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These are the types of games that have proven to be problematic for Arsenal, and that’s why these are three great points to pick up. Arsenal weren’t at their best in terms of stringing those passes together, but the defensive steel they displayed is reassuring, and something different from years past. I’d like to think we beat Blackburn at their own game: for every strong Blackburn tackle, there was one from Arsenal and then some. Theo Walcott had another good game at the right wing, he always looked to be a threat and got rewarded with a goal via a precise far-post finish. Bacary Sagna deserves huge credit for the second goal as he was the one that kept the ball in and made the play possible.

Robin Van Persie was taken off after picking up an ankle injury (out for ten days which coincides with the interlull, so that’s good), so Chamakh was introduced. As I said on Twitter, he is simply magnificent at helping out in his own half and tracking back. His goals will come, but it’s good to see a striker who’s not scoring use his height and physical presence to be a factor elsewhere. Final comment is on Arshavin, he gets slagged a lot because of his effort levels, but I think the criticism is too harsh. He is a wonderful player who is always thinking a step ahead, I think it’s just a matter of time before he finds his mid-season form and becomes effective for the full 90 minutes.

The MOTD Highlights are below, or you could just see a clip of Hansen eat his words.

Here are the goals:

Walcott 1-0, 20′: Watch :: Download

Douchebag 1-1, 27′: Watch :: Download

Arshavin 2-1, 52′: Watch :: Download

Wenger Interview :: Walcott/Almunia Interview

In the interview, Wenger says, “For us, the transfer period is already over”.

As for Carling Cup, Wenger says he will play the young team against Tottenham.

BBC Wenger and Fat Sam Interview

Twitter – @arsenalist

  • fatgunner

    Good 3 points against Fat Sam.. Well I guess Wilshere knew that Capello is watching him thats why he missed making it 3-1…Overall useful 3 points but… why are’nt we ruthless?

    @Arsenalist: Good work my man!

  • woopah

    you cannot blame wilshere for the miss, he was totally unlucky and he slipped meaning he didnt get the right connection with the ball.

    you can definately blame him is he had not slipped and he missed.

    just unlucky.

  • Shrek

    Hey Arsenalist, hope you are doing well!!!
    yay!!! we won!!!! I thought Diaby played well, so did Fabregas although he doesn’t look he is match ready, RVP god !!!!!Why again to him????? Sagna as well, i thought Clichy didn’t have a good game,Almunia actually did quite well!!!!! Walcott of course is getting better and better, just hope he remains injury free and keeps improving

  • fatgunner

    @woopah: yeah man..what i meant was he might be in some extra pressure just because Capello was watching

  • E’s the man

    Thanks for the highlights arsenalist!
    Missed the first 70 minutes but great defence for the last 20 minutes!

    Anyone have any idea how long Van Persie will be out? Sorry to say but…Injuries to him have to be expected.. sad but true..and its only the 3rd game of the season.

  • Arsenalist

    RVP is out for 10 days.

  • James Bond

    ARSENAL FC FOREVER!!! We face Spuds in Carling cup…I smell 6-0 in their net muahahahahahaha. And It’s Arsenal…

  • Kishan

    Did Theo Walcott just score in consecutive games? I don’t want to get ahead of myself but it looks promising.

  • Soundscape flame

    great win, I’m sure the team will up a few gears as the season progresses. The highlights were uploaded very quickly and that is much appreciated arsenalist! Follow me for sport, music, film, fashion and humour on

  • http://hotmail Akshun Jackson

    Very glad to see oul Arsenalist is about again. Season isn’t the same with him and his cracking site.

    All I can say about today is: IN YO’ DROOPY FACE ALLARDYCE!

    Thank goodness we had Song on today.

    Fuck Spurs

  • looka

    please upload match highlight to rapidshare please ………

  • Ayeshni

    The last few minutes were murder.

    My death is going to come during the last 10 minutes of some break or make Arsenal match. I don’t think I can handle the suspense at an older age.

    I didn’t like how lost Clichy was for the Blackburn goal. He’s brilliant most of the time, but he really has to cut out those lapses in concentration.

    Besides that, a good and deserving win. 🙂

  • Santinocorleone

    This was actually a really hard game, but we knew that before.
    So this win weights double or even triple I’d say.

    Pointing out players I think Almunia did a real good game. He was very stable and did what he had to do very well.
    Vermaelen and Song were a bank, while Koscielny was kinda childish defending letting Diouf run like that. Why not just kick his leg if you see he’ll go through?

    Fabregas was not really good looking. Guy seems so unhappy these days. Hope he’ll find joy again soon. Arshavin was aight. Diaby as well as RVP and Chamakh.
    Theo was really really good as was Sagna.

    So scum on 20th of September at the Lane? Nice!
    Come on you gunners!

  • a.k.a gunner

    Arshavin should be called “The Ghost”.. Amazing how he remains missing throughout the game and pops up on the screen to score a beauty… remember at Anfield last season.

    I think this is what Arsene Wenger wants of him.. To shock the defenders just when they thought he is too lazy to make an impact.

  • Swedegooner

    Wonder what Alan Hansen says now.

  • nutz

    After all the stick Theo has had.. and from last weeks MOTD it makes me laugh…

    Id go as far to say, If Theo was not on the pitch we would not of won the game. First goal Perise + Theo = FAB finish.
    Then the second goal Theo runs into the box And the left-back follows him. This allows space for Sagna. So Theo made the space for the second goal. I really do think it would of been one of them stupid 1-1 games what annoy is gooners if it was not for Mr Theo..

    Also how can someone have football instinct but not have a football brain..?? his not and never will be a Arshavin or a Persie.. but one we don’t want him for that and two he has got something they dont have.. Massive pace.. SO F8CK THE HATERS F8CK THEM ALL

  • inoue

    Please, can you check out the links they seem to be unavailable for some reason. Thanks!

    Oh btw, good win for Arsenal. Defended long balls for 40 mins and came out on top, keep it up guys!

  • lockdown12

    I’ll play devil’s advocate and say the goal we conceded was extremely worrisome, mostly because it wouldn’t have happened had we had a keeper who keeps the defense organized. These defenders are dying for leadership and a keeper that gave them that would be nice.

  • kalone


    I don’t like Arsenal fanatics like you who defend your players to the hilt. Being the youngest and most promising player for England is HUGE responsibility and having criticism fired at you week after week is a norm to be expected. Although the critics seem harsh and biased, they do point out some flaws in Walcott’s game and going as far to say that they are haters is stupid.


    A goal is conceded and who is to take all the blame? The keeper.

    How original. The goal was worrisome, it was fairly tragic too that a top footballing club would concede a goal like that. Almunia has his problems with confidence, of course the defenders don’t help at all with that.

    Clichy should have picked up that run.

  • lockdown12

    @kalone….If we had leadership that could keep the defenders organized, we probably wouldn’t have given up that goal. That was my point. It’s true Clichy was out of position and should not have stranded a CB against Diouff, but with everyone communicating that might not happen. Usually it is a keeper that is able to see the play developing and boss the backline accordingly. I also think it’s more important for the keeper to give confidence to the defenders in front of him, not the other way around.

    I don’t criticize just for the sake of it, and I don’t need to wait for a conceded goal to criticize Almunia. I’ve never particularly rated him since he took over for Lehmann. I think it’s safe to say we need a keeper that can at least fight for a starting berth on his national team. What is Almunia? Is he even 4th choice for Spain?


    good to see that Scottish prick eat his words. Well said Mr Shearer. Theo is only 21. Once he tweaks his trade a little we are gonna see a amazing striker. just as long as he stay out of the treatment room.

  • Junkie


    Criticizing a player when he scored a hatrick and even got on the scoresheet the following game is what haters do. This is what a Spud or Manu or cheski fan will do. I don’t see this happening when rooney or drogba or troll-face-bale scored a hatrick or even a goal. This is pure hate from the scottish SOB.

    Mr alan hansen, please go to hell. Thank you.

  • cdjones

    Alan Shearer. The voice of reason. (sigh)

  • sonofkick

    i like a lot clichy , but its fair to say he was out of position for the goal conceded,
    almunia did a good jobfor once.. how often before did he came out to pick long ball or long throw??? did the team finally learn to play a team like stoke black burn etc…?
    walcott and chamak are doing well, changing and swapping position all the time…
    diaby is gooood for all the people who criticise him… song diaby is an excellent partnership..
    by the way song hairdo is a laughting joke.. i didnt like sagna paul-octopus-style hairdo but song got a funny one tooo
    kolshieny is quick i like it , just need him to beef it up

    i think we got a decent squad and i beleive in wenger so lets c what happenend nxt

    by the way : good result for shitty spurs, they r back were they belong

    thx arsenalist and good day gunner


  • Gooner

    I agree that theo doesn’t hv a footballing brain! some ppl just develop an instinct n he’s not had it! theo usually just runs n crosses the ball blindly hoping that it falls to somebody! But that doesn’t mean that he has to be criticized that harshly! The whole reason that a manager n a coach exists is to mold players into better ones n more efficient ones!

    But now he’s showing that he can learn n he can develop n that he is not going to just be that young boy who scored a hat-trick for england! He’s getting more regular time as well in the lineup! He’s making better runs n his strikes are good! And as every1 said he’s just 21! he’s still adding skills to his arsenal n it will all shine in years to come!

  • Nabz

    jack wilshre js got arrested and released on he broke a womans arm!!!

  • Maruthy

    What a game.. Loved it. I met Arshavin at Heathrow after the game. He was checking in for his Moscow bound flight. Poor guy. Was so tired. Spoke to him for 30mins. he said , ‘ we played shit ‘ atleast 10 times hahaha..
    Cool guy but very lazy. Loved it

  • rizalregas

    @ kalone
    Well spot on the goal we conceded…..Clichy game is a bit scary since end of last season, during World Cup for France and now. Hope he will buck-up and get his focus and concentration back in rite place.
    Overall we had a good game and Walcott good job boy as u r improving game by game. Nice to watch u with that confidence u had now and pls keep that until end of the season with u!
    Come on Gunnerss….!!!

  • tony

    cappelo don`t you see walcot tarent i think its time now walcot to be on the firstteam for england.

  • a.k.a gunner

    i have a strange feeling about our striker situation, we are still 1 short… Van Persie out for a month, Eduardo gone, Bendtner injured, if anything should happen to Chamakh… then it would be familiar times for us… What’s Wenger thinking? He has hardly spent 15 million pounds out of the 30 or 40 that is supposed to be available for him… What’s with the saving and all? These are the transfer money from toure and abebayo..not the owners…
    Lets hope for the best!

  • KeepTheFaith

    Haha see Hleb is back, I bet you he is wishing he never left!!! Our beloved togo striker is probably thinking the same old thing!!

    I am glad to see the transfer window shut and Fabregas is still wearing an Arsenal shirt!!I’m very sorry that we did not snap up a WC goal keeper though! Unless we are going to play Vito!!

    In Arsene We Trust

  • gooonner!

    ok there goes by another transfer window, another few months of ifs and whens while we are stuck will almunia. honestly he did great the last few games, i just hope he can build from here to have a good season. god forbid if he does get injured i hope that AW plays vito, coz time has proven over and over again the fabianski is just not cut out for top flight footy.

  • Rumman

    no new keeper for us and on top spurs getting VDV, a typical “arsenal-style midfield player”, for a bargain 8 mio…

  • gooonner!
  • Cicely Tarry

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  • KeepTheFaith

    Ah crap, RVP out for 6 weeks!!! We do not DESERVE another season ruined by injuries!

  • a.k.a gunner

    looks like walcott is out for some time….

  • smoki46

    Walcott out for 4-6 weeks?? wtf?? I mean WTF??!!!
    this season’s gone 🙁

  • Gooner

    its started again and much earlier in the season! no walcott, vermelaen, van persie! damn!

  • Gooner

    well chamakh is there for RVP so lets hope he steps up! we got squillaci is there to replace vermelean but who replaces walcott? eboue?

  • Konvict

    anyone know a good website where i can watch the game online tomoro morning? i used to use sopcast but its rarely on there or i can never find a dam link for the game

  • gooonner!
    there are usually links for sopcast on there.

  • Einareen

    When is the next fucking game?!?! I am bored to death around here…

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