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Before the game

A win gets us to the knock-out stages.

Arsenal v Dynamo Kiev Starting Lineups

I always dig the intro when players come out and the CL theme is played: Watch :: Download

During the game

First Half Highlights

Might I interest you in a diving cunt? Watch :: Download

Would you believe it, our man Bendtner comes off the bench and gives us the 1-0 win. Nice going but you’re still not Arsenal quality. Watch :: Download

After the game

Cesc Fabregas Interview

ITV Full Match Highlights

Not exactly a fluid performance. Had trouble creating chances and ended up winning it on a very cheeky goal by Bendtner. The kick was taken with the ball moving but give credit to Bendtner for nice control and a near-side finish that ranks high on the degree-of-difficulty scale. Gallas got a nice enough reception, its easy to like a guy when you know you don’t have to put up with him much longer. Willie G almost cost us an early goal after he inexplicably gave the ball away to their striker who hit the post. The look on Gallas’ face after that was that of shame.

First game for Cesc as captain and he gets a well-earned win, his pass created the Bendtner goal. He had a good passing game against a very motivated Kiev side that probably should’ve been ahead on a couple of occasions, Almunia coming up with big saves. He wasn’t tested much but when he was he came through. Vela was rather disappointing, maybe I’m too used to seeing him dismantle Carling Cup competition and have come to expect exquisite skill on every touch, but he was a non-factor for the brunt of the game. I still like him as a striker on the left though.

Jack Wilshere made an appearance in the second half and looked unfazed by the occasion. I’m looking forward to many years of service from young Jack, there’s going to be a time when he’ll be Arsenal’s best player. Well, up next is Chelsea and if I was betting man I’d say we’re going to get crushed, especially if we fail to get fit. You never know Arsenal though, nobody expected them to beat Man Utd without Van Persie and Adebayor and look what happened. So I’m going to out on a limb and say 2-1 Arsenal.

Check the Match Report for more eloquent analysis. Also, grab this blog’s feed.

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  • ken

    thats cute, that diving cunt

  • shan

    good finish by bendnter. nice celebration too, i like how cesc ran from half way across the field. i dont think we can win against chelsea though.

  • Aamir

    i can;t seem to access the video :@ in anycase, its at least a good start for cesc’s career as club captain. I have hope that we’ll at least up our game against chelski.

  • Mussalman

    Im not a fan of bendtner but it is a god thing we won today but the bad thing is now wenger is going to play bendtner in every match and he wont score anymore.

  • George

    Shut your mouth fool. We need Gallas. Should he be Captain, no, but we need his fire, he’s the only one that seems to have it on the team. He was out there probably feeling real awkward just trying not to mess up, and of course when you play like that you end up screwing up. If we are to beat Chelsea we are really gonna need Gallas. Don’t forget Silvestre has already had his fair share of foul ups at a position we are lacking in depth.

  • jony

    “oh ow im in trouble it hurts… my leg!
    “oh noes we’re on the counter attack! im all right now, see, i can even run!”

    oh god players these days should get nominated for the oscar , especially cuntronaldo

  • fourstar

    “The kick was taken with the ball moving…”

    Ah, but wasn’t it in fact a drop ball? The ref stopped play as there were players down from both sides, if I recall correctly. Thus once he had dropped it, Fabregas was perfectly at liberty to pick it up and carry on, which he did. If Kiev were too slow, f**k em. Great pass, strong finish. I am no Bendtner apologist but we need options off the bench and he is one of them.

  • zolz

    The video you uplaoaded on doesnt work :/ it was removed becouse of breach of terms of use blablabla…

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  • zolz

    Thanks ! 😀

  • ali

    im ali karimi ..

    my heart arsenal