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MOTD Highlights:

Nicklas Bendtner 1-0

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It looked like we had totally fucked up but St. Nick’s header got us through…With Chelsea’s win over Man Utd, it’s back to three points separating the top 3.

This was looking like it would be a very frustrating night because everything we shot at goal was usually straight at Hahnemann. Eduardo wasted two early chances and at the time I remember telling myself how this could come back to haunt us. When Henry (pronounced like it’s spelt) got sent off for a tackle on Rosicky, I thought we’d break the deadlock but still, everything was straight at Hahnemann and our crossing was very poor. Rosicky had a couple half-chances but they were saved and Wenger brought on Vela for Eduardo which didn’t seem to make a difference. I must say, Eduardo’s looking like a shell of his former self.

I thought Nasri should’ve started this match, without Fabregas in the middle and Arshavin on the left, there’s little creativity out there but Wenger opted to keep him on the bench till late. When he came on he had an instant impact in the middle and supplemented Walcott down the right well. Theo had a decent game in that he made the Wolves defense work, some of his crosses were good, some were very predictable but the real problem was that there’s nobody of great quality to get on the end of them with RVP out.

It’s three points earned but it shouldn’t take away from the fact that we were too close to dropping two points at home and essentially killing off our title bid.

It’s on to Barcelona.

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  • nischit

    Would you please please, somehow post the goal.
    What a game…BENDTNER!!! Give us some more at Nou Camp.Go gunners!!Lets gun down Barca!!

  • Arsenalist

    I’ll find it.

  • Farshid

    OMG, i really thought it is the end, but what a great header:)
    in fact i think if we can work on our crosses we can score against barca with these heads:D
    dont you think?!
    anyway, so happy to see arsenal won when manU droped points its now up to chelski to drop points again:D

  • Gooner

    That was close wasn’t i my God! Good work from B52 to get the goal! But we were lucky that things worked out that way! n the missed chance on the break after that!! 4 of us on 1 of wolves n we screwed it up!!

    N cross after cross without any1 to aim at I din really get y they were doing that! n totally agree bout Nasri boosting the quality of the midfield! He’s definitely our cover for Fabregas! can pick out passes really well!

    Hopefully they push themselves to perform better at Barca! We need every1 at the best possible form!

  • SeattleGunner

    More late game heroics from Arsenal! I swear I’m going to have a heart attack with all the nail biters we’ve had this season.

    Keep it up Gunners we can still do this.

  • budski

    woohooooo B52!! the game was really getting on my nerves, the goal was so so so very late haha but a win is a win! yess Arsenal keep up the good form! they’re gonna win this league!!

  • good sight but….

    mate I like this site but easy on the french connection language…fcuk etc.

  • gooonner!

    if bendtner can do that against barca with puyol and pique out, we will be goin to the semis

  • Tieneich


  • http://arsenalist gersece

    late goal again

  • Some guy pretending to be Sonofkick

    i must say i have no faith left in arsenal with all these injuries. maybe next season.

  • Nabz

    LOL on the main video look at sol cambell celebrating with nick at 0:15 looks like hes making love to him LMAO!

  • nolagunner

    This team is going to kill me.

  • Tieneich

    Oh man, what a build up and what a cross by Sagna

  • gooonner!

    haha sol dry humped nick πŸ˜›

  • Simon

    Hi! Oh man that was an nervy game was it ? I havent seen it so would really apprechiate full match highlights if possible.
    Thanks mr B52 you are our savior!

  • jet007

    i am unhappy with out arsha and cesc but b52 is superman

  • goomer

    can somebody find a download link of bendtner’s goal? coz i searched it for hours and i can’t find it, i realy need the video to complete my arsenal 09/10 goals collection… thanx before gooners…

  • http://hotmail Akshun Jackson

    Can’t wait to watch Match of the Day tonight… listened to the game on the radio, which makes things extra intense – nearly had a fuckin stroke … I just have this special tingling feeling that we are gunner win the title this year. Fabregas was there representing the set with his crutches – what a fuckin’ soldier.

    And the best part is – Spurs lost. ha!ha! wankers.

    “Go on to Redtube and have a wank if you hate Tottenham…”

  • conner

    I wasnt able to watch it, but fuck!! I would have had a heart attack for sure. I dont know how Wenger keeps his ticking with a finish like that. Unbelievable.

    Now chelski need to suck some wang, hopefully tie liv at anfield and spuds at wh lane. manure is screwed w/out Rooney, I was able to watch that game today and manure were boring and really did not ceate a decent chance the whole game. The commentators after the game said chelski have already won the premiership but they are dick weeds in my eyes.

    We still got a chance, come on you Gunners!!!

  • nook

    I turn of the match right after 92 mins. Because I was late for soccer competition here. I thought it is gonna over for gunners, but, my god, B52 + the whole team = unbelievable.

    by the way, my team won 1 match and lose 1 match because the crap referee ( really sound like wenger? )

    i have the feeling we gonna win at nou camp.

  • conner

    mike mccarthy is a twat. any chance of motd highlights Alist?

  • Saad

    I think it’s really amazing to note that in around our last 10 games we’ve managed to score in the last few minutes in almost every single one.

    Hopefully Chelsea can drop some points(they still have Villa, Liverpool AND Spurs to play!) along with United(their ties are a little easier, but they still have City and Tottenham to play) and we’re able to see off our remaining fixtures.

  • goonerkap

    i m happy to see sol focused like in the old me hope for camp nou..GO GOONS !

  • book

    thanks bendtner!!

  • BajeGooner

    i admit…i was so irritated and upset….i said to myself it was a good run…i kept hoping Nasri made some magic or Rosicky…or B52 got a famous rebound…i started counting down the last 10mins with a friend(a man u fan lol) 10 8 7 5 3 extra time is 5mins….4..3.2..OMFG Bendtner!!!! well we all had a go at him when he said he was arsenals best striker…funny enough with rvp out…he actually is…well done today lads..but no more scares!!!! please do not be awed by Barca..from the get go get in their faces…thats barcas downfall…they cant handle when teams give them a bit of their own medicine…at emirates we “overly” respected barca….now its time to put our respect outta the way and get at them!!!
    ps yes sol dry humped B52!!! loooool

  • conner

    dry humped the bejesus out of him

  • Tieneich

    Zlatan is ruled out for Tuesday Night’s game.

  • Loksta

    Its really tough to cope without your best players. No Fab, Arshavin , RVP, Gallas and it does become more difficult to creative somethin. Nonetheless we did the Job. Thank God for that. it wuldve def been upsettin 2 draw at home to wolves! well done lads.

  • conner

    Thanks for the MOTD highlights! We do need better finishing though, Eduardo’s finish in front of goal was atrocious, and Sagna has has has to beat the keeper when he has an oppertunity like that. Walcott was doing amazing things on the right wing, but he does have to have better results. Cant wait for Barca now!! Go Arsenal!

  • kalone

    I stayed up to watch this performance.

    I was disappointed and will never do so again.

  • Arsegasm

    Fucking Hansen and Lawrensen can stick it right up their arses. That was a nailed on red card. Daangerous tackle from behind, Henry got none of the ball and all of the man. Credit to the referee for giving it. If referees gave more red cards for foukls like that, perhaps there might be fewer serious injuries in the Premiership.

  • Sonofkick

    @Sonofkick Says: April 3rd, 2010 at 9:47 am…..

    For the dush who need to use my speudo to make a comment … go screw yourself…

    i for one never lost any faith in my team and if you need a speudo get this one ” saddushbagwhooncewearthespurtflag””

    arsenal is the team with the biggest heart ever, men if they do this to barca i m more than happy

  • nick

    Come on gunners~~~~~`

  • Flame

    When B52 Scored I almost lost my voice shouting at the screen. I thought it was all over but we’re getting the type of luck that use to elude us. You never know lads this might be our season. Keep the faith!!

    LMFAO I have heard rumours sol is gay, I have no idea what he was thinking!

  • konvict

    anyone hear what wolves player henry said?

    “I thought they were lucky getting a goal and lucky the referee sent me off, which was an absolute joke,” Henry declared.

    “I have gone in to win it, Rosicky has gone across me to shield the ball. By that time, I have already gone to ground.

    “One of their players has come in, (Thomas) Vermaelen flying in and whoever else, trying to get me sent off.

    “I certainly wouldn’t be running over, trying to get a player sent off.

    “I have seen it again and I have nicked the ball. It was never a red card, it is an absolute disgrace.”

    Rosicky went off for treatment to the back of his calf, which did have stud marks, but was soon able to continue.

    “He is up and running around two minutes later, absolutely fine,” the 27-year-old Wolves midfielder said.

    “That is what they do here, I don’t think it’s pretty.

    “Their players moan when they get tackled when they get hit hard and so does Arsene Wenger.

    “Here in particular, Arsenal moan a lot, their players go down like a sack of spuds.

    “They get hit hard like any other clubs do and we are hearing about it for weeks and weeks.

    “They play good football here, and are a great side, but it is not nice to see.

    “We love Arsenal’s great football, but when they are rolling around getting people sent off, it makes you not want to see them do so well.”

  • konvict

    in my opinion it was a bad tackle and deserved a red.

  • gunnersorous

    come on the gunners!!

  • Arsegasm

    β€œI have seen it again and I have nicked the ball. It was never a red card, it is an absolute disgrace.”

    Henry is a fucking liar. He did not get one tiny little bit of the ball. Completely deserved red, and thoroughly understandable to see the boys angry at yet another dangerous tackle on one of their colleagues.

    β€œHe is up and running around two minutes later, absolutely fine,” the 27-year-old Wolves midfielder said.

    Henry can consider himself bloody lucky that Rosicky was only slightly injured. As we’ve seen all too often, reckless tackles like that can and do cause serious injury. That’s why the Arsenal boys got angry. Well done ref for giving the red.

  • kalone

    I think its somewhere between a yellow and a red, it would have depended on the referee. And to be honest I think the referee was affected by the fans and players screaming for him to be sent off and maybe even Arsenal’s history in injuries that happened with almost the same circumstances. Either way it was still a bad challenge.

  • budski

    well Henry’s a dumb fuck. Has another team ever got 4 players with similarly broken leg in 3 years? I don’t think so. Any team or manager would moan when they’ve become so sick watching their teammates went down to the ground with their leg hanging around like a freaking jelly. Or bones coming out of their leg. YOU are a disgrace, Henry.

  • BajeGooner

    ok im gonna go on something crazy here….for the barca game…
    if song doesnt make it for the game…what of sol filling in? ok sol would be out of position..but he cant really deal with barca running at him as a defender…but playing infront of the back four may well be a good thing…he would need more positional sense than speed in that position…and that he has…his lack of pace has been caught out but never him being out of position…plus sol would add height presence strength and one hell of a tackle in the middle(think viera like)….along with rosicky nasri walcott diaby/denilson i think this may actually work…let me admit this…silvestre is suspect…yet he had a fab game against wolves..granted wolves are no barca…but it shows he can step up a level….let hope he can retain that level/surpass it…so my line up would be like:
    Rosicky Diaby/Denilson Walcott

  • cdjones

    Hansen wasn’t talking about the game. He was talking about pace.

  • B52Dubai

    All B52 fans can come out of the closet – follow him on Facebook, very tidy site with lots of updates and comments:

  • Tieneich

    Um… Bajagunner. Sol is doubtful as well.

    Our line up is probably

    Spanish P0rnstar
    Sagna TV5 Silvestre Stallone Clichy
    Denilson (I prefer Eboue) Nasri Diaby
    Walcott B52 Eduardo

  • Jenniffer Milonas

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