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Revenge mission complete and as a bonus you get two of the classiest finishes you’ll ever see. Make sure you pay attention to how Eduardo uses the outside of his boot on his volley. If Eduardo was our full-time striker up front with one of RVP and Adebayor, we’d be scoring a lot more goals than we do. Think about it, how many times have you seen Adebayor blow an easy chance because he didn’t show composure or shot it too straight instead of applying a thoughtful finish. Same with RVP but to a lesser degree. For all the chances we create our return rate on goals is very low and bad finishing is the primary reason. Anyway, let’s just enjoy the win and hope the Scum can do us a favor against Villa in the next league game.

Walcott looked good in this one too, when he accelerated down the middle of the pitch a few times I realized what we’d been missing the last few months and just why we’ve got 67 scoreless ties. If we stay healthy down the stretch there’s no reason why we shouldn’t easily catch Villa. Arshavin’s also looking good on the left side of the pitch and he’s starting to get some timing chemistry going with the strikers and his midfield, too bad his cup-tied for the Champions League. Honourable mention to Song – very good game. Now let’s see him do it twice in a row.

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The individual goals are below but let’s check out the 23+ minute highlight pack first:

Vela 1-0:

Halftime Highlights:

Eduardo 2-0:

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  • Tarek

    SONG was really good at assisting today
    Eduardo is back
    Walcott is back
    Arshavin, eboue, vela, and the rest were all amazing
    This is arsenal!! No more “less than 3-nil” games again
    All we need now is the maestro fabregas to be fit
    congrats to the gooners

  • Jimmy FitzGerald

    Great result, great to see walcott, eduardo back.
    Fabergas back in training, see pictures on offical arsenal site.
    Arshavin settling in nicely, will be a force to be reckon with next season and I don’t think it will be too long before his first goal.
    C’mon the gooners.

  • farshid

    great win….good to see walcott , eduardo back … maybe i must say good too see arsenal back!:)
    i’m now more hopefull:)

  • The Doodle

    NIce Going

  • The Doodle

    Goal By Eduardo – anyone else that is luck – with him it is just awesome

  • fourstar

    Sponsor clicked 🙂

    Agree about Song, nice to see he has perhaps listened to some of the ‘lazy’ criticism and pushed on a bit. Admittedly it was a Championship side, and once we scored they had to push forwards which played into our hands at home, but job done and comfortably so.

  • hito

    Welcome back ARSENAL. The FA cup is ours along with uefa cup.

  • Bryan

    Gj Arsenal, but still waiting for that goal Arshavin. =[

  • Cedric

    Thanks for uploading the Burnley game so quickly. Great to see the Gooners back to scoring form! Cant wait for Eduardo to make his comeback fully to the first team!

  • omar

    wonderful goals
    we will put hull aside , beat chelski , then united (most probably) , and lift the cup
    COME ON U GUNNERS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • macedonian-gunner

    nice to see the real arsenal!!

  • mcbobby

    great goals-da real deal-come on u gunners–bye bye villa-hello champions league trophy at last and 3-0 thrashing of man utd or chelski in fa cup final u saw it here 1st

  • Mark

    Eduardo back 😀
    Walcott back 😀
    Fabregas close 🙂
    Arshavin looks amazing 😀
    Roicky on the mend 🙂
    Adebayor not far away 🙂
    Nasri keeps progressing each game 😀
    van Persie has finally stayed injury free 😀
    Diaby’s getting better 🙂
    Song looked good today 🙂

    Wasn’t there supposed to be a crisis here??? 😀 I dont think so!!!!!!!

  • Poseidon

    Edurado is back for the brilliant goal and stunning…
    Arshavin very good talent and he good assist to and i’m happy to see walcott back Up 4 Gunners!!

  • Mr Huhu

    n i think eboue played really well to

  • Dave

    That was a beautiful finish from Eduardo. A volley on the outside of his left boot right into the far corner? Wow.

    It’s great to see him back on the pitch again.

  • Roux

    C’mon you gunners! Let’s keep our form up!

  • ajay

    best ever finish that i have seen in recent times…. “eduar-do it again and again

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  • armor

    hey guys and gals

    why any1 dont mention about our 3rd goal hero

  • Kota

    Great finishing…
    great play…
    get excited

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  • Sharad

    Ebuseless farkin shiter . Eduardo pure class man. Long live the arsenal the only team in London

  • Monkey Arsenal

    song was really good!!!

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  • Meshack

    So good to see the gunners come up again with the likes of walcott and Eduardo back in the pitch,so amazing now we foresee fa cup and uefa cup

  • Patrick

    Has anyone got video of the Inter 1 Arsenal 5 game from 2004?

  • Patrick
  • conner

    So glad our style is back, hope we can keep it up!! The world class goals were a long time coming and I can’t wait to see what Arsenal have in store for the upcoming games, go Gunners!!

  • Debty

    Ahaan… I will follow.

  • Всеволод Павленко

    Что-то наподобие у меня уже неделю из головы не выходит!

  • Burnley

    That was a tough game.

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