• Singha

    there now has to be a miracle loss by man u and chelsea…. fuck alumnia he’s fucking shit all he had to do was grab the ball or punch it over the bar!!!

  • Singha

    fucking horse shit!

  • gunner

    fuck sake almunia

  • gunfan


    arsene wengers fault got it all wrong.

  • wignes

    for fucks sake

  • gooner

    we lost the league for sure…..we’re not winning the champions league. another trohpy-less season. thank wenger, bendtner, and almunia.

    wenger’s clearly lost it….i dont understand how doesn’t see that almunia, and bendtner are our starters and wudn’t make the reserves at man u or chelsea…we’re not winning anything until he changes his shit philosophies and gets a proper goalie and a proper striker.

  • gt

    Got it all wrong. Almunia is responsible, but so is the whole defense. We were supposed to park the bus in our box, yet there were 3 – 4 blue shirts that were TOTALLY uncovered on the left side, which allowed them to get the ball at ease and then created havoc in the area. Someone please teach our team how to defense. AW is not doing the job. Where’s Martin Keown now???

  • Gooner

    not good finishing by arsenal again! we had enuf chances in the last 20 min once nasri n arshavin came on n a bit too casual after we got the goal!!

    I don wanna blame almunia coz by now we should know that he sucks n can let in a goal anytime n the offense cant lose seriousness with just a one goal lead wen he’s around!!

  • gt

    Both Nasri or Arshavin had chances to kill the game, but neither could do the job.

  • gt

    Two chances to kill the game, we took none of them. I don’t know what Nasri was thinking, but c’mon you just scored a goal, and no one was in the box to wait for your pass… remember it was a long pass? Try to beat the goalkeeper, son.

    As for Arshavin, by now he should know NB likes to pass. His lame “shot” showed that he simply didn’t concentrate and anticipate a pass.

  • mofaz

    why do we have to keep attacking when we know we cant score .. just keep the ball .. take it to the corner flag force a throw in .. this happens again and again we just dont learn from past mistakes..

  • http://www.adrian.tk/ fourstar

    gunfan – you’re a disgrace. How dare you. Wenger has got this club to where it is with style and using proper football values. We should be singing his name from the rafters. If you are a glory hunter you can piss off and support Real Madrid or something. In fact, you shouldn’t even be allowed to have the word ‘fan’ in your comment name you utter numpty.

    Now fuck off.

  • mofaz

    Oh well.. we are on target for 3rd. thats what Arsene aimed for ..

  • jw

    watching this game as an arsenal fan makes my heart break…..
    for most parts of the game we did not deserve anything. when we had the chances to kill the game we wasted them and got punished…..
    any chances to win the title? we really have to depend on the other teams. hope the manutd vs chelsea game ends as a draw and they drop points in their remaining games. The chances of that happening is vry low……but anw i feel that we shld concentrate on barca now and not dwell over this game. GO GUNNERS!!

  • vk

    we just freaking lost the league:(

  • Gooner

    I din think we had an awesome chance at the title but the least we could do is win the games we had n take the challenge to them!!

    Disappointing!! lets see wat happens with Barca! we need more quality! NB is a daft dodo n is not on the same skill level as the rest of the front line!!

  • Gunner 4-Life

    I know that it seems pitch dark but we go to stay positive. If Man Utd hopefylly draws against bolton they will be at 70p and if they then also draw against chelsea next week they will be at 71p and Chelsea at 72p. And HOPEFULLY WE DON’T FU**ing lose against Wolves and get 71p. And if it goes like this there might be a chance.

    Next week (Hopefully):

    Chelsea 72p
    Man Utd 71p
    Arsenal 71p

  • mofaz

    we dont deserve to win the match we were lucky we didnt go 1 goal down when the ball hit the post and bounced off their player..when we scored we were selfish and didnt keep the ball ..cant blame the keeper becoz he just being .. well … Almunia. But the positive side we are not suppose to challenge for the title, we are suppose to be fighting to stay in the top 4.

  • Gunner 4-Life

    mofaz: But the positive side we are not suppose to challenge for the title, we are suppose to be fighting to stay in the top 4.

    And can I just ask why we are not supposed to challenge for the title?

  • Arsenal0701

    the second goal was clearly an offside don’t you think? look at the 2 blue uniforms behind the red ones.. damnn it Almuniaa!!!!!

  • Ali


    U guyz told me dat Bendtner is a gr8 player and hence v should not call him a lucky player who gets simple tap inns…. Well wat do u say about this match, a gr8 player is the one who scores out of nothing when the team depends on him, specially if dat idiot is the main striker… Atleast open ur eyes now and believe wat is there in front of u… he along with our psycho almunia are good for nothing baster****ds who gave away the match…. bendtner dint do anything in the match being as a main striker which is not new at all if u have seen him play closely…. GOONER will surely agree with me.. Almunia wat to say about him…. i guess u urself will figure it out….. have to say betr than bendtner is nasri who atleast got a gr8 goal almost a winner. thanx to Fuc*****in Almunia who ruined it

  • lockdown12


  • lockdown12

    We were counting on Chelsea and Man Utd to drop points regardless of what we did. We didn’t help ourselves, for sure, but this isn’t over yet.

  • http://hotmail Akshun Jackson

    Almunia you fucking seal!!! …and I don’t mean the ‘Kiss From a Rose’ one. We had a chance to buy Shay Given who was very cheap and would not have compromises the frugil sentiments of Arsene – yet we piss money away paying Manuel wages!!

    I would not give you chocolate money for a lot of our squad – and I am usually an obediant fan I have supported Arsenal all my life, lunchbox an everything – and i can tell you this choking business has happened too many times. Still love ’em though.

    Fuck Spurs.

  • aak

    ahhh man now all these pundits will go on and say ohh there to small for a title winning team well i wouldlike to this

    in november we were written off (11 points if im correct)

    by january we lost to both chelsea and man u

    now look at us i still believe teres about 7 to 6 games left and yes we should have finished but its football anything can happen

    in arsene i trust

  • DF

    Dont get too overboard.
    Somehow this is coming–do you think with this squad, the Arsenal can win 13 games in a row? We have not won 7 games in
    a row since 2007! So, if it is not against B’ham, it is against
    other teams. It is heartbreaking, but after the anger is over,
    let us take a fair look at the team. Hopefully the team can get over this and win the rest of the games, starting with Barca.
    Gt is right–You can see Diaby and Denilson do not cover the space in front of the defence. I will excuse cesc because it looks he is nursing an injury. This team still have to learn…
    Our time will come, maybe not this season, maybe not even the next; but I am sure our time will come.

  • gooonner!

    this is soo shit… seriously i cant believe we lose to small scum like birmingham… yeah ok almunia is bad… but we should have killed it off ages ago… we played like liverpool. boring, dull and freakin depressing.

  • goooooooner

    Sorry, guys, but all our team ran all the match as if they shit in their pants.

  • http://www.ladz.biz shit on the villa

    guys , we havent been beaten at home by manure ,chelski,spurs,man city and now you arses ! give credit to our fighting spirit and fortress mentality at st andrews please

  • mofaz

    We deserve the draw in fact we should count ourselves lucky because if that birmingham player managed to score after the ball hit the post earlier we’d lost 2 – 1..so i guess 1 point is better than none..hope we can bounce back in the CL and next weekend..

  • Arsenal for Life

    “Late goals could show it Arsenal’s year”

  • Sim

    Just so hard to take that late in the game although we have had our fair share of late goals. It makes it extra tough that 2 teams who should cause our rivals problems rolled over today. Villa were a disgrace at Stamford Bridge and it sounds like Bolton (after scoring United’s first for them unchallenged)have given up 2nd half. I don’t think you can blame Almunia, who expects a clearance to fly back straight over your head? Im not saying hes a great keeper by any stretch of the imagination but as freak goals go that is rare. Also hes off his line in anticipation of Phillips getting to it before Sagna and taking it goalwards so his position is not wrong but unfortunately if he had been on the line his touch would have taken it over. We are relying on others again, and hoping that Utd vs Chelsea is an injury-strewn 0-0 which sees numerous players banned for 3 matches. Ironically we need Liverpool and City to put more pressure on Spurs so that they need to get results against the top 2. I still fancy us to get a result on Wednesday, Fabregas with 2 and Arshavin in a 3-1 victory (id love to say Barca wont score but im not that naive).
    Dont give up there is still at least one more major twist in this bizarre season!
    Come on you Gunners!

  • Norwegian Fag

    Come on people! Keep up the faith! Arsenal can win this, if we can win every single match now, we can win. The hope is not lost, not for any of the two trophies we can win.
    Of course we can beat Barca, everyone knows that Arsenal plays awesome football, but so do Barcelona. We will meet our own style of football. At least it will be an enjoyable game.

    Everybody, keep up the faith! We can still win this! We can still prevail with the Trophies in our hands!

  • gunfan

    @ fourstar I personally believe Arsene Wenger is possibly the best thing ever to happen to Arsenal………..but what is that saying every human on the planet knows oh yeah “EVERYONE MAKES MISTAKES”
    all I am saying is (IN MY OPTION) AW has made some tactical mistakes today. Everyone is entitled to their own option and that’s mine. Enough said.

  • vitche

    I don’t understand people who blame Bendtner for the loss. All right he didn’t do anything extraordinary but he was decent throughout the game and provided Arshavin with a goalscoring opportunity at the end of the match. Arshavin didn’t score. Yet somehow people manage to criticize Bendtner. For what? Shame on these people

  • Gooner

    I think its just a bad day at the office for arsene! he took some calculated risks! n rightly so!! n resting arshavin n nasri din help in terms of our performance coz we were really bad thru the game!!

    But i hope arsene stops talking bout bad fouls in every interview! its getting embarrassing at times! U cant really complain too much bout the way they played! they were some stupid ones made from both sides n thats wat free kicks n yellow cards are for!!

  • http://www.ladz.biz shit on the villa

    bendtner was NEVER gonna score against US . he spent the best year of his life with us and will always reflect on how the bluenoses treated him .
    far different to the constant harping from you lot.
    Remember what i said earlier too ….we were unbeaten against chelski and 1 draw against manure .
    thats more points we helped you lot with

  • gooonner!

    We need a boost, maybe a new signing or something. I’m honestly tired of being always almost making it, always third freaking place.

  • Arsenalist FTW

    We cannot blame Almunia he has always been shit. We cannot blame Nick because “Arshavin didn’t score” so who the fuck is to blame for this huh?

  • BajeGooner

    from the get go we played very defensively. it didnt seem like we had our usual rhythm. am i disappointed? yes. does manu have to play chelski next week? yes. here is to hoping for a draw and we win. needless to say, it was the teams fault. not almunia. we win together, we lose together. 6 games left and we can still do this…weve made it harder for ourselves yes…but its not over…we have one more chance to make it right next week…i think a 442 variation was the best formation for today.

  • GoonerBusiness

    Lads, lads, settle down… We lost 2 points today due to some silly mistakes which I will not look back on now. If Chelsea draw with Man Utd and we win wolves at the emirates next week (I have no doubts there) then those 2 points we lost today can kiss my ass. I seriously still have hope in winning this title. Come on guys where is the confidence??

    Bring on the Barca!!!

  • dubbledubs71

    bunch of fuckin nancy boys, them slacker cunts, they knew wot they had 2 do & as usual they balls it up, no excuses, birmingham is a game we should have won, wenger please sign stevie wonder 4 goalkeeper, he couldnt do worse than that assclown aluminuim. if clichy & campbells body language is anything 2 go by we are in deep shit on wednesday.but on our day we are a match for any team, lets hope wednesday is that day. i wonder if barcalona like lasagne??? bendner ive got u a taxi 2 finsbury pk social security office on monday 2 sign on cuz a footballer u fucking aint. arsenal forever…shit on spurs

  • conner

    damnit. We still have hope though. gotta keep the faith gents. Go Gunners!!!

  • Gooner

    If they don defeat barca i don really care if they win the league or not!!!

  • sighing

    We still need faith in the players and the manager to win this. It’s not over till it’s over.

  • http://aaronarin.blogspot.com aaronarin

    I am very disappointed

  • Nabz

    Agree with GoonerBusiness.. you lot are dumb when we win u lot are proud supporters and when we loose you have a go at the squad we are not the BESTEST team we aint the ‘Invincibles” anymore so always expect a few defeats here and there..keep your hopes high but not high enough that you’ll think we will wiin all 38 games.
    Like GoonerBusiness Saidwe an stil do it calm down. Breath

  • gunnerfan123

    did you guys realize that the goal arsenal conceded was actually offsides. SERIOUSLY LOOK AT THE VIDEO!.. the guy who makes the pass to Kevin Faggot passes the ball when there is a blue shirt way ahead. WTF… thats a totall offside position

  • Sonofkick


    i agree with u
    and it was a fluk goal against us..
    looking at some member of the squad iam happy third …
    never liked almunia
    we missed vermaleen today and rvp
    wenger is right to preserve player ahead of barcelona.. cos we could get 2 very hard game against them ..
    and yes stop moaning about AW when we lose cos yes AW IS ARSENAL and without him we would not be a regular in CL , and we would play like liverpool or worse like spuss
    i arsenal i believe and wenger i thankx

  • budski

    almunia was actually quite good until that last minute blunder. I think, Arsenal was just very, very unlucky. You can’t really blame the defensive players, just look at the CBs, Campbell, however god and experienced, is 35 years old and is outdated in terms of defensive technique. Song is not a natural CB, but he’s done quite a good job I think, but not good enough. If only Vermaelen & Gallas is available..

  • budski

    anyway it would be very ironic if Arsenal lose the title challenge because of Birmingham AGAIN. Cescy needs to pick up his team & lift their spirit up for the Barca game. and I sure hope Cesc’s injury is nothing serious. as if Arsenal needs another problem. Go Gunners!

  • Magical Arsenal

    Truly it was a massive disappointment and a major blow to our title chances, but still, what more can we expect? A true fan would never scream shout rant and curse at the team or individuals whenever they lose points, nor will they want their manager’s head and balls, even more if you support Arsenal.

    I know Arsene could be a pain when he sticks to his policies but look where they got us? I dare say the English club or European team making the most profits, with the brightest and youngest talents and a consistent top four place. What’s more, we’re still in the Champions League quarter finals, up against the strongest club of which we play with the same elegant passes and quality movements that other teams admire and imitate, but fail miserably. All these thanks to Wenger.

    And what, are Arsenal fans bullies or something? If not, stop picking on the individuals! Almunia’s nothing special, I know, but come on, he’s saved vital penalties, against Hull and last week West Ham, when we were only one goal up. He was okay today, making fine saves against Jerome. He’s distribution and sometimes positioning could go wrong, but he’s an experienced player and in a squad filled with youngsters, plays his role well in commanding the back four. That’s why he’s the second choice captain.

    Then there’s poor Nicklas. He’s just 22, and even when he was 18 the fans had picked on him. Forever. When Arsenal loses, it’s his fault. When Arsenal wins, it’s not his contribution. he did nothing wrong today, held the ball well and making decent passes like the one to Arshavin. Obviously he is still improving and is no Rooney, but I don’t see how you could single him out and kick his nuts because of today’s results.

    For now we can hope for a draw between the top two-ts, then we could be just 2 and 1 points away from the 1st and 2nd respectively. The title’s still within our finger’s reach, we just have to stretch.

    For Barcelona, it just has to be one of Arsenal’s good days. A starting line up of Almunia Eboue Campbell Vermaelen Clichy Song Diaby Fabregas Walcott Nasri and Arshavin should work fine. Arshavin and Walcott has to work on their finishing, and Clichy his crosses. Almunia… just be aware and awake at all times. Then we’ll have a chance.

    Next season, Chamakh’s definitely coming. With Van Persie on the right, Chamakh in the center and Arshavin on the left, Arsenal’s goal scoring abilites would increase tenfolds.

    Maybe the money from Adebayor could just go to Lyon, then the goals we leak would decrease most significantly.

    But as for now, I’m contented.

  • http://www.ladz.biz shit on the villa


  • jw

    i totally agree with magical arsenal. Come on gooners we as true fans have to be behind the team no matter wad. as most will know this season has a lot of surprises and turning points so we shld stay calm and fight till the last game. Anything can happen, so do not give up hope! anw just saw a news report on sky sports abt fabregas stating that he is going no where.I’ve always said that “I’m happy at Arsenal. I can say a thousand times that I won’t go to a Spanish club, but nobody believes me.”Arsenal is my home and I don’t have any plans to leave.”
    hearing him say that is at least smth to be happy abt this weekend. 🙂

  • darksideby182

    fucking almunia cock

  • maniarocky

    Aw Shit !! Not at birmingham again, This fucked up brood of no good retards has put a hold to Arsenal’s title run for the second time now. We should ve won. There was no one to blame but we should ve just won ! We had more chances than them and we should ve just won !

    May Fabregas be fit for the barca showdown!
    This is supposed to be the decisive week actually !

  • maniarocky

    @ dubbledubs71

    Lmao mate

  • maniarocky

    I tried a game wit barcelona in FIFA 10 on legendary difficulty and I fuckin won 5-0. wht a lame fucked up sunday mornin m I havin 😐

  • gungunner

    fucking heartbreaker of a late goal. we can still do it although the probability is alot smaller now..

    adding on the motd analysis this week is much appreciated

    cheers arsenalist

  • gooonner!

    @Magical Arsenal
    So true that we, arsenal fans, including me can be such dicks about our team. May Arsene Wenger live to manage our team for another 30 years! We still got a shot at winning a ridiculous double this season. It is not beyond our reach just yet. Something tells me that this title race is gonna go til the last day. And til that day, and many more, I will stand for Arsenal and some of our questionable players 😛

  • Prayash


    ARSENAL FOREVER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • goooooooner

    2Magical Arsenal:

    Hear, hear!!!

  • gunner

    no ones lost faith. we just were a little bit fraustated from the result. we are still 100% behind arsenal. fuckin barcelona next week. CMON GUNNERS we can do this

  • http://www.ladz.biz shit on the villa

    this is for you gooners when your ready to kill youself http://www.ladz.biz/product.aspx?productid=314

  • gunner

    good luck trying to get on the europa league this season faggot

  • conner

    Our Gunners could blow your faggoty villa out of the water anyday chump. Im gonna love to watch villa roll over and die to another team this coming week too. Arsenal 4 life byitch.

    p.s. go ram a lap rocket on your mouth cuz thats all you villa fags are good at; suckin dick.

  • conner

    Just noticed your a Bham fan, the same applies to you though. you can give me a blumpkin after your done suckin dick.


    I TOTALLY AGREE WITH MAGICAL ARSENAL. i really feel that this time, it is sagna’s fault. he was the one that cleared straight into the Bham dick.

  • Tieneich

    Ali, quit your fag attitude or go be a Spud’s fan. You want to blame this whole game on NB and Almunia?

    First of all (for Almunia), he is shit who was performing decently since Mid February. Yeah he is nowhere near world class, but either was our defense. If we had cleared better, would that shot (assisted by a full facial) even took off? For Christ sake it was a goal kick that led to a score. Where were our MFs to intercept that pass? Where was our defense when two of their players were left opened, In the f*cking box? Worst yet, this was a last minute goal.

    Two, if not for Bendtner where would we be in the Champions League? Out of it? Where would we be in the league? Especially after Hull City game. Chelsea can score 12 in two game, 7 agaist Ass-ton Villa, what about our attck? You want to put this all on Bendtner? What about Shava’s lazy sweep in front of the goal? What about Nasri’s missing chances? I don’t see you blaming anyone else who is responsible for the lost there dumb**ck. It is the whole team’s effort to blame, in case you don’t know.

  • Tieneich

    By the way, we aren’t out of the damn race yet. Are we trailing ManUre by 9? No! Lets support them one game at a time, and let others kill each other. We still have a chance to win something, and picking one or two players to blame is not gonna get anything done. This squad is what we have right now. Accept the fact and move on. If any of you want to whine like a loser before we even lose everything, so be it.

  • Sonofkick

    please to see people to ask for more proper fan attitude… a fan support is team no matter what ..and us gooner should start to behave that way… we r third with only 4 point from the top, man u vs chelski will be a decicive game.. then they play spurt and man city so who knows they may drop point and rooney break his leg..
    i work as a bar manager in south of france (Cannes) and abramovitch got is house 5 minute from my work .. he came the other day and i had a talk with him … i made sure he understood that he need to draw against man u…lol

  • Magical Arsenal

    lets hope bayern feed manure all the shit they have available and break Rooney’s rotten leg. Along with Berbatov Valencia and Nani.

    And if we’re lucky Ferguson too.

  • maniarocky

    Ferguson should get a stroke ! , he is old ! y the fuck is he alive ? Let the faggot rot !

    Aw man, y do I care abt him ? It is Arsenal, isnt it ? Fuck ! . 24 more fucking hours !!!!!

    I need weed !

  • dubbledubs71

    ok we are all guilty of slagging players off from time 2 time but as someone rightly pointed out earlier the same players have scored important goals/made crucial saves etc and we are are still there and we wont go away, tho any1 who boos a player is a scumbag & not a true supporter, but will shout loudest when success comes. go get yourself a yiddo shirt or a lobotomy. (whats worse???) also compared 2 liverpoop & chavski who dont appear 2 have a youth policy i wud say the future is lookin pretty good for arsenal. arsene wenger has changed the way football is played in the EPL & is the best arsenal manager ever.as for now lets hope the lads are in good form agnst barca, hopefully fergies fuckwits gettin beat by good ol bayern & shrek hobbling off will lift them a bit. GETTIN STONED FOR ARSENAL, IM GETTIN STONED FOR ARSENAL S.O.S (shit on spurs)

  • dubbledubs71

    oh & to the brummie cunt writing in here, get bk into ur sisters bed & stop commenting on a site 4 gooners u 6 fingered, knuckle dragging inbred. wot are u jealous cuz ur team will never get near the style & class of arsenal? i remember when you were shite (always) haha. it seems arry (deep pockets) redcrapp has had at least 3 strokes,has no one noticed? slurred speech, facial disfigurement, prone 2 pissin himself, ok i made that one up, oh & i’ll bet mrs fergie has to put an incontinence pad on the decrepid old bastard every nite b4 bed. one last thing( columbo) is chamakh deffo a done deal u reckon gooners? i hopehes on his way. ARSENAL FOREVER…..FUCK OFF U SPUDS A.F.C GOOOOOOOOOOOOOOONERS

  • gunner

    oh and rooney is injured now probably out for 2-4 weeks

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