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That was a nervy win. Given how many second half chances we created I couldn’t believe we didn’t score six goals. Nicklas Bendtner did some great work on the first goal, he kept the play alive and it bounced to Arshavin who chose to make a simple but important pass to RVP for the finish. Arshavin could’ve taken a the shot at a tighter angle but remained composed and made the wiser decision. The Gallas goal could be argued as offside but we dominated them enough in the second half to deserve a call. Their goal (as you can see) was all fluke but I still can see Hull supporters filing a grievance against the officiating. Tough luck. We got robbed in the Champions League against Liverpool last year on two penalties so I guess what goes around comes around.

BTW, Arsene Wenger did shake hands with Phil Brown. Here’s the proof.

Hull scored off a Djourou deflection: Watch :: Download

Halftime Highlights: Watch :: Download

Van Persie equalizes after a sound decision by Arshavin and hard work by Bendtner: Watch :: Download

Gallas goal: Watch :: Download

Match Highlights: Watch

Spitting Story :: Match Report :: 7AM Kickoff

Arsene Wenger and Phil Brown Interview

Manager’s take on Cesc Fabregas’ “spitting”: Wenger :: Brown

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  • Saygbay Govergo

    Yes we made it. hull is very little to get us off.

  • Danyal

    awesome work
    atlast i have find the goals here
    thankx very much

  • Hull city supporter

    NOOOO! I have to admit we sucked, and Arsenal out-classed us by a mile. 🙁 If only phil brown had half the brains of Arsene Wenger :).

    You got off lucky. If we had 9481940180391201 more chances, we might have taken 1. Waaaa!

  • Loz

    Bloody clips dont work.. or the downloads…

  • Tim

    What is the rule on that Gallas goal? would he be offside had the Hull defender left him alone? He was clearly behind play when everyone bunched. A win is a win and I am quite happy, however just wondering if anyone had any insight to that play. Cheers!

  • Loz

    Gallas clip now working

    Cant get RVP one to tho..

  • Loz

    when Nasri kicked it he was not offside.. Problem is when it came off Djourou then he was in an offside position… The difficulty for the ref and linesman, is that in normal time, it looked as though it came off the keeper.. So therefore, offside rule doesnt count, as it was a member of their team…

    Anyway the gooners finally deserve a bit of luck, and they definately deserved the goal..

  • Grey Roco

    Gallas wasn’t offsides. The Nasri ball that came in went off Djourou and then off their keeper and into Gallas’ path. Off the keeper isn’t offsides. It’s a good no call. And a good win.

  • fourstar

    No, sorry, Gallas was offside; no way did it touch any of their players.

    However, if you start time-wasting from the moment you score in the 15th minute, there is this little thing called KARMA which is going to come back and bite you, very firmly, in the ass. Of course, Phil Brown is a devoted acolyte of Sam Allardyce and deserves everything he gets, the twunt.

    Having said that, I now hear there were some ‘afters’ in the tunnel which never reflects well on the club *sigh*

  • fourstar

    I have to come back and say that, having seen it from 37 angles, I am now not quite so sure their keeper didn’t get the very end of a glove on it as it flicked through to Gallas.

    That said, there is still no way the linesman could have seen that so we got lucky, as previously agreed 🙂

    Still enjoying being amazed by (only ~80% fit) Arshavin; playing like that with 8 stitches in your foot = massive kudos.

  • Saygbay Govergo

    arsenal is the champ

  • Saygbay Govergo

    long live the champions

  • Saygbay Govergo

    in the presence of adebayor what was going of happen. there gonna be dozens of goals.

  • rosicknote

    I seem to remember a lot of times we got knocked out of competitions due to dodgy decisions. Most recent painful ones: 06′ CL final, last year’s CL game with l’pool, rooney the cunt’s dive to end our invincibles run

    It’s bound to happen. It has happened to us a lot of times and now, I think it’s only fair that we are on the other end of it tonight.

  • tarek

    Anyone noticed that penalty that should have been awarded to arsenal after that guy from hull hit djouru in his leg?

    THAT WAS A %100 Penalty
    And there were acouple of fouls for Diaby.. The refree was totally out of his mind, his decisions were not sound!

    Anyways, the good thing is that we won 😀

  • arsenal4life

    for me the decision is correct. the goal is not offside look closely at the video and pause it at the exact moment when the ball lobs over to djourou it hits him first then off the goalkeepers gloves. with that said we are pretty lucky because the referees would not have been able to see that through there naked eyes and make a fear decision. i think they gave us the benefit of the doubt in that situation

  • Kama

    Arsenal4life is 100% on the spot. The ball is CLEARLY deflected off the keeper! Besides, you can blame the ref for allowing a legitimate goal or ask your team why they didn’t take their chances!

  • Kasper

    About the offside: It’s still an offside, even if it hits the keeper after it hits Djourou.

    If you pass to a player who is in an offside position, it’s still an offside if the ball takes a deflection off an opponent.

    Never mind, though. Glad Arsenal won.

  • roberth

    i watched that gallas goal over and over…….as an arsenal fan im thankful for the win… doubt….but having said that
    i also want to feel “relieved” that it wasnt dodgy or “we got lucky”…..and karma says the ball bounced off djourou and hit myhill’s hand…..
    i can sleep comfortably now……..
    ps we cant play that way with chelski and really want to be in the finals…….we def have some work to do……..

  • Simba

    Great effort tonight in the face of ridiculous time-wasting, sad for Hull because they are one of the few teams who give their all against everyone (including United, others should learn from their 4-3 defeat at Old Trafford). Disappointed that its being overshadowed by allegations of spitting, we don’t need another pizzagate!!! Its a pity Phil Brown can’t be more gracious in defeat because he normally is fair to both sides but tonight he was adamant his team were innocent and that we were the aggressive, unsportsmanlike cheats. But then again, if Hull had played more attacking football they may have got more reward. It was good too see such a negative approach go unrewarded.
    I very much doubt that, if Fabregas did have an argument with the Hull assistant manager, any reaction from our Captain was completely unprovoked (not saying spitting is ok by any means).
    Lets go thrash the Geordies on Saturday!!!

  • bRn

    If Fabregas spat on Phill Brown, I don’t know, but he pretty much deserved it! 🙂

  • Jet Pinoy Gooner

    Thanks for providing the footages of the game. FA cup draws are not shown here in my end of the world. Thank you so much! I will click the sponsor everytime I visit your blog.

  • AmericanGunnerFan

    If you look closely at the spin on the ball as it pops up in the air towards Gallas, it becomes clear that it had to have hit something after it came off of Djourou’s head. The only way the ball could pop up that high directly off of Djourou would be if it came off the top of his skull. But, if it had, the spin on the ball would have gone in the opposite direction to the one that it did. It had to have hit something after it came off of Djourou’s head. And, that would have been the top of Myhill’s gloves, which altered the spin on the ball.

    Maybe it’s me or the fact that I’m a crude American, but IMHO there is a big difference between spitting on someone and spitting at someone’s feet, as some sources have claimed that Cesc did. Neither is a very nice thing to do, but the former is always unacceptable, the latter can be interpreted as a sign of utter contempt for something that a person has said or for the individual without crossing the line of assault. Culturally I don’t know if that differentiation exists in the English game as it would here or not, where one is beyond unsportsmanlike and a reason to fight and the other is merely a crude expression of contempt. I hope it doesn’t cost Fabregas money or, more importantly, a suspension as Arsenal needs him for the crucial matches ahead.

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  • Bree

    I love how Arsharvin aint having none of the 1st goal celebrations, he’s pushing them guys away like we still got a football match to win.
    Honestly the more I see of the fella the more I like him.

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  • wandarah

    yo, your video of the post-game interviews does not link to the correct game – nor does your video of them shaking hands.

  • Arsenalist

    wandarah, what are you talking about?

  • wandarah

    Arsene Wenger and Phil Brown Interview <- I dont know if it’s intentional, if it is I apologise but it’s not obvious to me – but this link goes to the post game interviews from the KC Stadium game.

  • Arsenalist
  • Byron

    that video of wenger shaking brown’s hand is at the KC stadium…

  • conner

    Arshavin kicks ass, Arsenal kicks ass. That wasn’t offsides too, it came off the keeper after the first touch by Djourou. Go Gunners!!

  • Farmer

    The way I see the Gallas ‘goal’ is that he was not offside … he was onside when freekick taken … he became in offside position when Djourou headed the ball … at that time he was not offside because he was not interferring with play and the ball was not being passed to him … the ball only fell to Gallas because of the deflection by Myhill therefore again, he was not offside!

    The worrying thing about this is the ref and his assistant have to make these decisions in open play, without replays and from long distances, impossible. They have to play it as they see it. Also will the authorities please sort out this offside law … there are two clear camps here which demonstrates there is no definitive interpretation of the rule. Isn’t is about time The FA/UEFA/FIFA charged themselves with bringing the game into disreput!

  • Arsenalist

    @Byron – yes, but Brown claimed Wenger “never shakes his hand”

  • bRn

    Why would Fabregas spit to his feet if he probably could spit at his face?

  • pig

    arsenalist, the link to the Arsene Wenger and Phil Brown Interview links to a youtube video posted on jan 17th, 2 months before this game. i have been looking allover the net for the video of phil brown losing the plot after this game, i was watching telly, but i didnt record it. it looks like it has been scrubbed from the internet, setantas own link is dead and it has been removed from youtube, but none of the rest of his post match interviews have been removed.

    if you can find it i would be very interested in seeing it again.


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