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Marouanne Chamakh 1-0: Watch :: Download

The illegitimate son of Carles Puyol 1-1: Watch :: Download

BONUS! Michel Bastos Freekick against Celtic

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My thoughts:

The score hardly matters in these games. What was good to see was Vermaelen already being in mid-season form, Vela looking very polished up front and Chamakh finding his way in those little triangles we run so often. The man that stood our for me early on was Jack Wilshere who looks first-team ready, although I’d still send him to Bolton so he can keep toughening up a little by playing some bruising football. It’s good to instill that in his head before he eventually comes into the Arsenal first-team.

I couldn’t really evaluate Laurent Koscielny because it’s too early to evaluate backs and he’s clearly still finding his positioning in the back four. It’s difficult for new backs to figure out their responsibilities, the comfort-zone of the other central defender, and the marking strategies. He was very aggressive in coming to the ball which is good, but as I said, it’s early days.

Our wing play looked solid all afternoon, we saw how critical Arshavin can be when he’s motivated and it’s downright scary to think how good our attack can be if he maintains his level of play, and if Vela and Wilshere continue to persist in attack. Nasri was great as usual but you can tell the wingers and Chamakh are still trying to find a wavelength.

Fabianski was OK, nothing great, probably in a poor position for the goal but that’s to be expected of him. He’s an average keeper at best and showed that.

All in all, a good day.

  • imran

    what 1-1 chamakh 2 out of 2 goals

  • Santinocorleone

    It was quiet a good game. We should have beaten Milan if Randall would have been more lucky.

    But as the Arsenalist said, the display of the team was good.
    Chamakh doesn’t know his ways yet but he was still havin a very good game.
    The doublepass with Arshavin in the 2nd leg was incredible.

    Wilshere was outstanding but I’d rather keep him at Arsenal and let him play against weaker teams because he as well doesn’t now the ways of his companions.

    Nasri was kinda average today.
    Vermaelen looked great.
    Koscielny did look very good actually – very aggressive and with a good position.
    Did have some good tackles.

    Looking forward for 2morrow ‘caus that team may give us more trouble, seing their performance 2day.

    Thanks for the vids, mate!

  • Jonas

    Djourou was at fault for the goal. Idiot ducked under the ball rather than clearing the ball.
    Randall is useless, been at arsenal for years trying to break through, just cant seem to do it, and wilshere is my bet in that position.

  • zeb

    that free kicks awesome

  • Andy Hackett

    Haha, hey, every time Chamakh scores for us can I say “Well that was a real Chamakh in the face for (insert opposing team name here).”

    Example: “Well, that goal yesterday was a real Chamakh in the face for Milan.”

    Please say yes.

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