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Slightly longer MOTD highlight pack with the injury analysis at the end.

After the Ramsey injury, this team could’ve folded like it did against Birmingham when Eduardo got injured or responded. They responded. We were the better side after the first 10 minutes and fully deserved the full three points. Stoke tried to bully their way but we wouldn’t have any of it and rightfully spanked the shit out of the cunts.

The skinny guy from Superbad 1-0: Watch :: Download

Bendtner (from a perfect Fabregas cross) 1-1: Watch :: Download

Download First Half Highlights

Aaron Ramsey Penalty Shout: Watch :: Download

Aaron Ramsey Injury (graphic, his foot’s hanging): Watch :: Another vid :: Download

Handball and Fabregas Penalty 2-1: Watch :: Download

Vermaelen 3-1: Watch :: Download

Fabregas Interview :: Pulis Interview :: Wenger Interview

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  • jas


  • Torgny

    Wecan never become a top team with only small technical guys in the front. We also need a big, strong target-player. This we have been lacking since RvP was injured. I really do hope that Bentner can replace him.

  • gt

    OH MY GOD.

  • jas

    shit fuk stoke get well ramsey

  • Gooner

    OMG wat happened to Ramsey??? Its like eduardo all ovre again!! All the best Ramsey hope u can play again very very soon!!


    i wanna see the video of the injury!!!! wer do i find it???

  • AustriaGooner

    F****** B******s. It’s this stupid “Kick the Arsenal Boys” tactic. The EPL should do something against it, even if it was really unlucky and not an extrem bad tackle imo. the victory was for you Ramsey, ALL THE BEST and keep your head up, you’re the future.

  • tisos

    all the best Rambo… get well soon…..

  • jason

    Bang on AustriaGooner. It was thinking the same thing. 3 broken legs in 4 years (Diaby, Eduardo and now Ransey). What the Fuck! This has to change. But we all know it won’t. Cue the “He’s not that kind of play” defense in 3…2…1…

  • Empress

    Gah. Can you remove Ramsey tackle download? I’m sure if Spurs fans find the download they’ll have a field day…

  • http://arsenalist gersece

    hope you get well soon.Ramsey you’re the man.

  • Georgi Gunner

    That is absolutely awful. How many other broken legs of all EPL teams for the last 2.5 years? How come it is always arsenal players??? Let’s send protest letters to EPL.

  • Sonofkick

    just to say
    1) sad to see one of us got badly injured again … as said before we r no balrina but with this kind of takle who can be? to many time we got injured cos some stupid nonsens tacle.. hope mr ramsey get well .. at least he got diaby or eduardo to support him .. they know what its like (and luky gallas wasnt there as he would have sit alone .. lol )

    2) just want to remind someone that been optmisitic is good.. look, 2 point off Man U and 3 from Chelsea.. and they have to play each other and they have to play Liverpool too.. so we can look at a second best or a top spot..

    3) glad to see bendtner again on score sheet , im not a fan of his but it seem to get better .. hope he carry on and make me change opinion of him

    4)almunia still shit so no surprise here

    5) Happy to be a gooner and from boys to men we become.. just need to do the job until last day ,
    in overall its great to see we didnt fade away .. and yes Mr wenger your tactic can be question sometime but who care if you bring us near or at the top , u show that beautifull football is magic


  • Dustin

    hopefully eduardo will be able to guide ramsey through this difficult process, tragic to slow the development of such a talented player like this, somethin needs to be done to prevent this…btw long throw ins are for jokes like stoke

  • budski

    oh my fucking god it looks terrible. This could potentionally end Ramsey’s career, I mean he’d be like Eduardo, he wouldn’t be able to play the same again, let’s just hope that his youth can actually help his recovery so that his condition could be back like it was used to be. Too bad, I think he has the talent to be a good midfielder. I really, really hope he would recover 100%. Best wishes for Ramsey. Well, at least the defender who tackled him showed some remorse. or it could be fake tears, dunno.

  • maniarocky

    The site of the tackle is still soaring out a picture infront of my eyes. It is hard to accept that such mishaps continue to happen. Expecting a good news about Ramsey tom.

    A deserved win 🙂 and now, the gauntlet for the title is on !

  • maniarocky

    M sorry fr song as well. he ll be missing the next gme

  • aaronarin

    get well soon, Aaron Ramsey

  • Tieneich

    Rambo, we gooner wish you a complete recovery. It was a god awful tackle, and it was avoidable. I just really feel sorry for AR, what a bright kid who has been given a chance to show his quality the past couple games.

    Sir Alex… Song will be gone for a couple league games, which the second game will be against Fulham. Who do we have left to play in that position now Diaby has a knee injury? Eastmound? Merida? Denilson? I don’t know.

    Good to see Bendtner scoring, which is usually what people criticize him the most. Hopefully his confidence continue to grow, and be our main scorer. Other than that, he held up possessions extremely well. He showed great quality and control under pressure.

    Sol played great as well. This is an honorable mention. He was not given much away (though Stoke didn’t really attack after their first goal).

    And I hope Walcott starts the next game. We all want to see him in a good form, and the best way to do it is to start him (maybe not against Porto, but against Burnley).

  • Arsenal4life

    wait did alexander song get injured why is everyone saying he is out

  • insani

    Actually many people always condemn wenger when arsenal fails to deliver. BTW if we look at the forthcoming games, Arsenal is in yhe best position to clinch the cup if they can maintain their consistency in the future.

  • Gooner

    Such a sad injury! i was almost in tears just watching the way fabregas n vermalan were reacting! sol was also flipping off! I’ve not been able to forget it all day! i just pray that he gets back to his feet first n that he can continue his dream of playing for arsenal n his country n also that he can play at top quality! we know the team loves him n hope they support him thru this tough time!

    As far as the game is concerned i’m happy that we won n took advantage of chelsea’s stumble! Hv to praise the fact that they even continued playing the game after seeing the injury.

    Bendtner’s goal was awesome! wat a finish! to squeeze out a header from between two defenders and loop it over the goalie into the top corner! just brilliant!

    N fabregas! 2 games 2 penalties the same spot n it was perfectly put! Wat a player!

    All the best Ramsey!

  • Arsenal4life

    dude wen i saw the injury i got so pissed i was absolutely furious the squad couldnt even stay around ramsey because they were so freaked out.gosh man the guy is only 2 years older than me really hope he gets well.Got respect how the team continue the game because i can tell you straight i would not of been able to play i could hardly watch the rest of the game.

  • Afghan Gunner

    all the best Ramsey you are the best and the fuutur for this team you are superb and hop you come back soon and get well very very soon. he should have think 100 times befor commiting this foul again on any body.

  • urakanine

    It’s all a case of putting the right people in at the right time. Ramsey’s injury made some members of the team pissed, and they did the right thing in their reaction: Fight on.

    I’m proud of this team. Let’s go for the title. Only three points between us and them. They have to play at Old Trafford, Anfield and White Hart Lane.


  • Saad

    Chuffed with the win; a few more consistent performances and we should easily be able to take first. Especially since both United and Chelsea are dropping points right now so it’s a perfect opportunity for us.

    I’m pretty pissed at the Stoke players; cheap tactics like fouling the other team are getting pretty damn common against us.

  • budski

    do you guys know that Shawcross (the dude that tackled Ramsey) was called by Capello for the next England friendly squad against Egypt to do a tryout so that he could join the national team?

  • lockdown12

    @Arsenal4life…Song got his 10th yellow card of the season so that means he is out for 2 league games. Total bullshit call IMO. Completely incidental contact and not worth a yellow in a million years. Ref was
    worthless in this game. Can Arsenal appeal it?

  • gooonner!

    holy shit, i almost cried when i saw ramsey’s injuring. shit, i could barely celebrate the goals that came after. damn it reminded me soo much of eduardo’s injury. I’m proud of the way we got back into the game. Sol and fabregas were PISSED OFF. damn we should really play like that more often.

    now, regarding the game, sol was really good, i didnt even think about gallas, and for god’s sake we need a keeper, it was honestly scary the way almunia handled the ball. bendtner getting back to his better self, nasri was kinda quiet. but last night the team showed real character. 3 points behind chelsea who are having a bad run at the moment. i think we can get the title. the next two big ones are at white heart lane and when man city comes home!
    Go Gunners!

  • Gooner

    Do you have the video of Cesc tackling the guy an then telling Pulis shhhh? Or Clichy grabbing the ball from Delap’s hands?!

  • bostongoon

    Thanks again for the usual excellent highlights. I would like to watch the full match, but am having no luck googling up a torrent or other avenues. Could you update with a link to the full match if you come across one? Thank you.

  • gooonner!

    i just saw the handshake that didnt happen! funny shit!!!!

    @Gooner yeah clichy grabbing the ball was funny, but i didnt see the cesc thing.

  • maniarocky
  • Loksta

    Bull Fukin shit! always happens 2 arsenal. fuk that

  • oli

    arsenalist, why don’t you have to put that picture?
    that is really sickening.

  • Sonofkick

    adebayor just say shit , he was sold cos he does have a bad attitude , his head is swollen cos he think so much of himself.. i am glad he gone ..
    he had the same attitude in Monaco , and there he wasnt even worth watching… when he left monaco started to play better ( not great but better)
    wenger show him that life and arsenal would long live long long time after his departure.. and yep we r where we r , cant wait to get back at then when they visit us … this game will be as important as the spurs game

    We r GOONER and we ROCK

  • Loksta

    Good news lads. Ramsey underwent succesful surgery and they were able to reduce the fracture but still arsenal have confirmed he’ll be out for the rest of the season at this stage which was def expected. I guess everyone knows it’ll prob be a few months into the next campaign at the very least. Atleast the surgery went well. get well soon ramsey. Hope 2 c u back as soon as possible.

  • Sonofkick

    @ Loksta
    thx , its great news , just saw again the incident and it put tears in my eye, i cant even imagine the pain he must have felt… its true that team go hard on us and nothing will be done about it cos nothing can be done but its fcuk annoying to lose to many player on bad tacle , rvp , now ramsey…
    and thinling the guy should have got a penalty just minute b4 that its even more annoying cos the game would have been diferent from it .. even so the team show great spirit to win it for him

  • gooonner!

    hey wtf is wrong with adebayor?!?! my guess is he just realized that man city are crap!

  • ivan

    Hey mate,

    Could you please put up the download link for the MOTD highlights?


  • Solomon Anyika

    I feel so sorry for Aaron Ramsey “Rambo” may he get well soon.

  • Solomon Anyika

    I badly need to see the video on Aarons Injury, it was never played back on Tv during the match.

  • Nabz

    adeybayor needs to learn the offside rule first..
    Get well soon Rambo! <-only 2 years older than me 😮

  • Arsenal4life

    thanks lockdown12 crap we really need him in that midfield to help fabregas hopefully diaby can step up or denilson.

  • http://hotmail Akshun Jackson

    Best of luck Aaron lad – my favourite young Gun. Play plenty of Pro Evo and watch rakes of porn. That’s the best cure for anything broken.

    Fuck Spurs.

  • Tieneich

    notable remaining games

    For us
    Apr 10 Spur vs us
    Apr 24 Us vs ManC

    For ManU:
    Mar 31 ManU vs Liverpool
    Apr 3 ManU vs Chelsea
    Apr 17 ManC vs ManU
    Apr 25 ManU vs Spur

    For Chelsea
    Mar 27 Chels vs Villa
    Apr3 ManU vs Chels
    Apr 17 Spur vs Chels
    May 1 Liverpool vs Chelsea

    Though nothing comes easy, but we are in a great position if we get some of our injuries back. Or our other players to step up. Bendtner is showing signs that he is up for the challenge. I believe Theo, Eastmound, Edu, and Merida will be as well.

  • AustriaGooner

    It’s makes me sad that now so many football fans try to defend Shawcross. Sure he didn’t want to brek Ramseys leg, but with such a tackle you risk such an injury.

    Btw ask Adebayor, if Shawcross is such nice player like Pulis try to make us believe:
    That tackle was worse than that on Ramsey and could have been a broken ankle. Coincidence? No.

    3 player in 4 years is too much.

  • johnny 46
  • gooonner!

    @johnny 46
    wow that was crazy. wtf he should get banned, even IF the tackle wasnt intentional, that doesnnt justify it, the bottom line is that he made an outrageous tackle that could end a player’s career which by no mean should go unpunished. basically they are saying its ok to fuck someone and end his career if you didnt mean to and shed a few tears on your way out. whats worse is that our team keeps getting targeted by the physical ones who cant play football except for a joke of a long throw

  • rizalregas

    Get well soon Ramsey! Definitely we will be missing u as u improve so much in your games. You play really well with Cesc and Song in the middle, thats make me smile to watch. But when u get knocked by that bastard i was stunt and the only word come out from my mouth is “pls dont breake”. But i bet the team was so psych up to win the game for the fan and dedicated especially for u. Now we should roar until the end and be a champs to make Ramsey smile like we did in years back when we won the Premier and dedicated it specially for Pires who also broke his leg that season. All the best Aaron Ramsey!!!

  • http://live sam

    i feel sorry for ramsey

  • Melissia Holste

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