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  • Santino Corleone

    It surely was not boring since Arsenal has been playing so if U put your heart into it, you can’t say it was boring since the adrenaline keeps coming everytime we were about to create a chance.

    Given did some good saves. I think, we should have won this game.
    It was a joy to watch how good our defense and the midfield looked.
    Diaby and Song especially were a joy to watch.

    Man City was nearly not playing. I only saw them in the defensive and their counters were poor.
    Also the few chances they created in the second leg were poor.

    We can be proud reachin this result although a win would be deserved.
    I’ve never seen such a good defense from Arsenal this season – without Gallas and Vermaelen.

    Even Silvestre was looking good.

    3rd place is ours and we ain’t gonna let no one take it from us.
    Up the Gunners!

  • Gooner

    It was quite boring! i can understand wat u mean bout the excitement wen arsenal is passing n pushing but that was hardly there in the game! Pity the RVP free kick din get in! or that nasri was ruled offside but beyond that nothin solid! RVP was sharp

    Compared to last season this time we’ve lost a few more matches but drawn fewer n won more! so i would say that its an improvement considering we’ve not always had the luck our way n the injuries n such! I think as long as reinforcements arrive in summer we should continue being a treat to watch n a threat to all the silverware.

    Heard wenger has got a few million to spend n i hope he gets in some more young talent like vermalean. As he has shown over the years he does have an eye to pick out talent.

  • jw

    Our defence today looked gd indeed or maybe jus becos city were too lousy in attack….
    i agree wif you gooner! Come on getting chamakh and joehart would be gd and maybe one more centreback if gallas and silvestre leaves….

  • Nabz

    We played attacking style..whereas all city did was defend defend defend which made it very boring although watching RvP bak in action was brill!

    i do think we will need a striker and a better goal keeper to win the title next year.

    btw vermaleen and cesc and joe hart were in the team of the year!!

  • dubbledubs71

    we played very well against city & were very unlucky not to win, for a team chasin top 4 city offered nothing & were spineless as usual. it was the neverending injury list which fucked us over more than anything. sol campbell has been immense since he came home, he has the heart of a lion & the younger players shud watch n learn, but if i see that cunt silvestre in the team nxt yr im buyin a sniper rifle. no doubt if rvp & cesc had been playin for even a few of them games we would still be in the hunt, but the team is goin the right way, the future is bright, the future is red & white. man u & chelsea could play on minefields & they still wouldnt have as many injuries. time to get some steel at the back a goalie that isnt a total fuckup. how can the team be confident goin forward with them shitheaps at the back. some firepower up front cuz b52 will never be as good as he thinks he is & keepin a hold of cesc is a must too. i shall be watchin the transfers market with interest, heard that dustcloud over europe was caused someone blowin the dust off wengers chequebook. ARSENAL FOREVER A.F.C

  • Ayeshni

    Fuck Manchester City. Wankers. Cowards.

    If they claim fourth spot and make it to the CL, it’s sure to be an embarrassment for the whole league. Do English football a favour, and suck dick Citeh.

  • KeepTheFaith

    Hahaha Man C didn’t even have the balls to try and kill of a limping Arsenal FC! I do hope that Villa can slip into 4th now! They deserve it, much less resources but still they are fihting for 4th!

    Our defence was solid due to the NEW African star, Song! You keep our Drugball, Song deserved African player of the year! Even Sylvestre looked like a pro when he didnt slip.

    Come on the gunners, on we march! Cannot waite for next season! In Arsene nd Arsenal we trust

  • dubbledubs71

    just been on google news, BENTDNER-I AM THE BEST STRIKER IN THE WORLD, laff my fuckin ass off. if hes the best who the fuck is the worst

  • Gooner

    apparently Barca want to get clichy in return for bojan! wat do u guys think??

    clichy is a nice player! he has taken time to get to form after injury but i’m sure next season he’ll do well… on the other hand we do hv some depth in that area with traore and gibbs even tho both were injured this season…

    Also bojan is rated highly but do we really need another young, SHORT and promising talent?? I’m not sure

  • Magical Arsenal

    if the barca rumour is true it may benefit us greatly, depending on how you see it.

    Clichy is the most hardworking player when training, and he is fast on attack, but his defending may come under question. For much of the games he had played he had allowed wingers to outrun and catch him on the wrong foot, like against Nani, that eventually lead to a goal.

    However even if barca do get him we still have Kieran Gibbs, who I personally feel is a better defender and can score wonderful goals. Backup Armand Traore may lack experience but in the few games he had played he showed his immense talent like his through ball to Walcott which ended in Fabregas curling a shot pass Brad Friedel against Aston Villa.

    Bojan may be short but he is extremely good at scoring goals, short or not, and he had performed extremely well when Ibrahimovic was out with an injury. This exchange can help us have solid substitutes and back ups in case of many injuries in our attacking department. here we could have RvP’s skills, touches, ball holding and finishing, Walcott’s pace, Vela’s dribble, bendtner’s goals, Chamakh’s heading prowess, and Bojan would complete our attack. Revert Rosicky and nasri back to their original cm positions to use their vision and offload Eduardo. job done.

    In defense of course we have the youth academy of Arsenal Football Club, along with Wenger’s (in him we always trust) vision, we’ll epic pwn.

  • budski

    well it does make sense for barca to get a left back with the quality of clichy, because the only weak point of barca is the left back. maxwell/abidal? not so good i think. but i dont think Bojan will benefit Arsenal in any way. Arsenal already have too much Bojan-type player. Vela? Arshavin? Eduardo? although vela is not as good as bojan, arshavin is more of a playmaker type of guy and much older, and eduardo is losing his better form. but still, we DONT need another small-but-fast kinda player. We need tough players who could challenge big defenders, or else the crossings from our full backs and wingers would be mostly cut by defenders or the goalkeeper. how about clichy for messi hahahaha. that was a joke obviously. the only deal for clichy that I would settle for with Barca, if I was the manager, would be an exchange for Pique. we do need a competent partner on the back for Vermaelen, after all.

  • johnny 46

    QUOTE OF THE DAY: Andrei Arshavin issues a come-and-get-me plea of sorts: “Even playing just one season for Barcelona would make a pinnacle of my whole career … I think there are three coaches who are the best in the world – Fabio Capello, Jose Mourinho and Guus Hiddink. If I would pick a coach for the Russian national team, I’d want one of them to be our boss. Arsene Wenger is also a good coach but not for Russia.”
    f… him I say, let him go

    as for Bojan, thanks but no thanks, all was already said, short, and kinda talented, but no thank you,
    we rally need BIG and TOUGH players to complement tha quality we have in speed and technique

  • thierryhenry

    from the

    ROBERTO MANCINI is ready to dump £50million worth of talent out of Manchester City in the summer.

    He will also demand full power over all transfers in and out of Eastlands.

    Boss Mancini wants to sell Emmanuel Adebayor, Shaun Wright-Phillips, Wayne Bridge and Stephen Ireland.

    A £50million bid for Fernando Torres will kick off his efforts to reshape the side.

    The Italian is close to leading City into the Champions League for the first time and planning radical changes he regards as vital to help him lift the Premier League title in 2010-11.

    Adebayor, 26, cost £25m from Arsenal last year and has hit 13 goals in 28 games.

    Wright-Phillips, 28, returned to City in August 2008 for £8.5m from Chelsea.

    Mancini has started him in only six games, while the player has been at odds with the manager on the training ground and with the club over a new contract.

    Bridge, 29, cost £10m from Chelsea in January 2009.

    His season has been hit by injury and personal problems involving his ex-fiancee Vanessa Perroncel and former Chelsea pal John Terry.

    Midfielder Ireland, 23, has been with the club since he was 15.

    Read more:

  • akagunner

    ah… at last we have something to be happy about… inter victory over barca…


  • Gooner

    Wats up with Arshavin? loser! Hopefully he’s still motivated to playy for arsenal. he looks so ordinary wen he’s not motivated

  • Farshid,19528,11661_6122516,00.html

    seems arashvin stays , hope to see the same news with fabregas and RVP which these 2 might leave:(

  • dubbledubs71

    its been clear for a long time arshavin has wanted to leave arsenal, let him go, a sulker is no good 4 the team, as for bojan, no thanks, id rather have darren bent (i cant c steve(nose goes east nose goes west) bruce floggin him. pique 4 clichy wud b a nice swap. So city av found out adebayor is a good for nothin lazy cunt, took them long enuff. lloris??? no thanks, woeful yet agn in champs league, dont need another comedy goalie thank you. lol at barca turnin on the sprinklers at full time soakin inter, & startin fights cuz theyre sore losers NO CLASS hahaha. take fabianski, almunia, arshavin, silvestre, rosicky & all the other useless cunts, put em on a boat & sink it. with keepin cesc & at least 4 players needed its gonna b tuff 2 spread the cash around & altho samir nasri has been outstanding all season & could fill cescs place, id hate to c our talisman go. wenger shudda signed alonso & shay given when he had the chance. i saw in paper city were after cesc lool, ideas above their station. i dunno who an atheist wud pray 2, but im prayin nxt year spuds get relegated & cheerin on villa 4 top 4 now. SHIT ON THE YIDSCUM ARSENAL FOREVER A.F.C

  • johnny 46

    @ dubbledubs71
    spoken like a wiseman, can’t wait for the next season
    I just cannot look at a player who is not 100% committed to a club

  • Farshid

    @ dubbledubs71

    i’m glad ur not a coach or manager or something
    we sure need to keep our current players like arshavin.
    i agree he didnt do the best thing on his comment about barca but fans doesnt need to be like that ,
    so grow up and instead of choosing players for arsenal , let’s see what wenger will do on transfer windows and comment on it

  • Gooner

    apparently he was lost in translation! Anyway don really care wat he says or does if he performs well thats it!!

    It’ll be sad to see another adebayor in the team! dunno if arshavin is like that! he played for our team with a bruised foot n shot goals with it so maybe he’s not!

  • Ayeshni

    Arshavin is a fuckin’ God. Think about the 4 all, you’ll see where I’m coming from.

    dubbledubs71 , you sir, an ignorant fuckin’ retard. Twat. Get your head out of your asshole, and look reality in the face.

  • Bettie Collicott

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