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Arsene Wenger Highlights

  • gurps

    wow what a convincing game. 8 teenagers in the arsenal line up. Sucks that liverpool got lucky over leeds. Btw this video is a bit glitchy … can’t do much about it i guess.

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  • gunner_stunner

    thanks anyway for posting….and yes, liverpool were way too lucky after the opener was called offside,,,,which it wasnt! definately should ve been overtime…maybe next round:-)

  • stan

    Never rated Randall mutch, at this age he’s not going to make it as a regular. But that chip was inches away from being goal of the season so far at the Emirates.

  • smellsam

    saya nak link kan blog ini boleh ka?

  • bryan

    nvm, let liverpool win, let our youngsters teach those liverfools a lesson on total football