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Emmanuel Adebayor Bicycle Kick - Arsenal vs Villareal Champions League
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Full Highlights

Starting lineups and game notes: Watch :: Download

BBC Match Report :: Match Report :: Arsene Wenger

Senna is unmarked and gives Villareal a 1-0 lead: Download

Halftime highlights and analysis: Watch :: Download

Adebayor fantastic goal after being found by Fabregas: Download

Setanta Match Discussion and some highlights: Watch :: Download


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  • Loksta

    Yes! relief when we scored. i thought at 1 – 0 id stay happy with that but ade duz it agn. Never thought hed take that kinda chance seein as how he misses so many but i was wrong. Jus finished watchin the game online since all local channels in australia show man United. Very fast post. well done. GUnners4lyf

  • :D

    adebayoe scored the best mother fking goal EVER!!!!! the importance of that goal… i cannot stress it enough

  • arsenal4life

    i thought we played well but arsenal made a mistake, the only reason why villareal played so well because they played the game through senna. senna is the type a person they should man mark and they didnt.there is no way one man is suppose to be ruling the midfield for villareal we should not have allowed it.for us fabregas and denilson were ruling the midfield so it would have been difficult for them to man mark two players but for us if we took senna out of the equation then there possesion would drastically decrease.dont you agree?

  • Captjow

    I agree but had senti cazorla not broken his leg over the weekend they would have had 2 mids to play through. We had little time to prepare for just Senna controlling the midfield but maybe next time at the emirates man marking senna would be a good idea.

  • arsenal4life

    yea thats true captjow losing senti cazorla is a big blow for them

  • farshid

    i think our 2 first subs ( that we had no choice ) played well …. i never expected that
    and that goal was fantastic
    another thing is how much we miss arshavin in champions
    and in emirates i hope we can have RVP

  • Tieneich

    I am so happy for the draw, even though we really could have won the game. Subs played great, Djourou and Fabianski were superb even though I rather save the sub for a late push. Oh well, I just hope Gallas and Almunia weren’t seriously hurt.

    Overall I have no complaints to the performance. Late in the game, everyone was tired and that’s understandable. The only thing I had struggle about is Nasri. For some reason I didn’t see him looking too comfortable today. It could be the sickness, but I doubt it. I really rather see Samir in CM or Center Right more than left flank.

    Refs did a good job controlling the temper from both sides. But there should be some card for some serious diving on Villareal’s part. Especially the Capdevila one when he fell down and didn’t want to get up….

  • Tim

    I agree with Tieneich, as Nasri fumbled many great opportunities. He just took to many steps and missed advantages. Also, the yellow card to Cesc and Nasri were both total crap. Great Goal, happy to have the aggregate advantage.

  • rYo2K9

    I thought arsenal in the 1st half played like they did for most of this season, absolutely crap. There was no rhythm like when the have their good days.

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  • illness

    Adebayor is still a twunt.

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  • Matt Massiah

    come on gunners i want 3 nil adebayor and nasri and fabregas come on ur also doin good. Adebayor and Eboue I wanna see a dance ha ha ha

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  • Jazmine Schmaling

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