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Great second half performance. 9 points clear of Villa who are playing Everton tomorrow. If Arshavin weren’t cup-tied I’d feel a lot more confident about the Champions League. Silvestre and Djourou make me a little nervous, not exactly stable components in a back four. We were poor in our set pieces and that’s something that needs to be tightened for Wednesday. Let’s just enjoy this win for now. MOTD Highlights will be posted when they become available. Here’s the Match Report. Here’s the sponsor.

Arsene Wenger’s post-match interview. :: Another with Sky Sports

MOTD Highlights

First Half Highlights and their goal: Watch :: Download

Walcott 1-1: Download

Silvestre 2-1: Download

Arshavin 3-1: (Adebayor’s pass didn’t have enough weight but another Wigan mistake sets it up for Arshavin) Download

Song 4-1 (horrible defending): Download

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  • Tim

    A telling game to say the least. The score does not reflect how terrible the backs played. Gibbs, Silvestre, and Djourou create tremendous doubt going into Wednesday’s second leg with Villa. We should all be grateful Arshavin is here, as he was clearly the man of the match. Sloppy passing, lazy play and a disorganized defense, but hey we still got 3 points.

  • Usman

    Gunners blazing on Cylinders again. Arshavin again kicking ass. One thing to point out, why does it take 45 minutes for arsenal to become monsters!!!

    By the way KUDOS for fast posting of Highlights.

  • Usman

    Poor form yet 4 goals away. 9 points away from Aston Villa. Lets chase for the 3rd place.

  • MYC

    Yes, Bravissimo for posting the highlights so quickly!
    When even Song can get past two defenders and get a goal, Wigan must be very very poor.
    However, I share the same worry as Tim, since now on Wednesday, we may not even have Djourou…Can we get past Villareal?
    I will be worried about The Gunners raising their game on Wednesday, but one thing is for sure: we must get goals. With a defence like that, we cannot hope for a clean sheet!

  • MrsBergkamp

    Thanks for posting these so quickly, you’re brilliant! Great goals!

  • izzo

    funny we seem to sleep first half then wake up the 2nd half this has to be addressed and gibbs is very good only that hes not a leftback hes more a winger more attack minded next season we should have cover for clichy in armand traore hes alot like clichy only more physical and alot taller lol. maybe gibbs should play left wing as cover for nasri arshavin or risicky and in btw nsri should play centrally as a second striker or even a cm as hes more dangerous from those positions. Anyways great win we have great character and that should see us through the rest of this season. i smell Fa cup and maybe cl victory

  • izzo

    also that stupid rule with uefa should be removed so players like arshavin can still play in the cl

  • kizu

    I hope Wenger kick the useless Denilson out of the team. Song does much better on defenses and offenses than that crappy kid.

  • RobertH

    im scared of wednesday…..
    our backline is really poor….
    Gibbs doesnt impress me at all and we need
    another Glichy…..
    with gallas and glichy out, we are looking very
    open defensively.
    secondly as another poster said, it takes 45 mins
    for arsenal to put it together.
    this needs to stop! from the initial whistle
    we should be going! we cant lay back and then start to
    fight when we’re 1 down…we need to fire all cylinders
    from the get go!

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  • Usman

    GALLAS was absolutely missed

  • Conrad Black

    Cheers for the uploads, I always click your sponsors at least half a dozen times.

    I wish our players weren’t so injury prone, Because it’s happened so often I believe this is more than just bad luck.

  • Usman

    ROBERT: you need to get your player name right. Its G Clichy. Secondly Gallas was missed. Our back line is not poor. Toure and Djouru are strong players. Gibbs was not playing his right role. His more of an attacking mind set rather then defensive.

  • Usman

    One thing for sure, a team with class and positive mind set get themselves out of trouble in these scenarios. Those are the traits of champions. It was a nice comeback and i applaud our lads. Chelsea conceded 3 goals and Manu Conceded 2 both winning by 1 goals margin. Appreciate your team.

  • gz

    Just a little something I want to comment on, for Arshavin’s goal, it was Adebayor who fluffed the pass, rather than Song. They do appear similar from afar though, I agree. 😉

  • Lil D

    Thanks for the uploads bt the way…brilliant arsenal performance…ARSHAVIN!! Little Russian great.Hahaha…sfe

  • Lil D

    yeaa…it woz adebayor…look at his shirt numba…ade is 25…song is 17 😉

  • Gooner14

    what matters in the end are the points.

  • gz

    True. In the end we coped without 3-4 key defenders and scored some good goals, plus resting some players as well for a more important match midweek. Hopefully Djourou will return swiftly, to keep Silvestre on his toes.

  • Arsenalist

    Thanks gz and Lil D. Fixed the mistake.

  • gz

    No probs. Wonder whenabouts the MOTD highlights will be up?

  • Arsenalist

    After they’re aired on the BBC, not for a few hours at least.

  • Gooner4life

    The thing is… I saw someone ask why it takes a long time for arsenal to score goals.. Well the thing is that the way Wengers footballphilosophy goes is to grind them with pocession of the ball. You cant have the ball 70% of the match and not score, so as long as you have the ball it is always possible to score.

    In the first half, they play a little definsive and just create chanses but in second half and 20 minutes left they start to pass the ball, grind the opponents, and almost play boring because they want to grind them with pocession of the ball.. It is very risky and, as we have seen, sometimes it doesnt work but most of the time it does because we have quality in our squad.

    Sorry for wall-of-text. 😀 Gooo Gunners!

  • Afghan4Lyfe

    Gunners almost killed the game…Luv it!
    Now its time to fuck Villareal and the blues…!

  • http://arsenalspot Baker Makindye

    Thanks for the vidoes but Gunners lets just keep supporting the boys though they didnt play well but they had an away game in Spain so they had to struggle but thank God we got what we wanted 3points we used to play the so called beautiful football and we didnt win so guyz we meet on Wednesday for Villarreal.

  • Tieneich

    The back did look vulnerable. Gibbs had some good moments though if you have been watching the whole game (mainly when he was marking the attackers down the left), even though he fumbled several times on return passes, clearance, cut offs. The kid is learning as game goes on, and hopefully his mentally focus for 90 minutes on Wednesday. As for Silvestre, I wouldn’t really worry about him. The dude hasn’t made a start since forever ago, then all the sudden found himself the only center back (besides Toure) that we have left. I am sure today’s game will get his mentality back, and he will be ready for Wednesday.

    Wigan defended really well the first half. They tackled well, cut off well, and they played physical. But they couldn’t defend more then 45 minutes same as Hull City and Newcastle. Once they get tired, our passing game opened them up at will. This is why we always look much better in the second half. However, we do have some real lazy defense in the first half lately. You can’t always try to play from behind.

    With that being said, I do hope either Denilson steps up (doesn’t look likely until more experiences are added) or do anyone trust Ramsey to be a holding MF?

    Anyway on the good notes, Wenger’s later move today way fun to watch. Having Ade, Bentner, Arshavin, van Persie, and Fab attacking up front is a rare thing for me. Watching Ade receiving and turning from 40 yards away to make crosses down the left is even more rare. It’s good to see that he has been working on the long cross as well as dribbling though (the on he was trying to dribble past two defender down the touchline was hilarious).

  • bandi



    Thanks for the highlights, as always.

  • Tim

    I agree that in the end, 3 points is what we came for. However, there are some major issues that in the final stretch need to be addressed with the backs. Since today was a day of rest for many, it was good to let Bendtner and the likes run about in the first, before bringing in the reinforcements. Since Gallas is gone, Toure is going to have to lead the backs with Sagna.

    Clearly, Gibbs was not playing his natural position, however he needs to step up. I will say that he marked up well, but there were a lot of errors that made the game more nervy than necessary. Again, it turned out to be a solid road win, where the Gunners simply wore down the opponent. My initial point was that this style of play is fine for EPL against a mid table team like Wigan, but considering we have the 2nd leg of the CL on Wednesday, Liverpool and then FA with Chelsea, this is the time where we need to keep the pressure on.

    Can’t wait for Wednesday where the Gunners will come out with some force!

  • t3ck

    Wow Arshavin is really good! Seriously I’d never imagine him to blend so well into this current team. He is really superb! Now there’s left is shoring up our defence.

    Thanks for the video!

  • cheekyarse

    Thanks dude…

  • praetorenfer

    With this win, it is happy St Totterinham’s Day!!!

    Tottenham can no longer catch us in the league, even if they win all their remaining fixtures and we lose ours!

  • Fabregas’ Dad

    I think we’ll be able to get past Villarreal but Chelsea next Saturday are the team that worries me. I think that match will be like the ‘final’, whichever team wins that one, wins the FA Cup (at least in my opinion anyway).

    The good thing is that we’ll have Arshavin, Adebayor, RVP, Fabregas and Walcott/Nasri available for that game (well you never know with the injuries from the last two matches that could potentially ruin our season), but I don’t fancy Toure and Silvestre against Drogba. Gallas will be (and already has been) a massive miss for us.

  • tyrone

    wenger is di man…big up

  • Tieneich

    Good call tyrone.

    I forgot to add that, even though I can’t really speak for Arsene, I do think the subs made sense.

    He probably notice that the defense couldn’t consistently contain Wigan, and he decided to put in another 2 forwards we have. If we can’t contain them, then lets force them to contain us.

    How do you like the four forward line-up Wigan?

  • craig cooper

    Thanks for the goals as always arsenalist.
    I gotta say that i think first half we was lucky to go in at just 1-0 down.
    But we showed a great team sprit in the second half and took most of the chances we had. could have been more than 4 to us. since we got arshavin we have been a total different team. he brings so much to this squad now, and the best thing since bergkamp. at the end of the day i think we can only get better we can beat vilareal and do over chelsea and liverpool.
    I dont think we will lose a game for the rest of the season. I do belive that we owe Wenger a great deal he has turned our season around and we are now playing the kinda football we played when we went the season unbeaten. Next season we will defo be up there.
    Keep supporting the red army everyone.
    Heres to a great end of season run in
    GOOD LUCK ARSENAL you can do it I have faith in you all Come On boys

  • Aris

    thanks for the videos arsenalist.. you always there for us. i will post it on my blog.

  • gz

    Only 4 and a half minutes of highlights huh. Poor by MOTD. Any chance of download?

  • Gooner since ’97

    Thanks 4 the highlights. There shouldn’t be that much to worry about (defensively) for the Villareal game. Wenger should just play Song alongside Toure @ the back & put Silvestre @ left-back; Villareal (who lost @ home on saturday) don’t have any pacy right wingers who would cause considerable concern for Silvestre & Gibbs would be too much of a liability. If Wenger opts for 4-5-1, he should play Nasri in a free role position ahead of Fab & Denilson & put Vela wide left; Nasri’s talent is not fully utilised out wide anyway. I don’t think anything other than an Arsenal win will be the outcome on Wednesday. The following 2 games (Chelsea & Liverpool) are seemingly much harder.

  • Tim

    Update…Senna is out for Wednesday. Talk about a big break.

  • Grey Roco

    Villarreal lost in their league today 2-0. Their form in Spain has been sketchy but they looked pretty good against us. I’m expecting them to give us a hell of a game, even without Senna.

    The boys looked alright today, I’ll take 4 goals away from home against a europe-chasing side any day.

  • matty

    Arshavin 😀

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  • paul

    my team will reach 3rd place.. hooray

  • realjamaicangooner

    thanx 4 the post… its so great to unite with so much authentic gooners fans and less haters…arshavin is great even tho i never thought he wud fit in so well but he his a force to recon with, if he continues he will b like the messi of epl or greater…always knew he was from even b4 epl…
    the back shudnt b such a problem 4 us on wed, wenger shud play sagna, toure, silvetre and djourou an i think that wud b good enuff, we truly will miss gallas and clichy, i think clichy needs to place more focus on his tackles its been a bit off this season, not the gael clichy from last season at all and gibbs is a good winger,jus needs some more experience and confidence which he will receive hopefully…
    the way the unjuries were goin never thought we wud b in such great form and still in contention 4the major titles excludin epl, WENGER IS GREAT!!!! this side is now destined for greatnest aswell even with injuries, we gots depth…denilson shud step up his game on both ends both offensively and defensively, right now he is jus keepin possession of the ball in midfield,which is good, but givin away silly freekicks and making an awfull lot of casual passes as he and song use to do, arsenal needs some1 more versatile than that which we have in abou diaby, spectacular player…with him and walcott running through the middle we are unstopable. and i wud love to see more of vela on the field…song has improved tremendously and is truly proving his worth to our side and nasri is not yet at top form i still believe he has far to gro if we class him as a protoge of cesc, in reply to Tieneich, i think ramsey is a very very talented player-skillfull and av great vision i think wenger will sell him or put him on loan but if he was the one who wenger focused on and give experience to rather than denilson then our midfiel would b way more impecable right now!!!

  • Lena O

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  • Chandra Galanis

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