Nabz

    wanna see more of vela!

  • Saad

    Standard expected win, but our defence is still far too shaky. It was a good thing that Almunia played okay, but the defenders could’ve helped him out more – our mentality, even for the defenders, can be way too offensive at times.

  • gunnerfan123

    any1 have the video of diaby getting tackled??