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Well folks, Arsene Wenger’s in a freaking golf shirt for this one. That should tell you how calm and confident he is.

Bendtner 1-0: Watch

Eduardo 2-0: Watch

Eduardo 3-0: Watch

Bendtner 4-0: Watch

Halftime Highlights: Watch

Foul Bendtner, RVP Penalty 5-0: Watch

Terrible call on the penalty but a hilarious miss: Watch

Match Highlights: Watch

Eduardo Interview: Watch

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  • aak

    is there any way u can fit in a chat box plz i love arsenal and want to neeup wid fellow fans from around the world

    anyway arsenalist once again great job thx and hope to see you here for the new season

  • Edible Nacho Cheeseball

    Haha, beaten the others as usual. Well done Arsenalist. Highlights were on so fast. Excellent performance. Can’t say the same with Senderos though. Looks like he’s back to normal, no?

  • gooner

    what is the story with all the toronto fc shite…

  • Arsenalist

    aak, there are plenty of Arsenal blogs out there. Arseblog, Gunnerblog, blah blah blah, you can find your fix of chat there.

    This space is just reserved for illegal highlights and I’m liable to get shutdown any second so enjoy them while they last (and while I have time).

  • goonerkap

    thank you

  • fourstar

    Well done, as ever. Sponsor clicked and clicked again.

    gooner – this genius gets AFC highlights and goal clips from just about every game up in record time and all you can do is complain that he has other sports interests as well? sheesh.

  • http://non mark

    Will never get shut down! thanx arsenalist again! allso i watch alot of the live games on internet with ..

    TY again

  • http://non mark

    ya a chatbox would be grate!!!

  • Chamakh

    That penalty was a massive failure. I nearly died of laughter when I watched it happen live. Thanks for uploading the highlights and everything.

    Senderos as holding mid? What?

  • aak

    thx for that and yea massive contributions ur doin great work

    alsoy is arsene letting go ov toure so easily i know we have lots of defenders but look how chelsea reacted to terry and where they to give man city scaped of wats left behind

    kolo is no scrape and has been great for us

    also i will follow u on twitter! thx

  • aak


    who are we linked wid these days ive been away for a long time

    8( and sendoros was poised to leave?

  • xes

    Just like Barazite scores in all pre season friendlies, no sane person should read alot from this. How confident can i be of a striking line lead by bendtner? Not being negative but what, tell me…thought so.

  • aak

    u there

    btw ppl im still here let me know if ur here 2

  • maniarocky

    Buy something Wenger !!!

    kolo is about to leave to Man city as well !!
    And our defense is all the more vulnerable now !!

  • aak

    We can get hangeland from fulham now
    also we need a finisher but wenger what can i say hes a genoius in the market and im not too worried



  • legend

    legend nice one!!

  • Derek

    Nice post. is killer.

  • Boldy

    Ya he visto algunos hay …
    Have a nice day


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