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Arsene Wenger dancing GIF VillarealConvincing win. Villareal didn’t test us as I thought they would. The game was wide open to start and after Adebayor missed a chance set up by Fabregas, I thought we had missed a great opportunity. Walcott’s composure on the first goal was sublime, almost Velaesque. Villareal didn’t create enough chances and their attack was fairly benign. Adebayor’s goal came minutes after he was caught offside on an Arsenal counter-attack. He’s unbelievably crappy and equally brilliant within moments of each other, his missed header in the first half should’ve made it 2-0 (see first half highlights below) but still, I’m happy with his overall game. His goal reminded me of the Henry goal against Spurs. The foul which led to the penalty wasn’t a penalty at all and it resulted in Villareal losing their discipline and the match.

I thought Song was especially good in the middle, he had some great fights for possession which he won. Our back four of Eboue, Gibbs, Toure and Silvestre weren’t tested so that was good. Gibbs picked up an injury late which could be big for the FA Cup semi-final this weekend.

Enjoy the goals and the win. That dance has to go, there’s even a clip of Arsene Wenger doing it after the Adebayor goal. It’s Manchester United in the semi-final. Don’t forget to click on the sponsor, here’s the Match Report.

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Wenger Presser :: Wenger Interview :: Fabregas and Walcott Interview

Full UEFA Match Highlights:

Setanta Sports Full Time Highlights and Analysis: Watch :: Download

Theo Walcott Goal (Download)

Halftime Highlights: Watch :: Download

Emmanuel Adebayor (Download)

Robin van Persie Penalty + “Foul” on Theo. Terrible decision (Download)

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  • farshid

    this game is so scary:(…..when our players gonna come back?:(

  • MYC

    The Kid has come of age. What a calm and cool finish!
    One must also praise Eboue, who should find his “old” position of right back during the 2006 season a walk in the park.
    However, ManUnited is leading Porto 1-0 thanks to a bit of magic from Ronaldo…
    Read what the Guardian writes :
    GOAL! Porto 0-1 Manchester United (Agg:2-3) (Ronaldo 6) A sensational goal from Ronaldo who, out of nothing, rifles a 40-yard screamer into the top left-hand side-netting.
    But this is from Sporting Life:
    GOAL RONALDO! Ronaldo storms forward and fires a fantastic effort from 30 yards into the top right hand corner of Helton’s goal. The Porto keeper could get nowhere near that strike.

    Take your pick…
    Well, I hope Porto comes back and kick out ManUnited…

  • ahmed bhimani

    woohooo 2-0

  • ahmed bhimani

    3-0 wooohhoooooo

  • luca

    v persie has never really missed a penalty has he hoping bit more magic from adebayor not as magic as last time but hes at it (athough he is rubbish at times)

  • luca

    has he . hoping


  • Usman

    Excellent Game. Arsenal Dominated. The penalty was not the turning moment, Adebayor goals was. Penalty was just icing on the cake. Now we are up against Man U. Not so easy is it. Lets keep our belief and get to finals! Thank you for uploading them so fast.

  • Tim

    Great Highlights… Much better performance from the backs than on Saturday… I thought Fabianski played well and contained his aggressiveness for the right opportunities. Gibbs looked much stronger and showed his attacking flare. Villa just fell apart after Adebayor’s goal and that was fine by me. Don’t the players know not to touch or get anywhere near Wolfgang Stark? Did they not see what he did in the Argentina v. Chile U20?

    Got an exciting week coming up for Arsenal. Need to beat the brats from west London!

  • arsenal4life

    well good win today but although i would love to talk about the good things in this match all that is on my mind is playing Manchester united. So i ask to give your thoughts on how Arsenal can beat them in the semifinals?


  • robin

    Walcott’s foul was a penalty. he took out Theo’s leg.

  • E-gunner

    For the love of God can Arsene please ban those dance celebrations? they’re really wack. lol. Great game. We owe chelsea big time so here’s hoping we can repay them in the FA cup semis. Oh, we owe barca too so we gotta get past d mancs and pay them back as well. Hope we do. 2009 IS PAYBACK TIME.

    Gooner 4 life.

  • E-gunner

    P.S, walcott has definitely been taking lessons from vela.:-)Bendtner should do thesame.

  • fourstar

    Excellent win. Theo’s finish was superb (Pires-esque?) and Adebayor finally remembered the offisde rule for his. Not quite convinced about the penalty, although he did take Theo’s standing leg with the slide tackle so it was probably fair. And arguing with and then pushing the ref just shows that you’ve lost it – bye bye Villareal.

    Man Utd in the semis? Bring it on.

    (sponsor clicked, fantastic work as ever on the clips)

  • Tieneich

    I enjoy every minute of this game until the altercation between players and refs happened. It was an excellent win for us, and it was great to know that with Eboue, Gibbs, Silvestre, and Toure in the back can we put on some good defensive effort.

    I remember saying about not to worry Silvestre and Gibbs. In this game, they really showed great understanding of covering and positioning. Eboue, of course, was in the mix as well.

    Nasri was not looking great on the stat sheet, but he facilitated and relayed the plays really well. Reminded me his countryman, Didier Deschamps (although not as defensively focused). Walcott, Fab, and Eboue gave them all kinds of problems down the right. Gibbs was also showing some incredible attacking skills down the left (the kid is gifted).

    As for Ade…, even though seemed less off-side prone, still got 6 or 7 plus a bunch of silly fouls. I am sure he will get even better. Some of his turns were very good.

    Like I said before, I am confident about our team because even short-handed in defense we still played great. Djourou, Clichy, and Sanga should be back in no time, and make us even stronger.

    One last note, Fabianski was fabulous. The judgments he made were perfect.

    Bring on Chelsea and ManU

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  • jc

    Great game for the men today. Attacking football awarded, and we saw some very classy finishing. Would have liked to see Porto next but Man U it is, and I think getting on the scoreboard away, during the first leg, will be key. Funny on the penalty: live I thought it was a foul. And when I saw the replay the first time I was sure it was a foul. But having watched it now a few times, the Villareal’s defender got his heel to ball first, and the ref should have let it go. No matter, of course.

  • Jurgy

    Be fair. If you can’t resist taking a swing at Adebayor, then at least do the same for Theo — how many times did someone put him in great position and he failed to continue the attack? Great goal, yes, but…

  • Jet Pinoy Gooner

    Thanks for the videos. Great post. MANU here we come

  • maniarocky

    Go ! Go ! Go !
    nD yeah, That was a good jump from Wenger 😀
    Happy Wenger , Happy Arsenal !

    Man U in semi’s ?

    Lets Feast on Chelsea meanwhile 🙂

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  • Tim

    HA! I love the gif.

  • farshid

    good play but unlike some of u guys i think gibbs played uncomfortable….and if villareal was more powerfull they could break our defense….and eboue , although he played well overall but he wasnt sagna … he made mistakes but not important ones….and for fabianski he played so well , he is gonna be one of the best goal keepers in history of arsenal considering his age …
    overall i think if we get our defense back we can even beat barcelona cause we know how to play with big teams this season!

  • Tieneich

    I wasn’t really complaining about Ade. Someone mentioned about he had less offside, so I just brought up the stats. The fouls though were a little silly though. Even though I didn’t think he really committed those fouls, but once ref called then he would be calling it the whole game. So I thought he would not be committing the same fouls anymore.

    But I don’t want to take away his good side on Wednesday.

    Ade played well to hold the possessions. Whenever he dribbled, he took it deep without losing it. He made some good turns against the defenders, and looked to pass when he didn’t have any opportunity to score. These “unseen” good sides really prevents Villareal to have more countering opportunities. These good sides also will not be seen on stat sheets.

    Just like what Nasri did on Wednesday in relaying passing and keeping possessions.