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Eduardo foul and penalty 1-0: Watch :: Download

First Half Highlights: Watch :: Download

Eboue 2-0: Watch :: Download

Arshavin 3-0: Watch :: Download

Their goal 3-1: Watch :: Download

Full Match Highlights: Watch :: Download

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  • gunner28

    Great game although I have to admit that Eduardo is clearly guilty of diving for the first goal. Anyways that aside, I don’t think that anyone would argue that we were the better team. Bring on the group stages!!!!!

  • foodpimp

    GO GUNNERS! i agree gunner28, bring on the group stages! boo to the other sports network for not showing 2nd leg game, i really wanted to watch this game. next up is epl game vs woman u, er, i mean man u!

  • Loksta

    Everyone was like ohh Celtic vs Arsenal. Sounds like a close 1 ??? Every Gooner knew the result before both ties even started. If we can smash rangers 3 – 0 then celtic isnt a problem. to Foodpimp download sopcast and go to its a website u can watch any sports game basically.

  • gt

    THANK YOU THANK YOU for the clip with Cantonese commentary… I miss it sooo much!

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  • Tieneich

    Eduardo dove, and I hope he wouldn’t repeat the same sh*t again. I don’t want a gunner to gain reputation of Drogba or Ronaldo. I hated watching the replay, and see that type of (lack of) sportsmanship from my team. Arsene was already not defending the play, and that’s really how bad the dive was. Eduardo is skillful footballer (we have been seeing that a lot in the last few games), and I really wish to see his actually skills rather than acting skills.

    I know people will be defending him. However, if Arshavin could object a penalty going in his favor last season (I forgot which mtach was it, but Arshavin was waiving toward the linesman and the ref after receiving a pen), so could Eduardo. If he had done the same, then I would have defended him also.

    On the positive side, this team played well without Fab, which I was really happy to see. The first time I saw 5-4-2/4-1-3-2 deployed this season, and it really made Eboue shine. Bentner, although far from amazing, had improved so much from last season. Also, Arshavin got his first goal, which is awesome!!

  • Rapid

    guys, you have to consider Eduardo’s injury, Im sure it will mark him for the rest of his footballing career, after something like that if a keeper as bulky as Boruc is running to ur legs especially if you are Eduardo he is bound to jump, I dont think his first intentions wer to dive, maybe his jump was a little too dramatic, but hey if I was in that situation I probably would have done the same thing

  • Gurps

    I agree with loksta everyone was saying its going to be an exciting and interesting match up when both teams were drawn but we knew that Arsenal would smash Celtic even more than 2 goals at Emirates. I also agree with Rapid and now can sort of understand better why Eduardo would dive because of his injury. But it was disappointing to see Eduardo do that. Shame I don’t think Eduardo played good at all because he had so many chances in front of goal he should of scored a hatrick and the score could of been 5-1 (7-1 Agg. Watch out Man Utd!!!! Go Gunners … this is our season!

  • gooners

    Just because Eduardo did one dive and the sports media are branding him as a diver. This is insane, look at Drogba, call him a diver. He does it every time. Yes, Eduardo dived, but he is not a cheater. Every player dives every now and then.
    Drogba is the scum of the Premier League, I hope he leaves Chelsea because I absolutely hate divers. Anelka is present, why not ditch Drodga?

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  • Grey Roco

    Did anyone catch what Eboue’s shirt said?

  • Cathal Brennan

    Grey, I don’t think anyone did, what a waste to get a booking too :p

  • don_one

    it is good when ur tame play not at the best & still win i injoy the game,man u next 3-1 fo them

  • Tieneich

    Even though I thought the dive was a disgrace, but a two-match ban was just too much. Especially 1) the refs got no punishment whatsoever (nothing!!) and 2) the future incidence (dive) will be a yellow card.

    So why is this a two-match ban while the future repeat of such incidence is only a mere yellow card?

  • match game

    India look to corner England.Riding on a high after their magnificent display against Pakistan, hosts India will face England for a place in the hockey final of the Commonwealth Games on Tuesday. World Champions Australia will compete against New Zealand in the other semi-final match.

  •;u=142253 Donnell Masias

    I absolutely agree. That is precisely how I view it. Cheers!