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Carlos Vela 1-0: Watch :: Download

Bacary Sagna 2-0: Watch :: Download

Nasri 3-0: Watch :: Download

Celtic Penalty Miss: Watch :: Download

Their goal 3-1: Watch :: Download

Their other goal 3-2: Watch :: Download

Full Highlight Pack: Watch

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Some worrying signs regarding our defense today, especially in the second half. Almunia had a good performance but we know he’s capable, just not consistent. Walcott’s performance was good but could be better, that’s the thing with him. He had some nice crosses and setup the Nasri goal nicely, but he gets so many play-making opportunities that one expects more. When Wenger says that we need another back, he’s not kidding. Too many times their wingers got behind our line and had paths to goal. I have to think a stronger team would punish us more. Still, it’s only pre-season and that’s why we play the games – to iron out the kinks. Chamakh had a fairly anonymous performance, I’m waiting to see what kind of combination him and Van Persie can be. No Cesc, no RVP, but we win the Emirates Cup. Hopefully it’s not the only only silverware this season.

  • anonymous_gooner


    Almunia looks well btw

  • budski

    I’m quite disappointed with Walcott’s performance. Despite of a several good runs and a couple of good passes, his overall performance was mediocre. He could’ve made much, much bigger contribution if only his kicking technique is so much better. For a winger his technique is horrendous. But I’m satisfied with Wilshere, I thought he was so fierce, wanting the ball so much, good movement, aggressive, nice passing. The others were also good. Almunia, for once, is also good. Let’s hope he could keep this form going. And he needs to reduce PUNCHING the ball. Couldn’t he just catch it instead? I’m baffled.

  • budski

    oh and Walcott is VERY bad at making decisions. Who to pass, when to pass, pass or shoot, etc.

  • Bombaclot

    Good game. Walcott – brilliant pace and ball control, but his delivery is just shit. It could’ve been 5 for us today. Very happy for Sagna, that was his 2nd ever goal for Arsenal.

    Can you add the cross bar shot by Wilshere? Didn’t see, but heard it was a great shot.

  • anonymous_gooner

    …and it seems to be we’ll got the same sloppy keepers band this season. Not that I hate some of our UNDERkeepers; they are good indeed, they make good saves (Manuel does, Lukas does) – but they are not that kind of keepers the team can rely on, you know what I mean.

    Frankly, I wish either Manuel or Lukas prove me wrong. They are really good, just not good enough so far.

  • Gooner

    Wilsheres shot against the bar nearly made me orgasm.

  • http://donthavelol ARSENAL_HAKIM

    arsenal are an amzaing team

  • http://donthavelol ARSENAL_HAKIM

    arsenal are an amzaing team and will hopefully prove that in the on coming season. i was confused in the last 10 minutes and 15 minutes as arsenal as always started to slack and the defending went from amazing to awfull. top markes to chammack’s goal (yesterday) and performance i thimk he is going to do well as he started to fit in well, i have notice that wallcott is not playin as good as he used to, his passin and awerness has gone crap. top marks to vela, sagna, nasri and almunia. arsenal will hopefully spank every other team and will improve. hope fabregas stayes his good !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • amused gunner


  • gooonner!

    heres a link to wilshere’s shot

  • Farshid

    walcott’s crosses and decisions was absolutely shit.
    even in the nasri’s goal he was lucky he didn’t lose the ball , and the first goal (vela’s) he aimed for the goal not to pass.
    so he really need to take advantage of his pace.
    his pace is just awesome, but he could made some easy passes and he didn’t.
    wilshere’s performance was good, but i don’t think he is suitable for starting line-up.
    the guy is the defensive midfield (song’s place) wasn’t that good (can’t count on him as a replace for song)
    Djourou is also not good for the first team.(sorry to say)

  • lockdown12

    We need a new keeper, as well as another CB. Almunia, while being adequate for this game, is simply not good enough. We need a world class keeper, or close to it. Frey, Akinfeev, Lloris, SOMEbody who can at least push for a start on their respective national teams.

  • Matt

    Thanks for the excellent videos again.

    A shame there are so many moaners polluting the Arsenal boards even when we win.

  • Rumman

    Something tells me that the pass from Theo for the Vela goal was actually a very very badly taken shot at goal – anyone feel the same?

  • Nacho Cheeseball

    I reckon not.. Walcott would not have side-footed too badly. Normally his side-foot shots are straight to the keeper. It’s the instep shots that go wide all the time.

    In the last 10 minutes they were thinking it was done and all but once the second goal from Celtic came in it was nervy to the end.

    No, Almunia isn’t top quality just because of this game. He was at fault for both the Celtic goals (positioning errors) and that does not amount to much anyway. He’s a great shot-stopper but a bad decision-maker.

    The third goal from Arsenal was the one that I was looking forward to. Walcott managed to find a pass and that was after a very nice passing move. Nasri wouldn’t miss from there of course.

    Second goal was an indication that Arsene has said something about having long shots.. That and the Wilshere cross-bar shot. I think Arsene finally realises that passing the ball into the net isn’t the only way to score.

    Djourou didn’t look nearly as comfortable as Koscielny or Vermaelen. I felt he could have done a little better with his challenges.

    Nonetheless, I think it was just a pre-season friendly and there’s still time to sort it out.

    Oh, and Arsenalist, great great videos.

  • Nacho Cheeseball

    Oh, looks like I made a mistake. Almunia wasn’t at fault!

    I thought he actually parried the first and let the striker get to it but upon closer inspection it was off a defender.

    But I still stand by my belief that Almunia isn’t the most solid keeper around.

  • budski

    I think Djorou’s marking was bad. He didn’t mark his opponent tight enough, plus he often positioned himself in a place where he could easily be outran by the opposition players, leaving him useless. But maybe it’s because of his long injury, I dunno.

  • Jonas

    cesc fabregas was made to cry when a film of him as a youth player at barcelona was played, i felt so sorry for him. hes in a tough situation, his club arsenal who have made him who he is, and his home, his life. barca.

    view it here:

  • Nabz

    i was there! to be honest boring match think wilshere is awsome still think he should go on loan on more season if fab stays then next season he’d be the complete midfielder. Coyg!

  • koon

    Cesc doesn’t want to play for Arsenal anymore, why must Arsene holds him? I think just sell him to Barca and get the money to buy Kaka.

  • gooonner!

    yeah… screw fabregas… we dont need a player who doesnt wanna be here.

  • zeb

    just wait until the start of the season, fabregas will be saying how much he loves arsenal in no time at all.

    i think that wilshire needs to go back to bolton for another half season until january, he will be toughened up by the competitive football, and we will have him as cover for the usual injery load we will have by february.

    anyway, stop moaning its only the second game and people are saying how bad walcott, almunia and co are, just remember, if they are really that bad, they can only get better.

  • Andy Hackett

    zeb, it’s not the second game actually. It’s the 5th pre-season game. Where have you been?

  • Rumman

    He just did 🙂

    “Firstly I would like to apologise to all the Arsenal fans for not speaking sooner about my future but I have not known what I was going to do until this moment, I cannot deny that joining a club like Barcelona was not an attractive move for me.

    “This was the club where I learnt my football, it is my home town where my friends and family are and a club where I have always dreamed of playing. There are not many players in the world who would not want to play for Barcelona.

    “I have had many conversations with Arsene Wenger both in person and over the phone over the last few months and although the content of those conversations will remain private, the conclusion is that Barcelona have had two formal offers rejected by Arsenal.”

    “I am a professional and I fully understand that it is Arsenal’s prerogative not to sell me,”

    ”I owe a lot to the club, manager and the fans and I will respect their decision and will now concentrate on the new season ahead with Arsenal.

    “I can assure all the fans that now the negotiations have ended I will be 100% focused on playing for Arsenal. I am an Arsenal player and as soon as I step out on to the pitch, that is the only club I will be thinking about. I am looking forward to the start of the season and putting this speculation behind me.”

  • amused gunner
  • Farshid

    two good news:D…. i liked V persie better.
    cesc talking was like that i’m staying one more year, after that we decide again:D….
    in fact i don’t want be in much stress , i hope if he wants to leave he do it quick not like this year:P

  • jesse the gun

    we don’t need these “fans” who turn on cesc just because he wants to play for the club he played for and supported,if i was playing for barca and arsenal showed intrest i wouldn’t hesitate in moving,he’s already done a lot for the club and he’s just committed himself for this season,so when he almost certainly moves next summer we will have ramsey back and wilshere a year further on,we will get a big transfer fee for cesc which will help strengthen the team and already have 3 ready made replacements in ramsey,wilshere and please you fair weather fans get behind the team and the manager,or go support someone else.GOONS FOR LIFE

  • KeepTheFaith

    First of all, Im glad he made his statement. Now I dont have to check all the transfer websites every 10min to see what will happen to Cesc. It is a huge step forward for the team as well as Arsenal and guess what it is a huge step backwards for barca… Arsene really slapped them over the wrist this time. PS finally a coach stood up agains one of the tranfer bullies, a lot of the coaches will do the same now…

    Secondly, we should all ask ourselfes the following question: Is Cesc one of our most important players? I would say defenately, and I would love to see him finish his 5 year contract and some more at Arsenal. What can we as fans do to see that happen? Take him back with open arms!!! Support him as our captain and never ever turn our backs on him!!! he will see what we as a club can do for him and he will not turn his back on us!!

    Every one is talkin about this being his last season, well I believe it is actually the start of a new Cesc at aresnal for many years to come!!

    Keep The Faith
    PS we only need one trophy this year and he will stay!!!

  • jesse the gun

    comment 20 and 21 gooners????????????????don’t think so!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • gooonner!

    i love cesc like hell but i love the arsenal way more… my point is tht he still didnt commit to the club beyond next season… its like real wantin cristiano.. man utd managed to hold on to him for just one more season… i think this will be his last unless we win the champions league… quite obviously, the whole time cesc was bein well ‘PR’d and truth be told as of now he still wants to go to barca, all he’s doin is resppectin ‘arsenal’s desicion to fulfil his contract, but is heart is at barca… and i dont think we need tht.. why should we hold on to a player whos heart is not with the club… look at rvp.. trophies or no trophies he has openly committed to the club… he truly deserves the no.10 jersey…

  • koon

    kinda agreed what gooonner! said. I love Arsenal Club more than any individual players. Well, now he going to stay for another season, i truly happy with that too. i have a feeling that he well perform very well, he keeps improving, what a player.

    But please please please, another decent defensive player and a keeper…please please please.

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