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Before we get to the goals, here are a few Bendtner misses from this game. I felt sorry for the guy at one point. Arsene Wenger sincerely believes he’s going to be a top first-choice starter for Arsenal but nobody else seems to think so. He’s likely to improve over the next 2-3 years and has the potential to certainly be a much better finisher but I just don’t see the composure and coolness in him that is required to be a top goal scorer. Wenger once said that as a striker you’ll never starve at Arsenal and he’s right. Our style of play has always created chances and it’s crucial that we have strikers that make the most of what the midfield and attacking backs like Clichy (and even Toure to a lesser degree) create. Other than his heading ability, Bendtner hasn’t shown enough to deserve a start alongside Van Persie or in place of Vela or Eduardo.

Individual goals follow the MOTD Highlights. You can also check out Arsene Wenger’s post-match interview.

Arshavin but really own goal followed by some first half chances. Download

Arshavin makes it 2-0 on a beautiful move on the left end-line. Download

Eboue makes 3-0 after Arshavin forces the save. Download

Eboue from the penalty spot to make it 4-0. Foul on Vela also included. Download

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  • gunner28

    It’s about time we whooped some ass at the emirates!!! Great win but good grief Niklas B……surely you can’t suck that bad…all the same…great win!!

  • roberth

    off today on tomorrow with bendtner……

  • gooner4life

    now thats wot u call a real gooner, uploader last time i use to watch da goals they were downloadable but it don’t give u that option anymore, i was wondering if u could start doing that again if it’s not much of a problem for u… thnx

  • Edible Nacho cheeseball

    What a way to return. I’m pretty sure we had at least 10-15 shots on target. Bendtner did deserve a goal but he kept on getting unlucky. I just wish Arshavin took the last penalty. That would’ve given him the hat-trick. Good win gunners!

  • Viva Arsenal!

    Any chance to watch a Bendtner flop special from this game?

  • Grey Roco

    It sounds like Arshavin had a monster game. He’s an impact player already. I love it!

  • Arsenalist

    Give me the minute the flop happened and I’ll make it happen. I’ll try to make the upload available later on.

  • Arsenalist

    @gooner4life I added the download links.

  • vivb

    I had a stand up row with one bloke that spent the 70 mins he deemed to occupy his seat slating Bendtner. I only asked how many othe 20 year olds have scored 11 plus goals this season. he has time to learn, Adebayor and Van Persie should be producing the goods now but haven’t

  • izzomania

    Bendtner doesn’t deserve a starting place in this team maybe birmingham but not Arsenal i would’ve scored from most of those chance and i’m not evena professional. He is way too inconsistent for my liking and should just ride the bench Vela is far better. bendtner even with all that height is just not good enough. on a good note what a win. Eboue made my day with that dance!lmao!!!

  • tarek

    4-0 babyyyyyy
    gunners are firing back..
    like I said “no more ‘less than 3-0 wins'”

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  • izzomania
  • daniel

    i m agree wt all the coment above abt nickles benter … is not gud enough for asrenal to play as stricker

  • gooner4life

    thnx arsenalist, greatly appreciated and can u have da download links with every goal arsenal score thnx

  • Poseidon


  • Matt

    Thanks Arsenalist, for always posting all the goals for download.

    Anyone know who that was on the sidelines that Arshavin went and hugged after his goal?

  • gunner28

    Arshavin needed minor stitches at half time. That’s why he was the last one out of the dug out. When he scored he ran to celebrate with the team doctor

  • rosicknote


    He hugged the fitness coach, Tony Gilbert mind you

  • YeYeYe

    Cheers mate for the uploads.

  • loki

    How many of those slating Bendtner on various websites today were actually at the game yesterday, I wonder? Yes, he missed his chances and can fairly be criticised for that but, aside from that, he made a big contribution. Involved in many of the best moves, he linked up well with Arshavin and Walcott, worked hard and made some telling passes. His finishing was abysmal yesterday, but he tries hard and plays some very good football at times. He wouldn’t be my first choice but I’m getting pretty sick of the constant abuse that some fans seem to enjoy throwing his way. Even when other players are having worse games, he keeps getting singled out and it really won’t help the team.

  • bmore-gooner

    I must admit, I wasn’t so sure why Wenger likes Bendtner so much, and yesterday’s performance did not inspire my confidence in him.

    But aside from M. Silvestre, how many times has Wenger brought someone to our side who isn’t fit to wear the kit? He must have some value. In Arsene we must trust.

    My only question from yesterday? Why didn’t Vela take the penalty? Eboue had already scored, it would have been great for the Mexican’s confidence. But even with Eboue’s troubles, he is also another fine position player for the Red and White.

    Go Arsenal!

  • Freedom

    I know Bendtner misses his fair share but he’s scored double figures this season and it’s very important to realise he gets into these positions in almost every game he plays. That shows that he has the class at this level – a bit of confidence and experience (he is only 20) and we could well have a world class striker on our hands.
    And someone else has already pointed out how well he can also link up play.
    I think some of the criticism levelled at him is an overspill of recent games where we had bucketloads of chances and weren’t scoring – we’re all a little worried of a return to that!

    Further plusses were another good game from Song and Eboue and of course Arshavin and Walcott – we have the goals in the side now for sure…

  • Ben

    The abuse that Bendtner gets come primarily from people who are paying absolutely no attention to the game and every bit of attention to what they think they ought to be thinking. Anyone with even the slightest bit of interest in the football actually being played on the pitch rather than just who scores the goals would have seen the contribution he has been making in the last few months. His passing and movement are great, and sometimes he misses passes, but so does everyone else on the pitch, it’s just that he gets crap from “fans” because he’s the one you’re “supposed” to hate. The reason he’s missing these open chances is because he’s clearly over-thinking them. He’s obviously so desperate to get goals for us and all he gets given is shit by ignorant morons. He’s an Arsenal boy and we should be cheering him harder not booing him. If we don’t support him he’ll leave and when he does he’s going to be getting a lot of goals for someone else. Anyone who thinks he was bad yesterday because of mere clips of goals and missed goals should try and watch a full game and see the passes he puts through, especially the tail end of last season when he was constantly putting Ade through on goal.

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  • farshid

    well i’m somehow agree that bendtner is good player , but i think RVP is better now , like arsene said bendtner gonna be a first class striker but not now , and if u remember 2 seasons ago adebayor was worse than him…..i couldnt believe ade could score this much goal after lasr season and he did , so we must give bendtner time and he surely gonna be top striker but as for now RVP is much better to be in starting lineup.

  • brian

    Bendtner got through a lot of hard work again and some of his play was excellent.His finishing was poor but lets remember he’s only 20 and he’ll get better.
    Us real fans can see the work he’s putting in compared to Adebayor this season for instance.
    One fan near me was constantly giving him stick. They should get off his back and encourage him

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  • Kteik

    I like him from the first moment he arrive at Arsenal (from Birmingham). In the friendly he show some of his capabilities. I think he will be good. BUT, Wenger please to play him in such an important time of the season. He needs to learn but not this time. Maybe early season or rather un-important match-up. Now we need to win and Villa is now losing. XD

  • Kteik

    …please *dont* play him in such important….


  • farshid

    TNX to spuds we got our 4th place back after all:D….but we have to win more and more to have at least 6 points ahead of villa….

  • fourstar

    Sponsor clicked, nice work as ever. I shall follow you on Twitter too, if that’s OK.

    And Spuds do us a favour as well. Good weekend, bring on the FA cup…

  • elmore

    I’m really pissed off with people who don’t understand the game giving Bendtner grief. Why go to games and shout abuse at players? Bendtners work-rate was 2nd only to that of Alex Song yesterday and he was at the centre of much that was good about our play. Those giving abuse know f*** all about the game and should shut it! Do they realize that their moaning and groaning will never help the confidence of the young lad in front of goal. Idiots.

  • Bracey

    Arsh’s goal was quality.

    I have said from day one since arriving he will blossom in the Premier League, oh and Petersen’s dive was funny as f**k lol


  • Sufian88

    I always appreciate Bendtner’s body balance and how he used his body to gud effect. For instance in Man United game, he was keeping Ferdinand & Vidic as he doesn’t lose possession since he has a gud body power.
    Though I agree he cann’t finish the way fans expect (most of the critics think that he’s around 26 or even 27!) but with experience he’ll do better. For me, he’s a CF but an ability of a midfielder(playmaker, tactical dribbler).
    Regarding why he’s starting game; RVP cann’t play every single game. u want him to help Arsenal, then u have to keep him fit & for that u hav to rest him! Last season Ade played almost every game and lost his form which resulted in successive draws!
    With time he’ll improve. He created many chances in this game and the games before, now he needs to focus on his finishing. Even Wenger (on said that T.Henry lost his composure in front of goal when he arrived (at the age of 22). So why Bendtner cann’t miss when he’s 2 years younger than that? Everyone knows that Henry was and is a World class striker but when we have the same prob with N.Bendtner then whats the idea???

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    Tkank you wenger boys i think this time we have a good team we will do better than.