• Arsenal

    Who said 4th or 5th. How can one say that Arsenal are still inexperienced after 2,3 years. Its like every year Arsenal decreases in experience. In what way is that logical. Arsenal is going to be up there this year and Man Utd is going to be in trouble while Liverpool and Chelsea join Arsenal that’s how most predictions should go and not with Arsenal 4th or 5th. Ha HA HAHAHAHAHA just thinking about this slap in the face to most of the english media makes me laugh.

  • immarburycrazy

    hey rsenalist, how long since raps made you this fckn happy?be honest

  • gt

    Is Vermeleen the first ever DEFENDER in Arsenal history that scored in his debut? AWESOME!!!

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  • gunner sutton

    holy crap, yeh they gona be better than 4th this year for sure, with this squad they have to win a trophy, unlike last year they are actually finishing most of thier shots 🙂

  • gt

    How refreshing to see our very first goal of the season is already a contender for the goal of the season 🙂

  • ditra

    haha……soo happy….thats great start for the gunners

  • http://www.adrian.tk/ fourstar

    Well done again, sponsor clicked (and I hope all you commenters up there have done the same, yes?)

    As for the goals, Denilson’s first time strike was excellent but the pick of them was the box to box passing for Cesc’s first. Cutr them apart. And who started it with a strong tackle near the byeline? Arshavin…

  • Tieneich

    I was impressed with everything yesterday.

    Bentner kept possession and got teammates involved while playing out wide on the right flank. Denilson, not only saved a goal and scored a goal, connected and completed many passes from defense to offense. The over all team defensive mentality was awesome. Good judgments on long balls, good positioning on set pieces, good aggressive interceptions, and good defensive lapping.

    I can’t wait until Tomas returns, so we get to see great plays down the left flank. Our offense will only get better, while our defense was already playing at a high level.

  • Howl

    Crosses fingers no injuries

    Anyone got Motd highlights?

  • Shaun Lee

    I was particularly impressed by the performance of song on Sat. His performances showed a huge leap in standards and he has really upped his game. I think the possibility of Viera coming back is positively smashed by this vintage performance from Song. His performance reminded me of flamini or even mascherano 🙂

  • gt

    Can’t wait for both Rosicky and Nasri to come back… then we’ll have a real embarrass of riches.

  • Bogdan

    with walcott,nasri,rosicky,vela and mabe vaart or a good transfer arsenal will step up this season…it’s our year guys..i hope it will be a season with no injuries for them…it’s very important..they suffered to much because of injuries last seasons

  • Tieneich

    Injury Report

    Minor Injuries in Fabregas, Denilson, and Sagna. They will all be re-evaluated tomorrow. Diaby is fit to play on the other hand.

    No problem, I think we can win without the trio.

  • gt

    Off topic but I have problems opening the avi file with Mac. Do I need to DL and install something? thanks.

  • http://theoriginalwsm.webs.com AAK very happy

    so glad we won and also hope we beat celtic

    plus now can those critcs leave us alone now

    i mean super outsiders tp super favourites come on

    alsoi really hope we get hangeland and also ROSICKY WHEN ISHE COMING BACK!

  • carlo moretti

    great start so far…….next couple of weeks v important

    does anyone know whats going on with paddy vieira?????
    It would be unbelieveable to see him in an arsenal shirt again……..probably wont happen

  • anonymous

    this year title is ours!!!!

  • http://detinfekcia.ru Алексей Гусев

    В нашем офисе так нудно было, хорошо что нашел ваш сайт. Читаю с интересом:)

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