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Check out starting lineups, introduction and match notes.

Here’s the Match Report and Official Highlights.

Some fucker from Roma who was supposedly injured and we forgot to mark. WTF?

Check Arsene Wenger’s post-game interview.

Download Penalties Here (use VLC if WM Player doesn’t work), watch them below

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  • booger

    awesome work mate.. Had no way of seeing the game today and once again you’ve come up with the goods on the highlights.. kind of glad i wasn’t put through it live though to be honest!

  • Poseidon

    Arsenal is my favorite team ever in the world..
    I proud of you!!
    The Gunners is unbeaten!!
    Up Gunners!!!

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  • fourstar

    Jebus that was tense. In the pub I was in, there were thirty of us crammed into a little back room (the main room had the sodding Man U match on) and for two hours we yelled as one at the TV. I couldn’t watch our penalties, had to rely on the cheers from my 29 new friends. We played dreadfully but sometimes you need a bit of luck. That was great!

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  • GoonerGit

    Quote from BBC 5 live commentary…..

    “This must be Baptista best game for Arsenal”


    Thank you for missing that sitter!

    The boys may not have played well, but they were so cool in the penalty shoot out.

  • http://qwe4rt5 I HATE ARSENAL

    any 1 that supports Arsenal is a dirty black protestant. they were lucky last night

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  • NC gooner

    Re: “any 1 that supports Arsenal is a dirty black protestant. they were lucky last night”

    INCORRECT!!!!! I’m a dirty white protestant!

  • Gambian Gooner

    Outstanding! Had me in tears that did.

    Nice upload.


  • rabshaqa

    Thank you for making this available.
    Go Gunners.

  • arcal

    Even watching the replay was tense. i nearly had a heart attack watching it live. The lads were cool as ever – proud of them.

    Thanks, great upload!

  • Arsenalist

    Watching this thing live was not good for my heart.

  • marcrichafc

    thanx for coming up with the goods yet again, heart in the mouth despite knowing result..Keep the Faith

  • Aa23 (norwegian gooner)

    first of all the by now legendary Almonia penalty fakeout recipi:
    Almunia (when the penaltytaker runs to shoot): my name’a borat
    penalty taker: HAHAHA!!!
    commentator: Oh, and it’s a save by Almunia!

    just han to air my thoughts XD

    anyway, did anyone see how that fucking wanker totti kicked at van Persie in the early stages?
    i feel like i am the only one who caught it, but they didnt view a good enough replay for me to see weather it was a sending off..for me it was at least a yeollow!

  • Aa23 (norwegian gooner)

    and should it have been a sending off??

  • http://Arsenal Maramani Cisse

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  • anthony

    Wow was arsenal lucky!! Totti on one leg was the best player on the field. You can have Baptista back!!

  • lina

    arsenal the best world i love ….arsenal

  • giap

    I wished Arsenal won EPL once. Come on ARSENAL!