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Full Highlights:

Bendtner 1-0: Watch :: Download

Bendtner 2-0: Watch :: Download

Nasri 3-0: Watch :: Download

Eboue 4-0: Watch :: Download

Bendtner (Foul + Penalty) 5-0: Watch :: Download

BBC Wenger Interview :: Sky Sports Wenger Interview Match Report

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  • Jon

    We love you, Arsenalist.

  • Rapidspeed

    Arsenalist… I don’t know what I would do without you!

  • Sonofkick

    what a great first half.. nasri did great , bendtner must have done all those miss at the week end cos he wanted to preserve himself for the first half.. 2 out of 2.. arsha been great but what a miss… diaby and song are doing tremendous job in midfield ( or new petit-viera?) clichy is good as vermaleen and sagna but campbell is a bit nervous and slow.. for almunia well we ll see in second half…
    come gonner need one more !!!!!!!!!

  • James Bond


  • pae

    i love you arsenalist~!
    i cant watch the game,, but i updating here.

  • Sonofkick

    nasri score a amazing goal and eboue just score one

  • Sonofkick

    for those who never beleive in arsenal tactic and game , all those so call fan…wenger just proved that he got a great team!!! who need fabregas when we got nasri on fire (lol) , ??? diaby and song are so so so so goood
    when fabregas will be back we gona be unstopable .. thx the gunner u did it we r one step closer

  • Tonyrich

    Wow!! All i can say is wow!! Arsenal was on form today!! I honestly had no idea we could play like this without Fabregas.

  • Sonofkick

    well done bendtner for your “Triplé” or hat trick he done an amazing match , runing , defending , passing, … is it the same guy that as the week-end ??? henry get out of his body!! … well done Arsenal.. well done almunia today you didnt shit your pants..
    I AM HAPPY and i will start work demain with a big banana on my face

  • Rapidspeed

    Bendtner Hat Trick, if you could see that coming you would be one rich man… Arsenal did it… LIKE A BOSS!!!

  • Tieneich

    How are you uploading so fast? I just finished watching the PK. You’re a genius.

    I just hope Bendtner haters won’t be coming out to say that he should have scored 5. LOL. And how amazing was Shava on the left flank? The defense was lazy as usual, but all out on offense. Nasri was so freaking kick-arse. Being in the middle just left him so much more room to be creative. And damn, subs were amazing, too. I haven’t seen anyone like Eboue who was playing every possible position but goalkeeper.

    What a great win. Take a little rest Sol and Sagna. It wasn’t your night, but it’s okay.

    Lets get ready for Hull.

  • http://hotmail Akshun Jackson

    This is the night our players have arrived.

    Wenger: “I Love when a plan comes together”

    Eboue – Is an unsung hero. Hope that wankbag Collymore was watching… He’d rather watch a married couple rattling each other in a parked car.

    Harry Redknapp was there tonight – “don’t you wish your Team was hot like ours… don’t cha!”

    They done it for Ramsey. Let’s do the double – why not?

    Fuck Spurs.

  • http://hotmail Akshun Jackson

    Sol Campbell done well – fuck what the pundits say – the revolution will not be telivised.

  • budski

    hahahaha did you look the look on bendtner’s face before he took the penalty? he chewed his gum hard. real hard. bravo bendtner, keep up the good work. but i guess the credit should go to arshavin & nasri, they were the motor of this team tonight. almost every goal was started by them, if i’m not mistaken. Go Gunners! You can win this!!!

  • sarat

    Nasri’s goal was un-fucking-believable…..Eboue was awesome too. He should start more often.

  • umarie

    today the world can see how hungry we are to win the champs league.if we carry on this form we can not only the champs league but also the premier league!coz theres superb teamwork and individual skills shown in the game.just FABULOUS!

  • Sonofkick

    @Akshun Jackson

    Great comment .. wenger in the role of Annibal in the “A” team..
    campbell as baracuda..
    harva or Nasrias looping..
    bendtner as “Futé” ..sorry dont know is name in english

    Are you watching mr domenech .. why cant u pick nasri for the french team!!!! arshole!!!
    are you watching Chelski , man u and totenam .. it is how we do it !!!

  • goonerkap

    this is like a BIG orgasm after a long period of abstinence ! go goons !

  • rimau

    wut a superb game…wenger’s game strategy really kick those babies…

  • gooonner!

    haha what a freakin beautiful night! 5-0!!! without fabregas. proves to shit like man united that we can win, no, we can thrash without our main man. sooo good to see everyone on fire!!!
    nasri was a delight
    arshavin was jaw dropping
    bendtner, hat trick… screw you haters for your lack of faith
    ALMUNIA. brilliant. did you see that punch in the first half. ok wow from our man. good captaining at the back. no communication errors.
    sol and vermalen. wow… sol’s looking like his old days
    damn our whole team was outstanding!!!!

    GO GUNNERS!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Nabz

    HAHAHA wat did i tell you Bendtner is awsome!! check the last video comments…ill say it bendtner haters are the one who will be buyin number 52 shirts =)

  • Matt

    Great game. Great result. Fantastic team.
    Thanks again for all the good work, very appreciated. I clicked on all the ads I could.

  • Singha

    what a bit of skill from nasri followed by a top class goal!!!

  • Lardarse

    Cheers Arsenalist,

    Alot of Gooners around the world are indebted to you. It’s 2 o’clock in the morning here in the middle east and I’ve got to be up in 4 hours. G’nite

  • whatwhatwhatwhat


  • LA Gooner

    Amazing from the Arsenal today. B-52 was great and will get the headlines but both Nasri and Arshavin should get lots of praise and were responsible for both the 2nd and 3rd goals. Here’s to doing the double.

    Most relieved man today = Fabianski

  • maniarocky

    A good team play. A Special concern of awesomeness to the heroes Nasri, eboue, Arshavin and Rosicky on a low level 😀 I must admit it was feast to watch.

    [P.s] Bendtner still sucks. At times I ve no option but to compare him wit peter crouch where he is used just for his height. A cake walk hat trick ! but still At the end, He was there n he now owns them.

  • tokichawu

    what a nice match all u arsenalist did best.
    nasir,arsha/diabiy …..did best.

    nasirs goal must be goal of the week.

  • budski

    lol @LA Gooner. indeed, fabianski should feel relieved. very relieved.

  • fourstar

    Keep believing, people. That was the true Arsenal tonight. Nobody would ever say we don’t need Fabregas, but when we can’t have that privilege, the others have shown they can step up. Applause is due.

  • Bonnie Prince Charlie

    It’s nice to keep the Arsenalist busy, innit.

  • Limestonegunner

    you are a master getting these videos up so fast. What a service you provide to gooners working in North America who can’t watch the games in the middle of the day. Specially good when there are five Arsenal goals and somehow our porous defense keeps a clean sheet! Good confidence booster to a team coming together in time for a full title tilt. Down goes Hull! Cheers, Arsenalist; thanks again!

  • http://hotmail Akshun Jackson

    Holding my cup of tea aloft to – best Gunners site about – keep up the good work you lovely cunt.

    Andre Arshavin’s looks like he’s had a £3.50 schoolboy special haircut – but he’s brilliant.

    Gonna go out there and say it – Song Billong is my new favourite player. (sorry Bergkamp)

    Dennis Bergkamp: “I ain’t gettin’ on no plane!”

    Sometimes it’s been hard loving Arsenal but tonight it’s easy. Because we played the way we should.

    Chant: GO MAKE MORE TEA IF YOU HATE TOTTENHAM *going to make more Tea*

  • jc

    So I’ve had my hard things to say but credit is due today, for sure. I thought Rosicky gave a great effort early and Arsh looked menacing probing the wing. Clichy played his best game in some time and of course Ver-I-am-a-MAN, our best signing in some time, just ate things up when things got touchy. But, of course, two men need praise. Nick for showing that confidence that has been sorely lacking. And, Sami, oh my. He looked like Cesc at times out there, at home in the middle, bobbing and weaving and pulling the strings. He may not score a better goal in his lifetime.

  • lockdown12

    Atta way you gunners!!

  • gooner4lyf

    once again the arselanist has delivered , cheers mate! as for our performance tonight i wouldnt be engulfed in the euphoria of this win (dont get me wrong im fucking estatic)but there were many unforced errors that we cant afford to make against the bigger teams. song billong,nasri and sol deserve a pat on the back , very impressive displays! *we love you arsenal!*


    Ive watched that nasri goal over and over again. ‘King outstanding. Massive smile on my face! Its about time Alan Fucking Hansen ate his own words. Come on lads do it for Ramsey!

    Nice work arsenalist.

  • http://arsenalist gersece

    wow!that what i’m waiting for arsenal.we can do it better.

  • http://arsenal Mohamed

    Hi,My Name is Mohamed and am arsenal fans i like how the play i was hoping the win and i was sure my team will bead porto why becouse the don’t knw how to play in emarite but we do ,, any why thanks the all player and the player that scoore thanks to,, am 15 and am good at soccer am from kenya,my dream is tobecome player of gunner’s i might or i ,ight not but i will try all my best people helpy ,e my email

  • Gooner

    Wat a game!! Absolutely brilliant!!

    This is wat short players (especially at arsenal) can do! they can demonstrate footwork n close control which u never thought possible!!
    Take a bow Nasri!

    N Wonderful to see Arshavin coming back n doing well immediately!!

    Good for bendtner to get a hat-trick as well!!

    Go Goonners!!

  • rizalregas

    Wohooo…!!!! Superb displays Gunners, yeah!! Thank you Arsenalist for the nice video post, excellent! Come on Gunners, all the way we make Mr. Arsene jumping up & down + smile in his face like what you guys did againts this Porto. Nasri + Arshavin + Eboue was superb and Bentdner is getting better. Wonderfull!!!

  • EvoInOz

    Glory days, or should i say Glory Champions League Nights, that one will go down in the history books as a blinder!

  • 2shar.

    hurray:). Arsenal is awesome. Nothin can beat em.
    Being arsenal fan,I’m glad that even after series of injuries and with match winning players warming bench, arsenal and its young side has bounced back.
    Gunners carry on the dream run and march on to finals.
    Its gonna legendary night for all arsenal fans.

  • Abdullah

    Thanks Arsenalist. Keep up the good work.

  • aaronarin

    I like Nasri goal..

  • anas

    tahniah hurayyyyy

  • anas

    aku dah ckp arsavin pyerang tbaik dunia..

  • Tieneich

    Damn it feels good to be a gooner!

    I need to mention the honorable Diaby. After dissapointing games after another, Diaby has becoming what the gunners can’t live without. The agressiveness is accompanying with the new confidence and intelligence on the field. This is after many haters have written him off.

    Of course, just like how Song and Eboue were treated last year and a year before.

    Also to applaud for Sol. I was harsh on some of his slowness today, but he lifted some dangerous balls out of the field. I remember the signing lifted many eyebraws. Yet he has proven, at age million he is still more than capable being a top team’s CB.

    I just hope Niky B, Denilson, and Edu will turn things around soon.

    Lets get Hull!

  • deepak ps

    what a great first half..
    nasri did great , bendtner must have done all those miss at the week end cos he wanted to preserve himself for the first half..

    2 out of 2.. arshavin had been great but what a miss…

    diaby and song are doing tremendous job in midfield ( or new petit-viera?) clichy is good as vermaleen and sagna but campbell is a bit nervous and slow.. for almunia well we ll see in second half…
    come gonner need one more !!!!!!!!!

  • Sonofkick

    @deepak ps…
    u can explain why u paste my first comment?

  • maniarocky

    @ the above both

    lol ! Probably he likes u 😉

  • budski


  • Harlz

    That was crazy niiice goals especially Nasri it was like WHOAAA did u see that? he went through 4 defenders. crrrazy

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  • Shaun

    Man of the match: Andrei Arshavin
    Goal of the match/season: Samir’s goal

  • http://twitter@roberthall BajeGooner

    what a display…it was total unity..even though we had some slips at the back..the back four looked strong,confident and covered each other well…Nasri’s goal…it was a beauty…clinical stylish..the arsenal way…arshavin…even tho he didnt score was a master to watch his playmaking…bendtner…i PERSONALLY believe his 1st touch is a bit too heavy…but im hoping arsene can rectify this..with a slighter touch..bendtner will be fine..i hope the team realizes that they can play at that high of a level and continue to do so til the end…take each game one by one…i do believe we can win the epl…
    for those guys who are unable to watch the games try these sites…(both CL and EPL)

    (not always the best quality,but better than nothing!)

  • Bendtner

    I told u i was the best. But u didnt believe me. say something now bitches.! lool

  • Jose

    Nasri’s goal was un fricking beleivable! I GET DOWN ON ONE KNEE FOR YOU ARSENAL! thankyou

  • Sonofkick

    @ maniarocky ….
    must be that indeed… or the guy is still watching the second half and though my explaination of the first half wasnt to bad… nan just kidding

    ps: hope you got a bit of happiness and faith back in the team and wenger… cos the boys and the professor are doing the best to save our season and it taste good

  • Niclasen

    I hate to say i told you so…. The B-52 is for real !!!


  • maniarocky

    @ sonofkick.

    I am happy abt arsenal’s progress. But bendtner still makes me worried. All the centre forward has to do is to keep hold of the ball. pass it to the midfielder n move into the D. I hardly see him keeping hold of the ball. He wins headers but sadly tht may not suffice. If these errors are handled. then I’d say, We are fuckin bk in the contention for both the league n europe. For wenger, He is doin an awesome rotation ryt now with rosicky, walcott and eboue. They inflict innovation. thats a good move frm the manager. Sol is havin a great gme considering the age he is in now. Thats it. 🙂

  • Sonofkick

    @ maniarocky:
    yeah bendtner is not there yet but he bring this physical side of his that is good to see , and he run a lot to help the midfield too , so i would say that he is on the way to become good .. for sol he was nervy , a bit slow at time but men! the guy got power !!!.. the good things at the back is that they r helping and covering for each other so it is better than before , clichy is back at a good level , speed and stamina .. eboue is a new man from last season , no more sulking and less falling , he read the game much better and him and sagna are good complement ,
    walcott is improving and rosisky is back too , Nasri is great wonderfull , top class player , the guy play a diferent football than fabregas but they r both on the same level ( in my opinion)
    but the best move of wenger is the duo diaby-song , they r a power house , stong , fast , clininacal tacle ,
    please hope they carry on with this mentality until the end , at least we will say they play and act like men .. ( fuck Evra )
    oh happy day

  • Bendtner

    stop chattin crap about me. keep the flippen faith guys. lool. the only person to worry about is that guy in goal. lol

  • thierryhenry

    sol campbell was absolutely awesome


    i think you’ll have to put Arshavin in the page banner soon!

  • Akshun Jackson

    …Aye – and put Pascal Cygan up on the banner and Steve Morrow… plus Pat Rice.

  • Akshun Jackson

    Arsene Wenger: “My favourite game is Grand Theft Auto 2, it had a good soundtrack – I haven’t played Vice City yet.”

    Robin Van Persie: “Sunset Riders had the best music.”

    David Seaman: “What about Streets of Rage?”

  • M.Reza Moradpour

    I think we are the best european team.
    I am football player and I can play for ARSENAL soon.

  • http://hotmail Akshun Jackson

    Best of luck, hope to someday hear…

    Emirates Anouncer: And the goal scorer for Arsenal is… Reza

    Crowd: MORADPOUR!!!

    Keep the dream alive.

    Don’t play for Spurs.

  • badama

    i like Falcao Wenger should get him lol

  • mulongo jovan

    they will win the champions league this season

  • Bendtner

    @ ashkun jackson hahahahahahahahahahaha looool i was about to google that guy finkin hu is this player.. was looking to buy him for my football manager game and then i realised the joke. LOOOOOL. yeh mate. keep the dream alive. we have faith in u. u owe me and Ashkun 10% of ur wages if Wenger signs u. which makes it 5%for me and u Ashkun loool

  • Tieneich

    Don’t know if people care, but I was following Bolton game. They are up 3-0, but Jacky Wil didn’t do much in the statistic sense. Hopefully he was perfoming well though. A gunner on loan is still a gunner.

  • Ruby Polycarpe

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