• Giedrius

    Why Arsenal is so damn unlucky???

  • stanley

    Thank you sir, you are doing a great service to mankind.

  • Tieneich

    Don’t know if winning is counted as unlucky. It sure was better than the last three games. The second team was coming on to impress, which they did. I am really happy to see that Ramsey was trying to take the lead role, though he got a little tired. Eduardo, Bentner, and Nasri looked good. Seems like we get give a little rest to Diaby and Eboue. Rocisky will be able to start the next game, too.

  • yordan

    That must be the most annoying commentator ever, yet thanks for putting those up. ‘Great service to mankind’, indeed.

  • scott

    lol, i like the name of the guy who scored the liverpool goal.

  • Stevo

    Shame the blatant penalty wasn’t given. Might have been a more interesting game overall.

  • KiSLoTNiK


    but I must admit that Liverpool’s goal was so f@cking awesome!

  • Sonofkick

    big big up , you a star man , thx putting up the goal … any chance to get a full highlight? in english… lol , thx again and nice to see the young gun roaring… People “IN ARSENE WE TRUST” remember… so stay behind your team and support them even harder this year cos we CAN do something !!
    BIg merci From a french boy

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    good performance from young gunners..

    Next derby: Arsenal 5-0 Spurs


  • fuck arsenal

    arsenal sucks!!!!

  • my name is insua

    say my name you b1tch!

  • adi

    fuck off!!…what some ass….what a superb goal it was….liverpool rulez!!

  • blitz!

    liverpool dah kalah, kalah laa….
    buat X puas hati plak….

    get lost liverpool……….

  • zievad

    Sign on, sign on, cause you’ll never work again …

    Good game, loved it at the Emirates last night. Jog on you scousers, outplayed, again. haha

  • insua fluked

    say my name bitch!

  • kunji

    arsenal sucks, arsenal play like a piece of shit definitely liverpool will beat them 5-0 in the EPL

  • charlie

    manchester united could’nt beat liverpool (n dey r 1 of da best in england).buh arsenal beat liverpool wich showz how gooood arsenal are :p

  • gt

    Haha I would like to see Sendero’s handball

  • Sonofkick

    i’am please to see some Ynwa reds beeing so stupid…. instead of just be fair play they show how bad looser they are… it was 3 great goal and the liverpool goal was awsome , wich it was a gunner one !! but both team play well and the sanderos handball is a penalty or not i dont care , again Mu it was a clear foul on ARsha. and nothing was given to us , so it just proov how refering can be.. hard

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  • Arsenal_Fan

    Arsenal Forever.

  • Trev

    Hey kungi, are you of indian background?

  • Trev

    sorry kunji.

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  • Arsene Wenger fan

    Thanks Merida. The young team is too good.

  • bangngaa

    arsenal is sooo g00d

  • Liverpool Arse The Bomb

    Fuckoff ya dick face,”some ass” ya biast twat, fuckin get a life ya cockney cunt fucking brilliant goal jus coz bentner as got legs like curtain poles is the only reason u won ya prick

    Liverpool Rule

  • sucking liverpool


  • GenodenĂ©

    I love ARSENAL no matter what…

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